Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Paige and Zack sat comfortably in the VIP section and surrounded by Tristian, DaShawn, Cain, Noah, and their girlfriends. Zack’s Aunt Angela, her husband, and their kids were near them. Paulena was chatting with supporters in front.

Chad cleared his throat. He had concluded his speech. “Everyone, let me introduce you to my family. My lovely wife Paulena, who I am so much in love with, and my children, Zachary and Francis Summerville! Come up on stage, Family!” he called out to them.

At first, Paulena, Zack, and Francis were reluctant to walk on stage in front of the 25,000 crowd of people. Police already had the estimated number of the crowd tallied.

“I’ll be right back, Paige. I had no idea my dad was going to call us up on stage,” Zack scoffed.

They made it to the stage standing beside Chad near his podium surrounded by his teleprompters. The crowd roared its approval again.

Chad’s supporters and fans had always been very loyal and fanatical about him. They could barely hear anything over the lion-like crowd roar.

“Just look at my amazing and awesome, beautiful, Nubian Goddess, melanin queen, Paulena, and my children!” Chad exclaimed.

The crowd roared even louder. Chad, Paulena, Zack, and Francis held up their arms. Then the event was over.

Zack and Francis went back to their seats and Paulena stayed by her husband’s side. They were in deep conversation.

“Y’all ready to go?” Zack asked Paige and the other Go-Getters.

Everybody was beginning to leave. Stevie Wonder’s music filled the surround stereo.

People pranced around and some lingered to get autographs and selfies with Chad. Some women cried and begged Chad to marry them.

One woman even fainted towards the end of the event. People were crazy! The town hall/rally had been lit. Zack saw his father’s lifelong friends and their wives surround the stage.

“Yes, I am. That event was something else! It was great!” Paige commented.

“It was, wasn’t it. My father is terrific!” Zack beamed.

“Yeah, man. I’m ready to head out,” DaShawn answered.

“It is crowded as hell out here!” Tristan remarked.

“ I know right, baby,” La’Shayla agreed.

The other Go-Getters nodded and move along. There were a bunch of people still sitting down.

A few heavily armed rural folks and Black Panthers strolled around the premises. That was the thing about Senator Chad Summerville, both rural and Black Panthers admired him.

The rural folks like that he got stuff done and the Black Panthers liked his militant and assertive persona. They saw him as another Malcolm X. Plus, his actions benefitted their communities.

Zack and Paige and the rest of their group got into their rides and pulled off. Paige sat back and relaxed and listened to the calming music that spilled through the speakers. She yawned and stretched her arms above her head.

“You look tired and sleepy, Paigey,” Zack teased, glancing over at her when they stopped at a streetlight.

“Yeah, I am,” she answered, yawning again.

The streetlight turned green and they took off underneath the warm sunset.


Paige waited on Zack to pick her up at her house the following afternoon. He had texted her the Go-Getters secret invitation code to get in the melanin beauty yacht party.

He gave her another invitation to give to a friend but he specifically stated Danielle and not Crystal.

Danielle’s boyfriend Jonathan had given her an invitation to get in so Paige gave the invitation to Casey instead.

I hope Crystal doesn’t get angry with us. I don’t want her feelings to get hurt because she can get offended easily sometimes, Paige thought sadly.

Zack pulled into Paige’s driveway. He had a wide grin across his face and driving what looked like a blue Porsche. Paige saw her mother waved at them from the window. She returned the gesture.

Paige was glad her father was working because she could tell that he didn’t quite like Zack but only tolerated him because of her.

Also, she was glad that Steven was asleep because he can be a pain-in-the-neck too.

“What’s up, Paige You looking good?” Zack praised her as she got into his car.

“Your car is beautiful, Zack!” she gushed.

“Yeah, it’s my dad. He loves beautiful cars. He has entire garages full of all types of cars from vintage to the latest.”

“I see.”

Zack shot out of the low tiers section of the district and pulled onto the main road heading to the private beach where the Go-Getters’ luxurious party was being held.

The Go-Getters constantly held parties throughout the years. They could get wild and rowdy at times. Zack already had on his bathing suit.

Paige had a thin jacket covering hers. One of Mary J. Blige’s hits blasted throughout the car. Paige bounced her head to the beat.

“Your friend Crystal didn’t get piss at you, did she?” Zack glanced at her.

“We didn’t tell her yet. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings,” Paige said guiltily.

“She’ll understand. Girls like her are always celebrated in the mainstream, am I right? This melanin beach party is specifically for darker-skinned black women. We are celebrating them like they have never been celebrated before. The Go-Getters have been celebrating darker-skinned sistas for decades. When everybody else was fixated on the usual, not us,” Zack explained.

“You have a point,” Paige agreed.

They drove to the private beach. A huge, luxurious yacht stood before them. Zack parked into the gated parking garage alongside the zillion of other vehicles.

They saw Tristan, DaShawn, Cain, Noah, and their girlfriends hopping out of their rides too.

They all wore their bathing suits. Zack clasped Paige’s hand and they met the others on the pavement. Paige looked around at the private area. It looked like a paradise.

The cloudless, deep blue sky and the golden sun looked out of a surreal painting. The wind chill felt just right. La’Shayla, Brianna, Shanice, and Kerrie held their boyfriends’ hands too.

As they walked to the giant yacht chained on the dock, the secluded area became crowded with Go-Getters and their guests.

There were so many shirtless muscular young men and bikini-clad women everywhere that Paige looked.

The men looked like they were right out of central casting. All of the Go-Getters reminded Paige of Zack and his friends. They were handsome and sexy. Making Paige’s mouth water.

The majority of them had low cuts and fades, they flashed winning smiles, perfectly sculpted features, chocolate complexions.

They were over six feet tall, appropriate athletic builds and sported white and platinum swim trunks.

The women were stunning, beautiful, and sexy too. Paige had never seen so many chocolate, feminine bodies of all appropriate sizes (breasts, butts, and thick hips) strolling around at the same time before.

The women wore white and platinum bathing suits. No one was overweight. I bet that was intentional, Paige thought. The women looked like supermodels and celebrities. The men did too.

They were everywhere. The women sported versatile hairstyles such as Afros, curls, twists, braids, dreadlocks, pixie cuts, Bantu knots, straight, and elegantly flossed.

The best of the best of natural hairstyles. They were few weaves and perms as well.

Paige, Zack, and their friends strolled onto the yacht. The workers had already prepared the yacht for travel. They stood inside the yacht, facing the sea.

Brianna was taking pictures and filming the scene until a dolphin flew out of the water and landed back in it.

“Oh, my God! Did y’all see that? Was that a dolphin, babe?” La’Shayla excitedly asked.


“Babe, I know you got that on film, right?” she asked Brianna.

“Of course, hon,” Brianna replied.

“Can you send me a video of it when you’re finished?”

“Sure can.”

“You love sea creatures, huh?” Tristan smooched La’Shayla.

“Y’all so lovey-dovey,” DaShawn teased.

Paige saw Danielle, Jonathan, and Casey walking toward them. She had wonder where they were for so long.

Then came Jessica Mouliet, a well-known heiress in town. She came from one of the wealthiest and powerful families around.

The men loved her and wanted to sleep with her and the women were annoyed that their boyfriends and husbands were enamored with her.

Jessica was almost fifty and looked half her age. Her expensive, elegant bikini perfectly hugged her curvaceous, slender body. Jessica’s T-shaped belly button glistened in the bright sunshine.

She switched as she moved in her stilettos toward Paige, Zack, and the others. She carried a container of champagne.

“Hi, honeys!” she called.

“Hi, Mrs. Jessica,” Tristan greeted her back.

“Hey, there,” DaShawn looked a little too horny.

The others offered more muted responses and nods.

“Anyone want some cool, non-alcoholic drinks?

“Say what, Mrs. Jessica? I love alcohol and by the way, you look amazing!” Tristan commented.

“Thank you, dear. I’m not going to get in trouble with the law for giving y’all teenagers alcohol,” she replied, laughing. “Here’s some fruit drinks instead.”

Jessica dropped something and bent down to pick it up. Someone called her name and she turned the other way, her thick bottom was facing them.

The guys seemed to turn hard at once while Paige and the girls felt a little awkward.

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