Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“Mrs. Jessica, why are you serving like you’re the help?” Tristan was getting that bougie tone in his voice.

“Oh, dear, I don’t mind helping out the help. They are just getting it together. I enjoy doing charity,” Jessica flipped back her long, curly, dark brown hair. Her dark, brown eyes and luscious, red lips seemed to kiss the sky.

“See you honeys,” she called.

“Yeah, you too, Mrs. Jessica,” Tristan replied dreamily.

DaShawn cleared his throat. “Bye, Mrs. Jessica.”

Numerous guys almost broke their necks trying to get a glance at Jessica’s bottom. Casey and Danielle rolled their eyes while Jonathan’s eyes looked to bulge out of his head.

Jessica carefully handed them the fruit drinks then she was on her way to mingle with the older crowd.

“Y’all dudes are crazy. Mrs. Jessica is about fifty-years-old. She is way too old for me,” Noah complained.

Tristan rolled his eyes and smirk. “So, she looks young, better than women half her age.”

“Yeah, Mrs. Jessica looks young,” La’Shayla agreed.

“These fools forgot we’re here huh! Forgot all about their girlfriends. They ain’t loyal, are they, Paige!” Brianna snickered.

“Well, I don’t know,” Paige smiled then laughed.

The other girls laughed too.

“Would you fuck a woman like Mrs. Jessica?” DaShawn asked Tristan.

Cain gave him a dirty look. “Fellas, let’s use appropriate language.”

“Sure, Dad,” DaShawn cracked.

“Don’t go there with me,” Cain shot back.

“Hell yeah, I fuck a bitch like Mrs. Jessica! I’ll be all up in that sweet pussy!” Tristan exclaimed.

“Are you serious? Mrs. Jessica is like fifty,” Noah looked disgusted.

“I’m eighteen but fifty is a little too old for me. I ain’t bout to be fuckin some old hag bitch!” DaShawn smirked.

“We ain’t talking about any old hag. We are talking about black women. Our women. They be fifty and look thirty. It’s hard to tell how old most of them are,” Tristan replied.

“Oh my God, this is one of the most sexist conversations ever!” Shanice complained.

“Preach, sista. Fellas let’s change the subject, please,” Cain commented.

“Damn, we can’t have our fun, man,” DaShawn replied.

“Cain said he yo daddy, man!” Tristan joked.

“Whatever, guys. We can have fun without being sexist especially with the women here,” Cain remarked.

The other Go-Getters talked and joked around. Paige and Zack leaned against the yacht’s rails. Zack smirked at her. Paige blew him a kiss.

Several minutes later, they all walked around the yacht. The guys had their shirts off and Zack had every button on his shirt open. He reached for Paige’s hand again.

At this point, the boat grew more crowded. Paige curiously looked around and chatted with Danielle, Casey, and the rest of the girls. Paige, Zack, and the rest of their group found a corner to hang out.

A few ladies stroll by and stop in front of them. They wore tight and skimpy bikinis. It looked like their butts and breasts were going to pop out.

“Girls, let’s move along. We don’t want to be staring at some melanin honeys’ thick bottoms!” La’Shayla remarked.

“I know right. I don’t want to see them!” Brianna agreed.

“The fellas sure don’t mind!” Shanice scolded them.

Tristan shook his shoulders. “Y’all hatin. Get over it. Let them honeys stand wherever they want to.”

“They can stand wherever they want but not in front of me like that,” La’Shayla shot back and she continued. “Ladies, do you all want to walk with me on the other side?”

Paige followed La’Shayla and their friends to another part of the yacht. Danielle and Casey came along with them.

They walked along slowly, passing by numerous young women laying down on comfortable patio seats on both sides of the aisle. Some couples were cuddling.

Many of the young men and women were dancing around, drinking expensive champagne, a few were smoking expensive cigars.

Rhythm and blues music spilled out of the surround system. Paige and her friends sat down on a makeshift lanai.

Paige didn’t do much talking but listen to the other girls talk about everything under the sun.

She only nodded and talked briefly when she was spoken to. Casey was mute, probably because she’s new to American customs.

But that Danielle acted like she was at home. She talked as much as La’Shayla and her friends did.

Paige laid back and took in the view again. The wind felt good and blew at everything. The sky was still a deep blue and the water was so clear that you almost can see fish and other sea creatures swimming in it.

The sun looked like a golden ball that someone can tie a rope around, kidnapped it and take it home. Paige watched the party’s guests continue to prance and dine on delicious food.

Everyone looked good and happy to be there. A group of ladies posed together while taking selfies. A private jet flew over the crowded yacht.

“Oh look, there’s the Go-Getter’s jet flying above us!” La’Shayla waved at it.

One of the guys flashed the black power symbol. Paige peered over to where Zack sat with his friends. The melanin honeys had left, switching to their destination.

Zack winked at her before turning back to his friends. Zack drank his drink and was in deep conversation with Tristan, DaShawn, Noah, and Cain. Unlike Paige, Zack talked a mile a minute.

The guys kept interrupting one another, excitedly talking about the melanin yacht party and other events that they planned to have in the coming weeks. Noah smoked his cigar. Cain glanced at him and scolded him about it.

Noah told him that he planned to quit later on. Suddenly, Zack instinctively looked up. He didn’t know what made him do so but he saw his father having an intimate conversation with Jessica.

That startled Zack but what startled him more was when he saw his father French kiss Jessica.

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