Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Zack reached for Paige’s hand. She allowed him to clasp it. She breathed the fresh air. The air quality felt wonderful.

She caught a glance of Principal Silverson walking very close with Ms. Jakeson. She heard laughter from the Go-Getters when the alleged couple went into the teacher’s lounge.

“They are the only ones in there,” DaShawn said between laughs.

“Don’t make fun of Ms. Jakeson and Principal Silverson like that,” Brianna defended the couple.

“I’m going to remain quiet right now,” Tristan chuckled.

Zack’s friends hit their rides’ remotes and hurried to their rides. Paige was impressed to see Tristan and DaShawn hold the car doors open for their girlfriends. She wasn’t surprised when Cain and Noah showed chivalry.

“Here you go love,” Zack glanced at her as he held the door for her.

“Awe, thank you!”

“Your welcome, babe.”

He jogged to the driver’s side and crank the ignition, letting it roar. The motor purred a heartful tune. The radio came on with a blast. A slow ballad by Bessie West had begun.

Paige watched Noah hand his girlfriend Kerrie a helmet before putting on his as they climbed onto his brand new Harley-Davidson. The Go-Getters took off at the same time. Zack and Paige were the last to follow.

Students from school were rushing away. Everybody had somewhere to be. The breeze traveled throughout Zack’s car. Paige’s iPhone beep a notification. She looked down and saw a text message from Danielle.

Have fun, girl

Paige text back: Yes, that’s what I plan to do! Lol

Zack looked over at her and smiled. “You look beautiful, Paige.”

“Thank you, so do you,” she return the smile.

He snickered. “I strongly prefer handsome.”

The other Go-Getters were way ahead of them.

“Where are we going? Where does the group date begin?” Paige asked curiously.

“We are going to the Burger Parlor. We going to give the Soul Food Café a rest for now,” Zack answered.

“Okay, cool.”

Zack pulled over at a convenience store that was owned by Tristan’s family.

“I’ll be right back, boo. Do you want something from the store? I’ll pay,” he said, getting out to head to the store.

“No thank you.”

By this time, the other Go-Getters were long gone. Paige looked around at Zack’s new Jaguar. It was smokin’ hot. How much did this car cost? Over a few hundred thousand? Paige wondered.

She looked around at the surroundings and the people that came and went. No one looked familiar to her. Zack made it back in minutes. A rap song by Nick thundered over the surround speakers. The bass was kicking!

“You like that, don’t you?” Zack teased her.

“Yes!” Paige widely grinned.

They took off again on the road. People were everywhere. Many drove like they did. Others were walking, riding busses, and hanging around town. Zack drove by countless supporters of his father camped out for his town hall/rally event.

“Whoa, people are everywhere out here. My father’s supporters are lined up!”

“I know right,” Paige agreed.

They looked at the throngs of fans circling around the blocks, slowing down traffic. There were people from all walks of life. All races. Singles, couples, families. Young, middle-aged, and old, working-class and middle-class. Liberal, independent, conservative. Natives and tourists from all around, etc.

The day felt wonderful. There was a bright, golden sun centered in the sky. It was a cloudless day. The last bit of Paige’s nervousness faded away. Zack kept his eyes on the road.

Finally, Zack pulled into the Burger Parlor’s parking lot. They saw the other Go-Getters waiting for them.

“My father’s event is today. In case you are wondering what we plan to do after we dine at the Burger Parlor, we’re going shopping at the mall, then going to my father’s town hall/rally,” Zack informed her.

“Nice, all that sounds cool,” Paige replied.

Earlier at school, she had already notified her parents that she was spending time with Zack and his friends.

Zack and Paige met up with the others.

“Dang, we thought y’all got lost! It took y’all awhile to get here,” DaShawn commented.

“I had to get some gas and we ran straight into my dad’s fans lining up for his event,” Zack replied.

They walked into the Burger Parlor. It was crowded. Like always, they had a reservation. It is best to have a reservation if you’re going anywhere near the District.

City life was always bustling in town. They only waited a minute before a waitress showed them a group table. They sat down and began to peer through the menus.

“Baby, you can order anything off this menu, okay,” Zack offered.

“Thank you. I’m going to order that paradise bacon-cheeseburger without onions combo,” Paige said,

“That’s exactly what I’m going to order! Look at you, eating like a goddess!” Zack exclaimed

“That does look tasty. I had that a couple of weeks ago. That garden burger combo, it must be meatless for me right now,” La’Shayla replied.

“Don’t tell me that you are on a diet. I hope to hell not. I’m enjoying that thickness!” Tristan laughed.

“He needs to stop, don’t he!” La’Shayla shot back.

The waitress delivered their meals in record time. They ordered a variety of cheeseburgers combos with fries and drinks. The Burger Parlor was a restaurant that you can put just about anything on your burger, whether it be fruit or a plain fried egg.

“Man, it’s been a while since I ate!” Noah was already halfway through his burger.

“At my house, all we have are leftovers. My parents went to Jamaica for vacation and forgot to tell the maid to prepare dinner. I had to tell the maid to cook my favorites later this evening,” Tristan scoffed.

“Oh, babe,” La’Shayla cooed, comforting him.

“This grown-ass man!” DaShawn teased.

“They forgot to feed both the cats too,” Tristan added.

“Say what now, not both the cats!” Brianna looked shocked.

“Brianna’s an animal lover. Somebody can forget to feed their cats if they want to, she’s gonna beat that ass!” La’Shayla exclaimed.

“Who cares about some damn cats?” DaShawn dismissively replied.

“I do,” Brianna mocked.

A few of them laughed.

“I bet that chocolate ass gonna look fire in that bikini this weekend. Zack, you tell Paige about our melanin beauty parties?” Tristan reminded him.

“Yep, I told Paige all about it earlier.”

“Paige, you ever been to a bikini party before?” La’Shayla asked.

“No, I’ve never been to any party before,” Paige admitted.

“Oh no, Paige, you have to celebrate with us!” Shanice commented.

“Dang, what rock you crawl out from under?” Tristan joked.

“I guess I’m an introvert,” Paige said softly.

“There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert. I used to be one. Sometimes, I think I’m still one,” Kerrie defended her.

“That’s right. I think that’s cool. You do you, Paige. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently,” Cain added.

“Oh, Lord, don’t get Bible boy started!” Tristan replied, shaking his head.

“Don’t be teasing my man like that!” Shanice playfully scolded him.

“We going to the mall after we leave the Burger Parlor. I got to do a little shopping there. I’ma picking my new bikini for the melanin beauty yacht party,” La’Shayla announced.

“Who in hell cares!” Tristan finished his ice-cold water.

“I do, that’s who,” La’Shayla hit at him.

“That’s nice. Cool,” Paige said.

They had finished their meals and were chatting about everything that they could think of. They went from different topics like school, parties, entertainment, politics, sex, family and so on.

“Are you going to buy something, Paige?” La’Shayla asked.

“Uh, if I were to find something nice, I might,” Paige answered.

“Everybody going to be wearing their bathing suits. That’s the dress code. We going to be partying and having fun on the beach, relaxing and chilling on the yacht,” Zack informed her.

“Oh, okay. Cool,” Paige awkwardly replied. Why do I sound so weird with my answers? And now I guess I should buy a bathing suit for the yacht party because I don’t have one. Paige silently noted. Zack smiled and winked at her. She returned both gestures.

“I’m ready to leave. You said you going to the mall?” Tristan asked La’Shayla.

“Yeah, babe, I have to pick up my swimsuit there.”

“You picking it up at Women’s World?” Kerrie asked.

“Yep, they got the best swimsuits.”

“You ain’t gonna have it on for long,” Tristan teased her.

“I’m not going to deal with him now!” La’Shayla laughed.

They got up, leaving their tips on the table for the waitress. The Burger Parlor was even busier when they came in. Patrons were everywhere, dining, walking around to their seats, restrooms, the exits, etc.

The music was softly playing over the intercom. It sounded like some soft rock. Paige, Zack, and the rest of the Go-Getters left the restaurant.

The waitress pocketed the tips that they left for her and cleaned up their table. When she finished, she beckoned another Go-Getter group to their table.

Zack and Paige followed his friends to the Complex Center Shopping Mall. They separated for a while. Zack bought Paige a bathing suit after she secretly told him that she didn’t own one.

His eyes widened a little and smirk after she chose a sexy bathing suit that cost over a hundred dollars. Paige thought it was expensive but he encouraged her to choose it after she expressed interest in it.

La’Shayla picked up her bathing suit and several items too. Zack, Brianna, and Cain bought a few items from different stores.

They finished shopping at the mall and left, heading for Senator Chad Summerville’s town hall rally. They drove through the VIP area, away from the cheering and adoring crowds. Zack and Paige talked a mile a minute.

He explained everything to her, from his dad’s affiliation with the Republican party which he’d been a member for over twelve years. Paige nodded and listened to everything that he was telling her.

The conversation was interesting to her. She glanced at the audience of tens of thousands of supporters waiting for Zack’s father to give a speech.

They roared, cheered, and pranced around, holding signs. Some of the signs were from Chad’s campaign and the others were homemade.

Slow R&B music played over the surround sound. Zack, Paige, and the rest of their crew got out of their rides and walked over to the VIP section to sit down.

“Hey, Zack, Paige, how y’all doing?” Zack’s Aunt Angela hollered and waved at them. She was already sitting down with her husband Jacques and their two teenage children.

“We’re doing fine, Aunt Angela!” Zack hollered back over the noise.

“I’m doing fine too, Mrs. Summerville!” Paige answered.


Senator Chad Summerville sat back in his comfortable thousand-plus chair in his spacious office. He was oblivious to the crowd outside the New Black Wall Street Corporate Headquarters. Occasionally, his campaign organized town halls or rallies to be held on its premises.

Chad was feeling horny as hell as he watched one of his beautiful and sexy daughters, Tiffany, massaged her platinum bikini-clad body on his iPhone. She had her makeup on perfect and her frizzy curly, hair hung over her shoulders. Her breasts and butt looked to almost pop out of her outfit.

Chad explored every inch of her dark-skinned beauty. He was mesmerized by chocolate honey bunnies and couldn’t get enough of them.

“Daddy, we’re ready for you honey,” Michelle purred seductively when she opened his door.

She was wearing a sexy, cream-colored lingerie set and pumps. Her makeup was professionally done and her dark hair was styled elegantly and flowed down her back. His gaze locked on her deep brown, chestnut complexion, her thick hips, and busty chest as she switched over to him.

Chad put away his phone and followed Michelle to his hideaway room that he kept secret from his nosey wife Paulena. Michelle led him to his bed where his other daughter Rachel was lying in the perfectly-made bed. Rachel sported a hot pink, lingerie set.

Rachel looked like a cocoa, silk pie moving in bed. She blew a kiss at him. He undressed and only left his boxers on. He laid down beside Rachel and beckoned for Michelle to climb on top of him.

“Daughters, I need to be satisfied,” he told them.

Of course, they weren’t his real daughters, but he called the women, that were half of his age, pet names.

Michelle and Rachel smooch him on each side of his jaws. Chad French-kissed Michelle and then Rachel. Both ladies in their twenties cuddled each of his sides and massaged his supremely, muscled chest, arms, and abs with their manicured long red and brown fingernails.

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