Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“Joel, honey, did you get lost again?” Daphne teased as her husband sat beside her.

“Okay, you,” he patted her lap.

“Yeah, that old Joel is getting up in age these days.”

“You are coming along with me, honeybun,” Joel smooch Daphne on her jaw.

Zack looked around at his family, his father, mother, sister, and grandparents were all dressed up. Mainly in black.

Chad and Joel were dressed in handsome black suits and custom-made shoes. Paulena and Francis sported brightly-colored, sparkling gowns, pumps and Stilettos.

But Daphne reeked with elegance and sophistication. Her jet-black, pixie hairstyle shined under the bright lights, she wore a platinum gown and silver pumps. Daphne was always among the best-dressed and kept a recurring presence in the black society magazines.

The women wore perfect makeup and elegant hair-dos. Zack looked down at his casual outfit of a plain shirt, pants, and sneakers and felt sort of like an outsider.

Everybody dressed up but me, maybe I should have gone home to change like the other fellas did, he thought.

Chad finished talking to his campaign manager and cleared his throat. He looked over at his family and the rest of the small audience.

Most of the Go-Getters organization hadn’t arrived yet. Zack noticed his father glanced at his outfit as if he was surprised that Zack came to a prominent meeting in street clothes.

Chad greeted everyone and shared small talk until the rest of the Go-Getters, both men and women, strolled inside the spacious grand room later.

Then Chad’s conversation became formal. They all came right on time. Tristan, DaShawn, Noah, Cain, and their girlfriends sat quietly in their seats. Their parents weren’t far from them.

Zack noticed not only the well-familiar Go-Getters but the prominent activists, the observers (the organization’s eyes and ears that were meticulously placed around the globe), the board of directors, and even a few OGs.

After everybody was situated and comfortable, Chad began his monologue.

“I’m Chad Summerville and your United States Senator, I’m so happy that everyone is here for our meeting. It’s not surprising at all because that’s usually our MO, right.” A few snickers elicit from the audience.

“Preach, Chad, that’s right,” A Go-Getter lady cut in after the laughter.

“Anyway, family, there is so much going on in the District. We, Go-Getters, have done more for the community than the local, state, and federal government combined. Isn’t that something?”

A few hm-hmms, lot of nods in agreements.

“We have so many things to do. We have a community to feed, to clothe, take care of, to educate, etc. Our community has prospered over the last fifty years. Of course, a special thanks to my lovely parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joel and Daphne Summerville.”

The room erupted with applause and cheers. A few audience members stood up. Chad waited until the audience had settled down before he continued talking.

“We also give special thanks to all of our activists, the OGs, we couldn’t have transformed our community over the decades without you.

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