Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Paige continued to stare at them especially Zack then suddenly he caught her staring at him and smiled at her. She froze and return her own smile.

The class was full now and was beginning to write their journal entries which were something that they did every other day. Ms. Jakeson had already written the journal topic on the whiteboard:

What would you do if God gave you a time-machine?

Paige and Danielle had already started writing. Crystal was looking at her phone, probably reading a text from her new boo, Paige thought.

Then Crystal put away her phone when Ms. Jakeson looked her way and took out a pencil and started writing her answers.

A young man with red hair and freckles walked into the classroom with a book bag slung over his back.

“May I help you, honey?” Ms. Jakeson asked.

“Excuse me, I’m new and looking for Ms. Jakeson’s World History?” he nervously looked around the room.

“I’m she and this is World History. You can come in and find a desk to sit at. Do you have your schedule?”

“Y-yes, ma’am,” he stammered and gave it to her and sat down near the front.

Paige saw some of the Go-Getters stare at the young man like he just dropped from Mars or something. They were funny like that.

If anybody looked different as if they didn’t belong, the Go-Getters always had that look on their faces.

The door opened and Principal Jarron Silverson came inside the classroom. He was a handsome and tall man, fade haircut, clean-shaven, medium features, and immaculately dressed.

Principal Silverson wore a double-breasted black suit and designer shoes.

He dressed like one of the famous stars from the golden age of Hollywood and looked to be around middle-age and that Paige and many other girls had a huge crush on him.

Principal Silverson cleared his throat and looked at Ms. Jakeson. She smirked at him.

“Ms. Jakeson, did you get the supplies from the teacher’s lounge this morning?”

“I sure did. Thank you for the extra goodies, Principal Silverson, even though I don’t mind buying some time.”

“No, the teachers shouldn’t have to purchase supplies with their own money, that’s the school’s job to do that.”

“Yes, it is, isn’t it.”

Principal Silverson moved closer to talk in hush tones to Ms. Jakeson.

Crystal whispered to Paige and Danielle. “Y’all know he smashin’ that right,” she snickered.

Paige’s eyes widened in surprise while Danielle smirked.

“You crazy, Crystal,” Danielle whispered back.

A few of the students near them laughed too. They saw Principal Silverson leave out the door and Ms. Jakeson followed behind him.

“Class, I’ll be right back in a minute,” Ms. Jakeson announced and closed the door.

“They are so obvious though,” Danielle replied. “But how do you know what Ms. Jakeson and Principal Silverson doing?”

“Duh, I’m from the hood. I’m always hearing things. People I know have spotted them going over each others’ houses and riding together and this morning they rode to school together after sitting a long ass time in the parking lot,” Crystal whispered to Paige and Danielle.

“Whoa, I didn’t know all of that,” Paige muttered.

“Hell yeah, he tapping that ass and he’s a Go-Getter too.”

“Say what now?” Paige looked at her.

“You heard me right,” Crystal nodded.

Ms. Jakeson came back into the classroom. They immediately stopped talking.

“Is everybody finished with their journal assignments? If you are, please pass them up front,” Ms. Jakeson stood in front of the class.

Paige passed her journal assignment to the girl in front of her. Danielle and Crystal did the same. Ms. Jakeson took their assignments and put them on her desk.

“I already took attendance earlier and I hope everybody is studying for the pop quiz that’s coming up at the end of the week.”

“I know I am. Can’t wait to turn my ‘A’ in,” One of the Go-Getters, Tristan Parkson, bragged loudly.

Some of the students laughed and rolled their eyes. Tristan was always bragging about how smart he was and how he was a child prodigy.

Zack Summerville playfully hit Tristan on the head with his folder. The other Go-Getters laughed with the rest of the students.

“Ms. Jakeson, would this be an open book or open notes pop quiz?” Zack asked.

“Nope, that’s why I want you kids to study because there would be no help this time.”

“Oh ok, I thought that was only for tests,” DaShawn Silverson remarked.

“Not this time. I’m trying something different. This pop quiz is not as challenging so you should be fine without the textbook or notes, my darlings,” Ms. Jakeson said.

The class groaned in unison.

“Man, y’all weak. All you got to do is study and you will be fine like Ms. Jakeson said,” Tristan teased.

“Shut up, bro, not everybody is smart like you!” DaShawn joked.

Laughter filled the classroom.

“Enough class,” Ms. Jakeson chided softly.

A phone rang inside the classroom. The ringtone was actually in the melody of a Tupac classic.

“Uh-oh, who forgot to turn their phone on silent?” Ms. Jakeson questioned.

“My bad, I’m sorry. I had a family emergency earlier and I forgot to turn my phone off,” Another one of the Go-Getters, Noah Shelton, replied quietly.

“That’s all right, hon. Just remember to turn it off next time when you’re in class.”

“Of course, yes ma’am.”

The bell rang indicating the end of class. The students jumped up and grabbed their belongings and began leaving the classroom.

Paige was ready to leave asap but she always waited to walk with Danielle and Crystal.

Danielle slung her book bag over her back and carried her purse on her shoulder while Crystal held her book bag for a moment and looked at her phone again then she slung her bookbag across her back. The three girls left the classroom side by side.

Paige saw the Go-Getters walking down the hallway with their girlfriends.

Paige only knew the girlfriends’ first names and they were La’Shayla (Tristan’s girlfriend), Brianna (DaShawn’s girlfriend), Shanice (Cain’s girlfriend), and Kerrie (Noah’s girlfriend).

“I wonder where Zack’s girlfriend at?” Paige wondered aloud.

“Girl, you still mesmerizing about them Go-Getters?” Crystal teased her.

Paige rolled her eyes and smirked.

“Zack doesn’t have a girlfriend now. That’s what I heard. His last girlfriend’s name was Camille and she died in a car crash two years ago and rumor has it that he took it hard. I heard he had to be sedated,” Danielle informed her.

“Dang, for real?” Paige asked.

“Yep, I heard that too. They were in love and so many sistas like Paige can’t wait to throw their panties at him!” Crystal laughed.

Paige rolled her eyes. “He smiled at me in class.”

“Paige, that boy smiles at every girl,” Crystal cracked.

“You saying he a playa,” Danielle was now on her iPhone as they began walking to their second-period class, Mr. David Moore, for English AP.

“Uh, yeah, and looks like he found some new prey and can’t wait to stick his fangs into Paige!” Crystal remarked.

“Whatever, Crystal. I don’t think he wants me like that. I mean I can wait on a relationship. I’m not ready for a boyfriend yet anyway,” Paige replied.

“You mean you never had a boyfriend? Not ever?”

“That’s right.”

“Damn,” Danielle commented.

The girls sat in their assigned seats in Mr. Moore’s class. The teacher spoke to the class as they came inside his classroom.

He sat at his desk looking over his wide-rimmed glasses at a bunch of papers, his unruly, wild, blond hair sticking up everywhere.

Mr. Moore wore a mix-match shirt, tie, wrinkled pants, and boots. I know some of the Beckys had a thing for him, I sure didn’t, Paige thought.

Paige was surprised to see Tristan, Zack, and DaShawn come into the classroom.

I thought I only shared Ms. Jakeson’s class with them. I didn’t realize that they had Mr. Moore’s class at this time too, Paige thought to herself.

Zack came over and sat down in a couple of seats across from her. Danielle and Crystal noticed it too.

Paige tried hard not to look his way, but she still stole a glance and caught a big smile from him. She quickly looked the other way.

Tristan and DaShawn sat across the room from them. Mr. Moore passed out a lot of course work for the class to complete. The period was much busier than homeroom.

“Kids, I am so sorry that I’m behind. I want to make sure you all have everything you need for the exams that are coming up in the weeks ahead,” Mr. Moore told them.

The whole class was worn out after doing so much work. The day seemed to go on and on.

Paige thought second period would never end until it did. Lunch couldn’t come soon enough, and Paige was hungry as hell!

She left when the bell rang for dismissal and this time she didn’t wait for Danielle and Crystal nor did she look back at Zack or the other Go-Getters.

Paige hurried to her locker, quickly turned the combination, and threw her book bag inside of it.

“Hey, there, how are you?” the young man beside her locker asked.

“Oh, okay and you?”

“I’m doing okay too. Thanks for asking. You’re Paige, right?”


“I’m Antoine. Nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, sure, Antoine. Same here.”

Paige didn’t really want to talk to Antoine because he wasn’t exactly her type, but she wanted to appear nice but certainly not interested. His features were a little too jacked up to her.

Paige looked up and saw Zack coming her way. He was smiling and definitely look interested in talking. She didn’t see her friends anywhere. Zack walked up beside her.

“Hey, what’s up?” he greeted her.

“Hi, nothing much,” she answered. Suddenly, she felt something leak onto her underwear but of course, it wasn’t her period. “What about you?”

“The same as you. Just chilling. What’s your name?”

“It’s Paige Williams. Your name is Zack Summerville, right?”

“That’s right. You know my whole government name,” he laughed.

“Yeah, uh, um, I was on my way to the cafeteria because I’m hungry,” she laughed with him.

“Okay. I’m going there too. I’ll walk with you because I’m hungry too, Paige.”

Antoine left. Paige still didn’t see Danielle or Crystal anywhere. They probably went to the cafeteria by now, she thought.

Paige and Zack walked down the hallway. In minutes, they were in the cafeteria and got in line.

The line was short today, she thought. Paige had looked at the app for Emile High School to see what they were serving for lunch.

Meatloaf, string green beans, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and bread pudding served with milk, juice, or tea.

Emile High School always served great lunches even though it was school cafeteria food.

Paige and Zack paid for their lunches and sat down near the exit. She selected a fruit juice with her food and Zack selected iced tea.

Man, the food was delicious! Paige thought.

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