Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Paige peered into the full-length mirror on her dresser. She made a few faces and puckered her lips. Paige was ready for her date with Zack.

She had her makeup and lipstick on perfectly, her jewelry and outfit were slaying. Paige had her hair in a sophisticated and elegant style.

She wore a midnight dark, blue blouse, a dark blue, mini-skirt, and dark blue, pumps. Paige had dabbled on some perfume by J.Lo.

Paige heard the doorbell ring downstairs. She grabbed her silky blue purse and hung it over her shoulder and shot one last glance in the mirror.

Paige heard her parents greeting Zack downstairs. She left her room and walked downstairs and saw Steven beside her parents talking to Zack.

Oh, man! I thought Steven was gone, Paige thought.

“There’s our baby!” Jude greeted.

“Mom, come on now!” Paige smiled, observing the scene in the living room.

Her parents had redecorated. The 4K TV was back on the entertainment center surrounded by discs, a Blu-ray player (that was rarely used because the family mainly streamed their favorite content), and other countless devices.

The black leather furniture and glass table remained the focal point surrounded by digital photo frames, flowers, paintings, rugs, and other expensive African cultural items.

“Your mother is only teasing, sweetheart,” Edward chided.

“So, Paige got a new boyfriend now. I was getting ready to leave but Zack came over just in time,” Steven gave her a dirty look.

Paige smirk and rolled her eyes at Steven. “Hi, Zack! You’re right on time!” she gave him a loving smile.

Zack returned one of his own. “Hey, Paige, yeah, I always try to be on time for special dates.”

She was impressed. Zack, Paige, and her parents sat down. Steven had his car keys out and was getting ready to leave to hang out with friends.

“Say, Zack, be nice to my sister. We Williams’ men are not kind to men that will take advantage of our women,” Steven said, standing near the front door.

Paige and Jude rolled their eyes in unison. Edward chuckled. Paige could tell Zack was slightly annoyed.

“I’m a great guy, a gentleman, and I have the utmost respect for your sister, and I would treat her the way I would like to be treated,” Zack replied.

Steven lingered at the door and nodded then left into the night.

Paige was glad that Steven had left. She didn’t want him to mess up a potentially good thing that she might have with Zack.

They heard Steven’s car take off. Paige blew a sigh of relief.

Paige’s parents lurch into an interrogation with Zack. They wanted to know everything, especially her father.

They wanted all the information about her first date, how long they would be gone, where the date would be at, how many places they were going, what they would be doing, a sea of questions.

Paige was getting used to it because she knew how overprotective her parents were about her.

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