Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Everyone turned their eyes on Zack. He felt his face grow hot all of a sudden.

Groaning, he couldn’t believe his father would blab his little secret in front of everybody! Zack had thought playfully.

I guess karma is getting back at me for blabbing Paige’s virgin secret to my homeboys, Zack suddenly realized.

Zack laughed. “Why, Daddy!”

“So, who is this new girlfriend?” Francis stared into Zack’s eyes without blinking.

“We just met. Who knows if it’s serious?” Zack remarked.

“You make a date with her, son?” Joel asked.

“Well, yes, Grandpa, I did.”

“If you asked her out on a date then it is serious,” Daphne commented, her eyes bore into Zack’s.

Their limo had pulled into the driveway of Joel and Daphne’s mansion. It was dark and the air had begun to chill.

They stepped out of the ride and walked to the mansion. The three-story mansion towered over their heads. An owl hooted in a tree somewhere in the night.

“Of course, it’s serious. Zack told me that it has been a long time since he went out on a date after Camille’s passing,” Chad said somberly.

“Goodness, Chad, you’re telling all of Zack’s business,” Joel laughed. He had a nice, deep laugh.

Chad looked a little guilty and smiled at Zack.

“It’s cool. It’s alright, Dad, I know you are happy for me and don’t mean any harm. You all are going to meet her anyway,” Zack grinned.

Daphne rang the doorbell and searched for her keys at the same time. Joel already had his door key out.

“Daphne, what did I tell you about that?” Joel playfully scolded her about not having her keys out by the time they reached the door.

Daphne rolled her eyes. “The entire family is with me. It’s not as if I’m alone, Joel.”

The door was opened by the maid, Maude, who had been employed by Joel and Daphne for fifty years.

“That old Joel is trying to talk that stuff tonight,” Daphne remarked, hitting him.

“Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Summerville and family, back at home at last,” Maude grinned from ear to ear.

“Yes, thank you, darling,” Paulena was the first to greet her then the others followed.

They came into the house, some sat down, others went to the bathrooms.

“Maude, dear, did anyone call or come by while we were gone?” Daphne asked.

“No one came over but you had a few calls, Mrs. Summerville.”

“Ah, I see. I’ll get to them later.”

“Would you all like some refreshments?” Maude asked them.

“Of course, that would be fine,” Daphne replied.

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