Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Paige smirked. “Wow! Mom and Dad, let us relax for a bit! Zack, I didn’t know that their interrogation was going to be this deep!” she joked.

Zack laughed. “It’s cool, Paige. Your parents want to get to know me. I’m fine with that. They want to know about their daughter’s new boyfriend.”

“That’s correct. He gets it!” Edward remarked.

“Oh, honey,” Jude teased him, patting him on the back. “I tried to stop him!” She smiled at Paige and Zack.

“You were asking questions with me,” Edward chided her.

Jude winked at Paige. The so-called interrogation went on for a while.

My parents want to know everything! Paige thought.

It seems Zack told them his entire life story. He told them all about his family, some events from his childhood, and what interested him about their daughter.

Zack and Paige thought the conversation will never end. Finally, the four of them stood up.

“Mom, Dad, we have to leave before it gets too late,” Paige informed them.

“Of course, sweetie. Zack, you watch over her now,” Jude replied.

Paige noticed her father shot her mother a quick knowing look.

“Be safe, kids,” Edward replied.

“Yeah, thanks. See you later,” Paige waved.

“It was nice meeting you, Mr. and Mrs. Williams,” Zack shook their hands.

Then Paige and Zack were off into the night.

“If you don’t mind, I’m going to briefly introduce you to my family. They wanted to see you before our date to the Soul Food Café,” Zack looked at her as he dove behind the wheel.

Paige could see her parents staring out the window. She knew her father didn’t trust Zack.

Zack drove through the higher tiers to his home. Paige had rarely gone this far in her neighborhood.

They flew by in minutes, passing by the armed police officers, a few couples jogging and walking their dogs. Then Zack and Paige stepped out and began walking to his house.

Paige smiled at his father, Senator Chad Summerville, and mother, Paulena, as the couple let them inside the house.

“Hello there,” Chad smiled in return.

“Hi, Paige, our son told us so much about you,” Paulena told her.

“Hi, yes, it’s nice meeting you,” Paige greeted them.

“I told y’all we were coming here before our date,” Zack replied.

“Yeah, that’s good. I was betting he wouldn’t come back!” Francis joked.

“Whatever, Francis! That’s my loudmouthed sister. She’s crazy!” Zack told Paige.

“Don’t be lying on me boy!”

They all sat down in the dining area.

Daphne and Joel came back to sit down too. They smiled at Paige.

“That’s my grandparents over there, Daphne and Joel,” Zack informed her.

They greeted and smiled at her.

Paige returned the greeting.

“How are you doing today, Paige? Zack can’t stop talking about you!” Chad remarked.

“Dad, come on,” Zack looked a little nervous.

Paige felt the same. She cleared her throat. “You have a lovely home, Mr. and Mrs. Summerville.”

“Why thank you, dear! My husband and I are always changing the decorations, experimenting with something new,” Paulena replied.

“Maybe y’all need to get a new interior decorator. I’m sure there’s plenty that can do a better job than this,” Daphne chided, gesturing around the house.

“Oh, honey, be nice. We have company now,” Joel patted her thigh.

“Whatever,” Paulena replied.

Chad didn’t say anything, he didn’t seem to care.

Paige can sense a little friction between Zack’s mother and grandmother.

“Anyway, Paige and I just dropped by before we head out on our date,” Zack informed them.

“Okay, what time you two coming back?” Paulena asked.

“Around eleven. That’s what we promised Paige’s parents.”

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