Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Paige cleared her throat. “Yeah, my parents want me to be back before my curfew. They don’t want me out too late.”

“Ah, I see, I don’t blame them,” Paulena agreed.

“Zack’s curfew is midnight. He knows what time to be back in this house cause if he doesn’t, he would be locked outside,” Chad laughed.

“Oh, Dad, don’t do me like that,” Zack replied.

“It’s good that the kids have curfews. I know back in the day, my father would have grounded you if you were one minute late,” Daphne reminisced.

“I know. I was there. Your father was something else back then,” Joel joked.

Daphne playfully hit her husband.

“Paige, what interest you in my silly brother?” Francis sat down on a loveseat.

“Shut-up, stop embarrassing me like that. Don’t you have a husband and two kids to take care of?” Zack slyly remarked.

Francis rolled her eyes and smirked. “They have already been taken care of. You all in my business.”

Zack stood up. Paige followed his lead.

“Family, we got to go. It’s getting late. We got a date tonight,” Zack reminded them.

“Yes, you two head out now,” Paulena replied.

“It was a pleasure meeting you, dear,” Chad said to Paige.

“Same here, sir.”

The rest of Zack’s family said their byes to Paige as they walked to Zack’s car. Zack honked and drove the speed limit to the restaurant.

The wind seeped through Paige’s hair, blowing it all over her face. The moonlight glistened as they sped by the woods.

Soft music spilled from the surround system. Paige couldn’t quite place the singer.

“Who is that singing? They sound familiar,” she asked Zack, looking over at him.

He looked to be in another world. “That’s the Melanin Beauty Sweethearts. You didn’t recognize them?”

Paige chuckled. “Nah, I didn’t. I thought maybe that it was them but wasn’t sure.”

They drove slowly by the bustling nightlife. Prestigious-looking men and women moved all around the downtown section of the District.

High-modeled automobiles sped back and forth on the well-paved streets. Bright lights from businesses lit up the entire scene.

Paige and Zack had stopped at a streetlight. Several gorgeous women dressed in sparkling gowns and heels bounced their way to a ballroom.

Not far from them, a few couples walked to a shopping center across the street. The New Black Wall Street Corporate headquarters loomed large over the entire town.

Zack took off again and within minutes they were getting out at the Soul Food Café. Zack found a parking space not far from the front door.

“Let me get the door for you,” Zack, the gentleman, smiled at Paige.

“Thank you, but you still ain’t getting any tonight,” Paige mumbled under her breath.

“Say what now,” Zack scoffed, looking surprised at what she said.

“You heard me.”

Zack playfully rolled his eyes. “I’m going to act like I didn’t hear that remark.”

A waiter showed them to a table in the corner. It was nighttime and the restaurant was still crowded.

This time a diverse crowd was there. Zack and Paige ordered traditional soul food from the menus.

Their meals consisted of fried chicken, collard greens, yams, cornbread, dressing, potato salad, mixed vegetables, lemon meringue pie, and fruit juice. They didn’t talk much through their feast.

“This meal was delicious,” Paige moaned as she scooped up her last bite.

“I know right, babe,” Zack had already finished. He wiped his mouth with a napkin and continued talking. “Almost better than sex. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that you wouldn’t know,” he joked.

“Okay, alright. You trying to get back at me,” Paige smirk.

“Yeah, I was. I don’t let shit get by me. Anyway, hopefully, that would change for you soon,” Zack naughtily looked at her.

The waiter took away their plates and glasses. They waited until he left before talking again.

“I’m enjoying myself tonight. I liked meeting your family,” Paige softly replied.

“Me too. Dinner was lovely, the night is going great. Where do you want to go next?” Zack asked.

They had spent thirty minutes having an awesome conversation. Paige looked at her iPhone in her opened purse.

She thought for a moment as she looked at the dark brown suit that Zack was wearing, the jacket and shiny shoes blended perfectly together.

Zack’s iPhone sat on the table. He acted as if it wasn’t there, clasping his hands and licking his lips. He continued to stare at her.

Paige smiled again. For some reason, when his eyes locked on hers it turned her on. Made her feel queasy.

I wonder what he’s like in the bedroom, Paige thought. She scolded herself for thinking such dirty thoughts.

“I would love to take a stroll on the beach, Zack. Just take me away from here!” Paige teased.

Zack wolf-whistled. “Okay, now! Let’s go!”

They both laughed. Zack paid the tip. They left the café. He took her hand and they walked to his ride.

“I don’t mean anything naughty. I want to get that straight, Mr. Summerville!” Paige cheesed as she looked up at him.

Zack closed her door and hurried around to the driver’s side. He cranked the engine and they were gone.

On the road again, dogging traffic and people darting out from all sides, they were almost at the beach.

They could see a thin crowd having fun on the beach. Finally, they got out and held hands again. Zack had parked in a lot not too far from where they stood.

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