Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“We are a new generation of blacks and we will continue to prosper and give back to the community. It took us fifty years to get to this point, one of the wealthiest and powerful towns in the country and world. It took the colonialists over five hundred plus years to get to where they are. They used people of color especially blacks to get there. Leach and freeloaded off of black people’s oppression. It’s what they do best, right?”

Again applause and nods of agreement.

“We want to do what we can to enrich the community mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually. Our community needs to take mental health seriously because if you don’t, it would lead to more problems and eventually it will kill you. We, at the New Black Wall Street, are here to help any of our people that need it but we will not support nor defend racism or self-hatred. Those cancerous sins are why the black community stay losing and at the bottom rungs of society.

“In order for us to meet the moment, we have to unite and rise together. Our people are too conquered and divided and when you stay that way, you will be defeated. Now, y’all know when I give constructive criticism, unlike so many other prominent activists in our society, I talk about the entire truth, the root of the problem, and then I provide solutions on how the community can fix the issues that are plaguing our people and contributing to their demise.

“Just like Jehovah God only helps us if we help ourselves since he can read our minds and know when we are serious. The same applies to the New Black Wall Street. We are only going to give support to those that need it and are grateful for it. This is how we invest our hard-earned resources.

“We are a private Christian organization and our faith is deeply woven in everything that we do. I want to share some important information with you today. My team and I are working on a multibillion-dollar investment in the surrounding communities near the District. We’ve already fixed many problems, passed legislation that benefits the inner cities. We won’t be able to fix it all because it’s so many issues that have gone unsolved for decades.”

Chad looked down at his file folders that contained his notes and began to read off his laundry list of complaints that have been prevalent in neighboring communities for years.

“Here are the issues that we planned to take care of: The run-down, pothole-affected streets, deficient bridges, run-down schools, abandoned and boarded up houses and buildings, missing streetlights, contaminated air and water quality. There aren’t any jobs or if there are jobs—there aren’t decent-paying jobs, no grocery stores, malls, community centers, etc. Most communities are not prosperous for people of color.

“That is a shame that the local, state, and federal government have never, still hasn’t, and will never provide adequate funding for these impoverished communities. Let’s keep it real, the government hasn’t provided adequate funding for these communities since the days of white flight. That is the truth!”

The audience members applauded and yell “Amen” and “Preach, Senator Summerville” Some people stood up and applauded. Zack and the rest of his family applauded.

Dad always tells the truth and the truth is something that certain people do not want to hear, Zack thought.

Chad preached his monologue for the rest of the town hall meeting. His speeches were always lively and never boring and the audience remained animated throughout them.

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