Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“I’m in love with my daughters so much,” Chad kissed Michelle on her jaw. He took off her bra and massaged her breasts

“I know you are, Daddy,” she replied.

“Do y’all know why y’all so special to me?” He kissed Rachel on the side of her mouth and tickled her belly.

“Yes, honey. You always remind us over and over again,” Michelle laughed, kissing Chad with an opened mouth.

“My sex life with my wife Paulena is lousy as hell. We rarely ever have sex, probably like once every month or two months. It sucks but you two remind me of my daughter Francis. Both of you are so nice and sweet, the way I like my women,” He French-kissed both of them again and inserted himself inside Michelle.

Chad’s iPhone rang. He looked at it on the table and ignored it. “What’d I’ll tell you,” he scoffed. “It’s my bitch ass wife.”

“Daddy, you are not going to answer it during sex, are you?” Michelle gasped as he continued to hammer his twelve inches deep inside of her.

“Does it look like I’m going to answer it, darling? I look awesome in the reflection of your eyes,” Chad admired himself as he hardened.

“Ooh, honey, you are a bad boy! What about your daughter, Daddy?” Michelle passionately kissed Chad.

“What about you? You’re almost as awesome as I am. You females are a trip,” he chuckled.

Chad leaned over and kissed Rachel while he relaxed inside of Michelle.

“You wanna go at it again, love?” he asked Rachel.

Rachel looked to be in a trance of ecstasy. She dreamily looked at him and smirk. She was about to answer until her smartphone rang.

“Oh, Lord, I think I know who this is!” Rachel snapped out of her spell.

“You on the phone and you know our daddy wanna have a good time,” Michelle reached over and drank some whiskey after she and Chad pulled apart.

Rachel rolled her eyes at her sister. “Uh-huh, yeah, right now, arghh. Okay, alright, I’ll be there. I’ll ask Mr. Summerville right away.” She hung up.

“That’s Amos, right?” Chad scoffed again, turning on his side, facing her.

“Daddy, you already know. Amos needs me at work. Some of the assistants are so incompetent,” Rachel remarked, getting up.

“You don’t have to go if you don’t want to, love,” Chad drank some champagne and stared at her.

“I know but Amos sounded desperate. They need me to train some of the rookies.”

Chad nodded, putting down his bottle.

“Amos is always desperate,” Michelle muttered.

Rachel began to get dress.

“I’m glad she’s about to leave so I can have daddy all to myself!” Michelle playfully fluttered her eyelashes.

Rachel rolled her eyes again. “Your ass just got lucky, girl.”

“Whatever,” Michelle laughed, throwing her head back.

“You two be nice now. You got to share your daddy,” Chad winked.

Rachel smirked. She was fully dressed now.


“Yes, Daddy?

“We will finish this party next weekend, dear.”

“Why next weekend, Daddy? Why not this weekend?”

Chad hesitated before answering. “I have a special occasion to spend with Jessica this weekend, sweetheart. You do realize that I’m a busy man.”

“Of course, Daddy,” Rachel passionately kissed him then she was on her way.

Chad and Michelle played around in bed for a little while longer. Chad finished satisfying Michelle as she purred like a kitten.

“I bet your ass never had it like this before,” Chad placed wet kisses all over her face.

Chad’s iPhone rang again. “The life of a busy man,” he muttered and answered it.

Michelle stretched, she was on her back and her entire body felt like it was on fire. Chad had worked his magic once again.

“You like it when your daddy hit that G spot every time,” Chad teased turning away from the phone.

They both laughed.

“Lyle, I’m on my way. I had to take care of something. Got it.”

“The rally getting ready to start,” Michelle asked, getting up from the bed.

“Yeah, I always try to be on time for my business appointments,” Chad was already getting dressed.

They kissed before they went their separate ways. Chad was going out to give a speech to his thunderous supporters and Michelle was on her way downstairs to work.


“Hey, What’s up America! What’s up Arkansas!” Chad waved and threw up the black power salute at the tens of thousands of people flowing all around the New Black Wall Street Corporate Headquarters.

He saw a sea of American flags, Arkansas flags, Razorback banners (the football/basketball/baseball team mascots). The crowd roared its approval.

They chanted “Summerville” again and again. They were enthusiastic.

Chad looked out into the crowd of diverse faces and spotted his wife Paulena, sister Angela, and his kids and their friends.

The sky was a bright blue, a fiery sun was shielded by mechanical umbrellas. There were no clouds in the sky.

He also spotted his lifelong friends Jarron Silverson, Joe Malvern, Willie Thorton, and Gus Smith. They flash the black power salute back at him.

Chad grinned and waited for the fired-up crowd to settle down. It usually took several minutes. The crowds have always given him the celebrity treatment for over twenty years.

“Thank you so much, Arkansas!” Chad exclaimed.

That started a new chant of “Arkansas” again and again.

Zack and Paige waved back at him. He returned the wave.

“We are taking back what’s ours! We are ready for a new revolution! It’s been over five hundred plus years and it’s finally time to wake the hell up!”

More thunderous applause. The Summervilles’ private aircraft flew overhead. The surveillance took snapshots of every inch of the District.

Sharpshooters were meticulously placed on rooftops across the District. Security and Military-police were fanned out throughout the property.

“I am so happy to work for you Arkansas. It is a pleasure being your senator. Your tax dollars pay my salary. I work for you every single day and I will always have your back until the end of the world comes! As a God-loving, Christian servant, I was sent here to restore decency, morals, values to our people. Born and raised right here in Little Rock, Arkansas, as a child playing in the cornfields and someday dreaming of changing the world for a better place. Yes, Joel and Daphne’s little boy grew up wanting to make a difference.”

Chad saw Paulena give him a wide grin and clapped. The crowd was mostly quiet now except for the occasional yeahs, un-huhs, applause, and cheers.

Chad saw local, national, and international television cameras beamed at him and the crowd continuously.


Far away from the event, a tall and muscular, African-American man in his thirties was at his home watching Chad’s speech live on the local news. He just finished eating his ramen noodles and ice-cold water.

He looked up occasionally to listen to Chad’s ramble about corruption in Washington and do-nothing politicians that worship their special interests donors.

The man couldn’t quite put his finger on this weird feeling why he was drawn to the Summerville family.

A young Caucasian woman called out to the man, “Baby, I’m headed with Wayne and Becky to the junkyard. You want to go?”

“Nah, I’m cool. I’ma stay here and watch TV,” he answered, rubbing his shaved head.

The woman, a short and slender, blue-eyed, blonde, came out into the dining area and shook her head at the man.

“You still watching that Chad Summerville. You are obsessed with that family. He’s a fake like all those fake-ass politicians in government. Summerville ain’t never done anything for my family. He’s only for black folks and so many of his supporters worshipped him like-”

He turned toward her. “Like what, a black messiah? Like I said I’m watching TV now, I’ll catch you when you get back.”

The woman scoffed at him and kissed his forehead and left out the apartment.


Readers Thoughts: (I ask questions to my readers every now & then) So, what you think?

Who is this man (towards the end) & why you think he so obsessed with the Summervilles?

What do you think about Chad Summerville & his daughters? Lol

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