Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“Hey, girl, where you been!?” asked Crystal Gaines.

“Yeah, we been straight up looking for your ass all morning!” Danielle Blue added.

“Dang, I just got here a little while ago. I’ve been looking for y’all too,” Paige told them.

“Hmm-hm,” cracked Crystal.

“What that’s supposed to mean? Anyway, I got to use the bathroom. I ain’t got time for you bitches right now!” Paige commented while she looked for the cleanest stall to use.

All of them were clean. The cleaning staff always kept the high school looking good. The bathrooms were always neat and spotless.

“You know what I mean, girlfriend. You were too busy looking at those fine guys’ asses. You forgot all about your girls!” Crystal replied.

“All the stalls are clean, Paige. You are definitely a neat freak and a perfectionist,” Danielle said.

Crystal and Danielle were almost as pretty as Paige. The three girls were about the same heights and almost the same sizes. Danielle was Lupita Nyong’o’s complexion.

She was a couple of shades darker than Paige’s Nia Long’s complexion. Danielle wore her medium, black hair natural and had been natural all of her life. She never wore fake hair or had perms.

Her wild, curly hair came a little past her shoulders and her features were very African-centric even though she was born in America. She was slender with the right kind of curves and looked like a chocolate porcelain doll.

Danielle was wearing a pale, pink short set, a silk blouse, skort, and shoes that looked like ballerina slippers. Danielle had her pink purse strapped across her shoulder. She always wore nice jewelry and her makeup and lipstick shined perfectly.

Sometimes she fixed her hair and other times she went to the salon. Danielle liked to be funny and her voice was a little rougher than Paige.

She lived a block away from Paige in the District. Even though Paige was outspoken and outgoing, but Danielle and Crystal talked a lot more and got around more than she did.

Crystal had always been sassy and fast. Some may mistake her feisty and overdramatic behavior for a bad attitude. She had a caramel complexion, sort of like a cross between Rihanna and Halle Berry.

Plus, she had been natural for almost five years and usually wore her short hair a little past her neck. Her hair was brown, and she was actively trying to grow it. Crystal’s features looked very westernized.

She always tried to dress in a promiscuous manner. Right then, she wore a white and golden mini dress, white fur boots, and carried a white handbag. Crystal loved to wear a lot of makeup.

It was rare to see her without it. She lived in a hoody section of town, far away from Paige and Danielle’s utopia. Crystal was very poor and lived with a single mom all of her life.

She never knew her father. Both Paige and Danielle grew up in two-parent households. Every blue moon, whenever Crystal was compared to them, it made her feel some type of way, but she didn’t know why though.

Paige went into a stall at the end. “Yeah, that’s right. I was looking at the handsome fellas and their asses,” she laughed. “And yes, Danielle, ain’t nobody more dope and cleaner than me.”

Paige could see Crystal and Danielle through the cracks of the stall peering into the mirrors. They heard some more girls come into the bathroom. The other girls peered at their reflections, fixing themselves up and ran into the stalls.

Paige looked down inside her purse and forgot that she had a pad in between her wallet and makeup compact. She quivered a little bit. Dang, I forgot to take that out, she thought. Her period had gone off a week ago.

Paige closed her purse and the toilet flush by itself as she finished squatting. She hadn’t touched a toilet handle in years and was glad that she didn’t have to.

Paige left the stall and saw Danielle and Crystal doing their hair. A few other girls that she didn’t know was still admiring themselves in the full figure mirrors.

There was a mixture of girls from different ethnicities and cultures. Paige sprayed some perfume on and push back her long hair that came past her back.

“Did y’all finished that worksheet for History?” Danielle asked them.

Paige scrubbed her hands with liquid soap and washed them thoroughly. She bypassed the hand dryer and dried her hands with a paper towel. “Yep, I already turned that in to Ms. Jakeson the other day,” she answered.

“I haven’t turn mine in yet. I was struggling a little bit with the last part especially when it came to the Civil War,” Crystal admitted.

“Do you need help? I’ll help you when you have the time, Crystal. I turned my paper in a few days ago?” Danielle told her.

“Yeah, that would be great!”

“Also, if you need further help, I’ll help you too. That is if you haven’t figured it out by then,” Paige added.

“Oh, thanks, sweeties! Y’all are so awesome!” Crystal batted her eyelashes.

“No problem, babe,” Danielle smiled.

“Your welcome,” Paige commented and continued talking. “I’m surprised it’s so warm outside. You know how Arkansas’s weather be. Just straight up Bipolar. Sunshine and clouds today then thunderstorm and tornado tomorrow!” she joked.

“Girl, you ain’t lying about that. Just crazy!” Danielle agreed.

Some of the other girls left out the door, heading to class. The warning bell was getting ready to ring in minutes.

“Y’all almost ready to head out in that wild hallway,” Crystal smirked.


As they walked out of the bathroom, Paige decided to tell them about Zack.

“Girls, when the Go-Getters passed by me earlier, their cologne smelled so good. They looked so sexy and that Zack spoke to me and he kept on looking at me.”

“For real, Paige thinks somebody wants her skinny ass!” Crystal joked.

“You just mad because nobody wants you!” Paige cracked.

“The Go-Getters always looking fire. That ain’t nothing new,” Danielle commented.

The three girls walked down the hallway. They switched when they walk. Students were everywhere, walking and talking. Guys and girls were holding hands and hugging each other.

It was noisy. The girls were talking fast and almost couldn’t wait until the other finish. They stopped by Danielle’s locker. She was busy getting notebooks out and getting other things that she needed for Ms. Jakeson’s class.

Crystal had started texting on her iPhone. Her fingers were moving rapidly over the keypad.

“Who you texting?” Paige asked.

“This new boo I’m talking to,” she smirked.

“Say what, hon,” Danielle eavesdropped.

“You heard me.”

“Who is he?”

“His name is Charlie.”

“How old is he?”


“He grown? He in college?”

“Yeah, he only a year older than me. He goes to Philander.”

“Where you meet him at, Crystal?”

“We met on Tinder.”

“Oh, ok. See, I don’t do that dating online shit anymore.”

“All right, I don’t either. I believe that sistas, especially ones with a darker hue like us, do best on urban dating sites because then you know that most of those guys are looking for a Nubian Queen!” Paige commented.

“Right on, girly. You ain’t lying though but watch out for those wiggers and the type that want to lust after a sista.”

“True that.”

“Y’all can go on any site and have the same amount of success,” Crystal replied, her eyes still on her phone.

“Uh, no. We do best on our own dating sites. We have more success and potential partners on dating sites that catered specifically to us. It’s easy for girls like you because you don’t deal with ostracization such as girls like me and Paige do. That’s that light skin privilege talking,” Danielle cracked.

Crystal rolled her eyes. “You know I didn’t mean it like that, geez. Let’s change the subject.”

“Good. What are you and your new boo texting about? I know you gonna tell your girls, right?” Paige asked.

“He wants to meet up with me someday. Maybe next month.”

“You better be careful on those dating sites because there are so many catfishes out there. People are crazy. There are so many dangerous folks out wanting to rob, rape, beat you up, kill you...” Danielle warned.

“Duh, I know that. We taking our time getting to know each other first. We already been talking, texting on the phone for hours, video calling, etc.”

“That’s good cause we don’t want anything to happen to you, girl.”

By this time, Danielle had packed her book bag with all of her necessities for her classes. Then they continued to walk down the hallway. Students were running, gossiping, heading everywhere and many of them almost ran into them.

“You already got your stuff, Crystal?”

“Yep.” Crystal put her phone in her purse.

Paige, Danielle, and Crystal walked into Ms. Carol Jakeson’s World History AP class. The class was half-full. The three greeted Ms. Jakeson as they walked to their seats. The teacher smiled and greeted them back.

She was a popular teacher and everybody’s favorite. Plus, she was nice and pretty. Ms. Jakeson was a petite and short woman. She wore a midnight blue skirt suit and black stilettos. Round eyeglasses and a gorgeous face with little makeup.

Paige loved Ms. Jakeson’s hairstyles. She should win awards for the best natural hair. Ms. Jakeson’s hair was styled in short layers. Many of the girls were always trying to copy the teacher’s hairstyles.

“Good morning, class,” Ms. Jakeson announced.

“Good morning,” the students muttered.

By this time, most of the class had come in. It was a diverse class that was hungry for real knowledge. Paige looked toward the door and saw the five Go-Getters casually walked into the room. They moved like they own the room and sat down near the front.

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