Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“You don’t mind holding hands, right? I should have asked you before grabbing your hand,” Zack remarked.

“It’s cool.”


Paige and Zack slowly moved on the sidewalk. The moisture from the water felt cool on their faces. Paige looked up at the dark, blue-black sky.

It had a half-moon, a sprinkling of stars, and maybe a planet or two. Paige couldn’t be sure and asked Zack about it.

“Are those planets in the sky, Zack?”

He blinked and gazed up. “I don’t know. It certainly looks like it.”

They glanced at each other and smiled. A few couples ahead of them were walking slowly too. The breeze blew around them.

“If you’re cold, just let me know. You can wear my jacket,” Zack replied.

Paige’s grin widened. “Thanks, I’m not that cold. I have my own. I always bring my own everything wherever I go these days.”

Zack nodded.

Paige looked around at nature again. She loved being amazed. Enjoyed being a dreamer and immersing herself in God’s universe.

The sand felt soft underneath their shoes. The waves crashed repeatedly. She looked behind them and saw Zack’s ride far behind.

Zack smirked at her.

“What’s up.”

“So, we ain’t going to talk to each other. We just going to keep walking around in circles, chilling,” he laughed.

“Of course, let’s talk.”

“Okay, are you enjoying your first date so far? I know you told me earlier that you were enjoying yourself during dinner.”

“Yeah, I am. My first date ever!” Paige cracked.

Zack nodded his head again. “I’m enjoying this date too. We have to do this again. Do you want to plan that second date for next weekend?”

Paige hesitated. “Y-yeah, sure. That would be great. This Saturday?”

“Yeah, also I’m going to introduce you to my friends and their girlfriends. We do that a lot. We always introduce new friends to the rest of the group. How are you feeling tonight?” Zack asked.

“I’m feeling wonderful. I’m happy that our date turned out pretty good. I’m glad my expectations turned out to be wrong, that it wasn’t the date from hell!” Paige snickered.

“Oh my gosh, say what now, girl?” he scoffed.

She ignored him and smirked at him instead.

“Alright, be like that then,” he chuckled and went on. “My father is going to have another town hall/rally next weekend. I would love for you to go with me. I thought about taking you to the town hall the other day but I figured that you were busy and things came up. Would you like to go with me?”

“Yeah, I’ll love to go, to get out of the house. I’ve never been to a political town hall or rally before? Would it be on Saturday or Sunday?” Paige asked.

“Sunday. My dad is delivering his standard campaign speech to his thousands of supporters. Tickets already went out and they sold out in thirty minutes. Every time my dad has an event, it trends all over social media. People get their tickets early and they start lining up days before the event,” Zack informed her.

“Dang, they are some hardcore supporters!”

“I know right and crazy!” he whispered crazy and laughed.

Paige joined in the laughter.

“Have you heard one of my dad’s speeches before?”

“Yeah, I have. I came across his speeches on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. He is so charismatic. He reminds me of the powerful civil rights leaders back in the day. He is in the same mode as Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton...” Paige’s voice trailed off.

Zack looked surprised. “What do you know about those revolutionary leaders?”

“My parents. My father taught me everything I know,” she told him.

“Mine too.”

They were silent for a moment as they walked.

The beach was nearly empty now. Zack cleared his throat. The night grew cooler and darker. They couldn’t see the moon at this time because the clouds covered it entirely.

“You about ready to leave? It looks like we are the only ones still here and besides, it’s twenty minutes until your curfew,” Zack informed her.

“Whew, we’d better get back then. I don’t want to be late and have my daddy mad at me, enough to ground me!” Paige shivered.

“Your dad is not going to go that far, is he?” Zack asked, looking at her.

“I don’t know but I don’t want to test it and find out.”

They hurried back to Zack’s ride, a burgundy Jaguar. He opened the door for her and after she jumped in he jogged to the driver’s side.

“It’s been a while since I kept my date clothes on at the beach,” Zack joked as he drove down the winding street.

“I rarely go to beaches. The only times I went to beaches was with my parents, brother, and friends.”

“Really, dang, Paige, you going have to live more than that! I went to beaches so many times with my family, friends, and my ex-girlfriend, Camille,” Zack’s voice wavered.

Paige noticed that he became slightly emotional when he mentioned Camille. “I’m living now, going on my first date with my first boyfriend!” Paige grinned.

Zack glanced at her and smiled. They were stopped at a red light. “My Aunt Angela, my dad’s sister, she loves beaches. Our entire family always includes beaches whenever we go on vacations.”

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