Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Zack cheered quietly and looked around at the rest of his family and the boisterous audience in the grand ballroom.

The gigantic room held so much African-American history over the years.

The walls had overlook sad and tragic times during the civil rights era, Go-Getters’ meetings during the tumultuous days of 1968.

There were also peaceful times like get-togethers, renovation of the communities, and the memorable wedding of Zack’s grandparents, Joel and Daphne Summerville.

Zack cleared his throat and stood up with the rest of his family. Everyone was getting ready to leave. Chad came over to where his family stood.

Members of the audience showered him with praise. The Summerville family gave him pats on the backs and hugs. Zack’s friends’ families converse with his family until they left.

“Chad, honey, you were wonderful!” His wife Paulena kissed him on his jaw.

“I know, right,” Chad agreed. He had always been conceited.

“Daddy, you were amazing like always,” Francis touched his arm.

“Almost everyone has left. We should continue our private family meeting at the house,” Joel commented.

“Yes, that’s a good idea, Joel. Your father and I would like to discuss a campaign theme that we think you should insert in your speech this weekend to the public, honey,” Daphne explained.

“Of course, Mother. You and dad want to write my speech now!” Chad chuckled.

“Oooh, darling, you are something else,” Daphne playfully hit him.

“We’re leaving in the limo tonight,” Paulena informed Zack.

“Oh, okay but I drove over here this evening,” Zack replied.

“I’ll call Jake and tell him to drive your car back home, Zack. We are going to ride together as a family to your grandparent’s house,” Chad told him. He began to make the phone call.

Everyone had left by now. The Summervilles were the last ones in the ballroom with the armed guards flanked by the doorway.

“Jake is on his way now. Al is coming with him so he can drive Jake’s car back while Jake will drive your car back home, Zack,” Chad replied to them, after hanging up his cell phone.

Zack and his family waited for Jake and Al to get there. The men drove the cars back while the Summervilles got into the limo and took off.

The driver was a new employee that Zack never saw before. The limousine was new, shiny and black and all decked out.

It had a TV, wine and food area. The best that money can buy. They all rested comfortably inside.

Zack stretched, yawned, and listened to his family ramble on about the upcoming town hall meeting that his father would give to over ten thousand supporters and fans on Saturday.

Chad turned his attention to Zack. “You told me that you had met a new girlfriend at school.”

Zack smirked.

“Oh, yes, your daddy did tell me about that earlier, honey!” Paulena exclaimed.

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