Brown-Eyed Heaven

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The other Go-Getters took their time, talking and walking to their rides. Noah pulled off in a hurry.

“You coming, bro or Zack’s dad too militant for you?” Tristan asked Cain.

“I’m coming there as usual. He always speaks the truth about society’s ills.”

The other fellas including Zack took off shortly after.

Zack watched his friends pull off to their destinations. He drove through the crowded parking lot, bypassing numerous individuals. He waved at Officer Turner as he left the restaurant.

The officer returned the wave. He was one of the coolest officers that Zack knew. He was a lifelong friend of his father. Zack always drove the speed limit.

Traffic was beginning to get heavy. Though Zack enjoyed driving he hated congestion.

He drove for a while on the main road. A heavy police presence was everywhere again. He yielded to pedestrians moving across the road. Teenagers move around on scooters. People drove in all sorts of sophisticated rides.

Numerous businesses lined boulevards all around the District. Imported palm trees stood on both sides of the roads too. Zack glanced at the Summerville Bank that his family owned.

Customers were packed in lines inside. It was the most successful black-owned bank in the world and among the top banks in the world.

Construction workers were building another section to Discount Grocery. People were bustling around at the Horizon Getaway Airport when Zack drove around it to get to the New Black Wall Street Corporate Headquarters.

He passed several other businesses such as the Natural Hair Beauty Store, Summerville/Emille Hospital, the Horizon Radience Hotel, the Red Heat Club (an exclusive club that Go-Getters and their guests frequented), the Platinum Aces Club (another exclusive club and casino that special type of guests frequented), the Burger Parlor, the Complex Center (one of the most sophisticated malls in the country).

Zack parked in a reserved parking space near his family’s headquarters in the back. He saw his family members’ rides already there.

He walked inside bypassing the heavily surveilled building, armed military-police officers greeted him. Zack nodded and walked to the grand floor room where his family was waiting for his father’s town hall. He sat near the front with his family.

Zack’s father, Chad, was standing near the podium engaged in a deep conversation with one of his campaign managers.

Zack’s mother, Paulena, smiled at him. “Zack, honey, you’re on time for your father’s special town hall event.”

“Yeah, about time, after he been late for the rest,” Francis teased him, sticking out her tongue.

“Don’t tease your brother, Francis. He always tries his best to make it to the meetings on time.”

“Thanks, Mom. Yeah, Francis, get it right,” Zack smirked.

“How are you doing, sweetheart?” Zack’s grandmother, Daphne, asked him.

“I’m fine, Grandma. Just chilling and waiting for dad’s town hall to start.”

“Where were you coming from?” Daphne continued, she was always curious.

“My friends and I dined at the Soul Food Café.”

Zack looked up and saw his grandfather, Joel, come walking down the entrance.

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