Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Zack dropped Paige off at her house. Before she got out of his car, he lightly grabbed her arm.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked innocently.

Paige looked into his eyes. The car light was on and it made his eyes sparkled.

Zack’s eyes looked vulnerable and sad, Paige thought.

“Uh, n-no. I’m still trying to get to know you, Zack. You have to give me time...” Paige’s words trailed off.

“Sorry, I-I didn’t mean to. I’m not trying to pressure you or anything...” This time it was his turn to stammer.

“No, it’s alright. You’re okay. I just need time, that’s all. I want to take things slow. Can we start off as friends before it gets serious?” Paige stared at him.

She saw shadows and the curtains move near the front windows. She grunted softly.

“Of course, no problem. Again, I’m sorry if I moved too fast. You see it’s been two years since I last dated, with Camille and everything,” Zack looked guilty.

Paige nodded. “I understand. It’s cool. I’ll see you tomorrow at school.”

“Yeah, see you too,” Zack smiled.

She closed the car door and jogged to her house. Her parents were waiting for her, they held the front door open.

“You made it back! How was your date night, honey?” her mother excitedly asked.

“That boy didn’t do anything that you didn’t want him to do, right?” her father asked, looking serious.

“My date was great. Of course not, daddy!” Paige assured them.


“So did y’all have sex?” Mackenzie asked Paige the next day at school.

Paige, Danielle, Crystal, and Mackenzie were walking around in the hallway. It was crowded with human traffic.

The final class had ended minutes ago. Students and a few teachers were preparing to leave.

A couple of security guards were keeping the school in order. They moved around, helping new kids with their lockers, keeping the hallways clean, made sure people kept moving to their destinations, and making sure everything flowed smoothly.

Paige glanced over and saw a military/police officer in full uniform attire, quietly communicating with the security guards. The resource officer met the security guards and the military/police officer down the hallway.

Paige turned back to her friends. That morning, she chose to wear some creased blue-jeans, a peach-colored, silk blouse, and some Nike shoes.

Paige had pinned her hair up in a Butterfly twist and she wore just enough makeup and lipstick. She adjusted the strap of her white leather purse and sighed.

“Mackenzie, shut up!” Crystal scolded him playfully.

She wore a golden miniskirt, a shirt tied at her waist, over fishnet stockings. Crystal wore some of the tallest stilettos that Paige has ever seen. Crystal styled her hair in fluffy curls with her usual excessive makeup.

“I know right! Mackenzie, you already asked Paige that same question when we were at the Soul Food Café,” Danielle scoffed, switching in her sequin party dress and shoe-heel boots.

Danielle’s hair was wavy and curled with her baby hairs lining her face. She had on just enough makeup as Paige did.

“I know what I asked her. Then I ask if she was willing to do it but now I’m asking if they did it!” Mackenzie snapped his fingers at Danielle.

Mackenzie was wearing another tight outfit, black, skinny leggings, a worn t-shirt, and brown Loafers. He kept his natural hair short.

“Ooh, he told you, Danielle!” Crystal cracked.

“No, he didn’t! Mackenzie better stop before he gets slapped in the hallway then somebody gonna film it and upload that video to social media!” Danielle snapped her fingers in return.

“No, Mackenzie, we did not have sex! We had dinner at the café, hung out on the beach, and had a long and lovely conversation. He wanted to kiss me after the date but I told him that I wanted to wait,” Paige remarked.

“Wait for what?” Mackenzie prodded.

Paige rolled her eyes and smirk.

“Damn, Mackenzie! Your ass nosey like ours!” Danielle hit him.

Mackenzie ran his hands briefly through her hair.

“Stop it!” Danielle pushed his hands away.

“Ooh, Mackenzie, I wanted to know too!” Crystal laughed.

“I wanted to wait until I get to know him better. He’s still a stranger. What if he is some kind of freak or crazy? Anyway, y’all know your girl is a virgin, so don’t talk about that stuff in front of me. I’m scared of men and sex,” Paige giggled.

Crystal shuddered. “Ooh, that Paige is scary!” she laughed again.

“Hey, Casey! How you doing chile?” Mackenzie hollered as Casey walked past them, switching in her Pan-African bodysuit and boots. Her Afro swayed as she moved.

“I’m fine and on my way home,” Casey answered.

I love her accent! I believe Africans especially Nigerians have the best accents out of everybody, Paige thought.

Casey lingered and chatted with Mackenzie for several minutes before she was on her way out the exit.

They all saw the Go-Getters come strutting down the hallway. Kids in the hallway made room for them as they came through as if they were royalty and everybody else were peasants.

As usual, they looked chilled and relaxed and cool from head to toe. They stopped by Paige’s locker. She had just finished placing her school books in her locker for tomorrow’s classes. Zack walked up to Paige and she almost melted at the sight of him. She felt wet for some reason.

Zack wore some creased, khaki pants, crisp, silk shirt, and some personalized shoes. His full attire looked expensive and name-brand. His neatly shaved fade shined under the fluorescent lights in the hallway.

He smiled a perfect set of shiny, white teeth at her. Paige was mesmerized by his dreamy eyes and the deep dimples in his jaws. She didn’t know what it was about this guy that caused her to melt every time from the sight of him.

Tristan, DaShawn, Noah, and Cain looked fabulous as well. They were dressed similarly to Zack. As always, all of their wardrobes looked expensive and name-brand. They sported the same fades and stylishly hair cuts, jeans, pants, shiny shirts, and sneakers and boots.

Cain and Noah were the only ones that sported their trademark Go-Getters jackets. Paige saw Tristan and DaShawn on their iPhones. Tristan was talking and DaShawn was texting.

She looked around at her friends and other kids that occasionally glanced at the Go-Getters as they move along to the exit.

“What’s up, Paige! And how y’all doing? I was looking for you and I’m glad I caught you before you left. My friends and I are going on a group date and I was wondering if you wanted to join us,” Zack replied.

“Oh, hi,” Paige replied.

Cain and Noah greeted them too while Tristan and DaShawn were immersed on their phones and didn’t say anything to them.

Danielle, Crystal, and Mackenzie greeted them and then they walked toward the exit.

“We’ll talk to you later, Paige!” Danielle called.

“Yeah, see you. Call me when you get time,” Crystal called too.

Mackenzie waved and followed them outside.

“Bye, guys,” Paige replied to her friends then spoke to Zack. “Okay, I’m not going to be the only girl, am I?” Paige was slightly concerned.

Paige was not going anywhere with Zack and his friends. She had been nervous being alone with Zack. No way in the world was she going to be hanging out with a bunch of guys especially not ones she didn’t know.

Tristan and DaShawn laughed.

“It’s a group date, Paige. Our girls are coming along too,” Tristan said.

“As I mentioned, baby, my friends’ girlfriends are coming along with us,” Zack reassured her.

“Duh, Paige,” Noah teased her.

“Y’all coming? We walking to the front exit now?” Tristan told somebody on his phone.

On cue, the girlfriends—La’Shayla, Brianna, Shanice, and Kerrie walked around the corner and stepped beside their boyfriends. Some of them walked holding hands and arm in arm.

“Yeah, sure. You are waiting for my answer, aren’t you,” Paige grinned.

“Everybody, this is my new girlfriend Paige. She is so sweet and a little timid so be nice to her,” Zack warmly announced, winking at Paige.

“Hey, Paige! Welcome to our posse!” La’Shayla greeted her.

“How are you, honey?” Brianna followed.

“What’s up?” Kerrie smiled

“Nice to meet you, sweetie!” Shanice winked and smiled.

“Hi, everyone, it’s nice to meet you too!” Paige returned the warm greetings with one of her own.

Paige walked with Zack and his friends out of the school. The girlfriends looked as cool and chilled as their boyfriends.

Also, they seemed to be super nice, sweet, and friendly. Paige had only heard good things about them. Plus, Cain was her favorite Go-Getter besides Zack out of the guys.

Noah was cool too but he mainly was low-key and greeted her when Tristan and DaShawn did not.

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