Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“You look so beautiful, Paige, I must admit that I want to make love to you so badly,” Zack said quietly.

Paige was a little startled. She wasn’t expecting him to be so blunt. “Well, as I told you before I want to wait until I’m married.”

“We can do that, boo. It’s up to you.”

They continued to walk and gazed around the park, looking at the water, boats, birds, and the sights and sounds of the city. They were silent for a few moments.

“How’s your family?” Paige asked.

Zack looked up. “They’re fine. What about yours?”


“You ready to go back to school? I know you love it there!” Zack laughed.

Paige rolled her eyes. “Hell no! But you do.”

“I only go because I have to go. That’s about it. What your friends doing?” he asked

“I don’t know. The last time I spoke with them, Danielle was shopping with her family. Crystal was helping Porsha pick out a sexy outfit for the house party that Porsha is going to tonight with Juan. And Mackenzie is sick with a bad cold.”

“Hmm, I see. My friends are always out having a good time. Tristan and Shayla out dining out somewhere. DaShawn and Brianna said they were going to make sweet love all day,” Zack laughed.

Paige looked horrified. “You are not like that, are you?”

“Come on now, Paige! Hell naw! They are crazy!”

“Finally, Cain and Noah are on double dates with their girlfriends Shanice and Kerrie.”

“Cool. Looks like your friends having fun.”

“Yeah, I wanted to ask you, Paige, do you want to go to the Crater of Diamonds State Park?”

“Yes, I always wanted to go there and have fun! My parents keep telling me that they are going to take me there.”

“We can go there someday. It could be just like this date, romantic and the two of us.”

“Sounds great. That is very romantic, Zack.”

“Yeah, I know. We’ve been here for hours. Are you ready to go back now?” Zack asked.

“Yes, I am getting sleepy and tired but it was an awesome date. I really enjoyed myself,” Paige gushed.

“Yeah, me too. Let’s head back, babe.”


Porsha Davidson rode with Juan Mitchell to Juan’s mansion. A house party was going on and the party’s guests were acting wild.

Porsha had a big smile on her face and she glanced at her boyfriend Juan. They had been going together for over three months. Juan glanced over at Porsha and returned the smile. Both of them were dressed up.

Juan was dressed in all-black attire—black, silk shirt, slacks, and dress boots. His gear was always expensive, this time it was worth over five thousand.

Juan’s diamond stud in his left ear and Rolex shined in the darkness. He massaged his low-cut hair and neatly-trimmed facial hair.

Porsha was wearing her dark, purple halter top, brown, leather miniskirt, and black, high-heeled pumps. Her hair was slick back in a ponytail with her baby, curls edges slicked down in front.

Porsha’s makeup was laid on perfectly and her jewelry was only a necklace and earrings. Porsha had her leather purse down on the floor.

“Damn, babe, you smelling fucking terrific!” Juan sniffed the air as he got out of the brand new Lexus.

“You smell great too.”

Porsha opened her door too. Juan came over to her side and clutch her arm.

“Thanks, hon,” Porsha replied. “Juan, you’re not concern about guests in your home while you were gone?”

“Nah, my posse there, they taking care of everything. I only run with a certain bunch,” he told her.

She nodded as they went inside the humungous home. Porsha’s eyes went everywhere. People were drinking, smoking, talking loud, making out, etc.

Others were eating and playing cards, watching TV, listening to music, surfing the web, on their smartphones.

Everybody was adults, college-aged. The music was turned up loud. Rap music vibrated off the walls. Porsha couldn’t place the rapper.

A bunch of people was dancing in the middle of the floor. The mansion was high-tech. The furniture matched—leather chrome and the flooring was polished.

A heavy glass table was crowded with food and drinks. A 4K TV screen was playing some horror movie, and everything in the house look straight out of Better Homes & Gardens.

“Your home is amazing, Juan! I know I say that every time I’ve been over but it never gets old.”

“Yeah, I know. You want to go upstairs, baby, then you can show me what kind of lingerie that you want to model around in,” Juan smooch her lips.

Porsha and Juan went into his master bedroom suite. They drank whiskey and cuddle, looking each other lovingly in the eyes.

Juan undressed, revealing his shiny black boxers. Porsha undressed too, putting on her pale, pink lingerie that Juan had bought for her on her birthday.

Juan immediately embraced Porsha, kissing her passionately and throwing her down on the bed. She panted like a dog and was excited.

“I love it rough!” Juan took off her lingerie and made wild and passionate love to her.

Porsha held on for dear life while he pounded her over and over again. Porsha had never felt love like this in all of her seventeen years of living. Juan finally let her go.

Porsha purred like a kitten. The bedroom door slowly came open. Porsha’s eyes widened, confused about what was happening.

She saw four guys come into the bedroom, taking off their clothes and revealing their boxers.

“What the hell, Juan? What’s happening here?” Porsha jumped up and looking for her clothes.

“Just chill, babe. My boys want to play with you too,” Juan stared at her with a smirk on his face.

“What, Juan? I didn’t sign up for all of this!”

“Calm down, Porsha, you said that you were a freak right. Well, my boys and I are horny as hell. We plan to have a lot of fun tonight!”

Porsha’s reflexes jump in and she tried to make a run for it but Juan grabbed her and threw her down hard on the bed. She didn’t ask for this.

“Just pretend that this is a rape fantasy, babe, this is something I’ve always enjoyed doing, playing with the women,” Juan laughed.

The other guys crept closer. Porsha tried to get back up but Juan held her down where she couldn’t move. The other guys helped him and towered over her.

“Every woman wants to fuck a Go-Getter, satisfy her inner kitten!” Juan laughed.

The other Go-Getters smiled and join in the laughter. They had their iPhones out, filming the entire encounter.

“Let me introduce my boys to you, boo. You might as well know their names because we all gonna lay it on heavy tonight! Ken, Derrick, Ace, and Satin,” Juan introduced them as they ripped her clothes out of her hand that she was trying to put on and forced themselves on her, taking turns.

They forced her to touch them while she screamed and gagged, trying to fight them off and get up. But she was no match for them.

The twenty-two-year-old Juan and his college friends held her in place and continued to do what they wanted to her as she screamed again and again.

But no one heard her over the thunderous music that was playing downstairs. And even if they did, no one was going to deny Juan and his friends from doing what they wanted to do.

Porsha’s screams turned into whimpers, her throat was dry and sore. Her body became limp and tired.

An evil glint from Juan’s eyes was the last thing that her dazed, brown-eyes saw before they closed as she drifted into unconsciousness.

The next morning, Porsha arose from the gentle prodding from Juan. She opened her eyes and saw daylight streaming through the giant bay windows in the bedroom.

Porsha heard a rooster crow somewhere in the distance. What happened last night? Where am I? she thought. Then everything about that dreadful night came back to her.

Porsha felt very sore all over her body and looked around Juan’s bedroom. Oh my God, I’m still here in my rapist’s bedroom, one of my rapists! She shuddered.

“Good morning, love,” Juan greeted her, drinking some bottled water.

Porsha ignored him.

“You not going to speak to me, sweetie. You used to love talking to me, engaging in deep conversation. Anyway, the help made us some awesome breakfast. I know you are hungry,” Juan winked at her.

Porsha looked into his eyes and saw that they were ice-cold and dead. Like all the life had gone out of them. She remembered Juan’s eyes used to be full of life, a special spark that she enjoyed looking at.

“Why don’t you go and take a shower and clean yourself of that nastiness, Porsha?”

“Not here. Take me home,” Porsha cried softly.

Juan hysterically laughed, throwing his head back. “You gonna call the cops, the corrupt gangstas with badges, please. Last night, we were all drunk and horny, honey.”

“Please take me home, Juan. I’m sore,” she said.

“I’ll take you home after you shower and have breakfast with me.”

Porsha looked at him again. He’s crazy, a psychopath, sociopath, she thought.

Porsha was afraid of him now. She showered and ate the breakfast. He kept his promise and took her home. It was an hour later and she was riding home with Juan. He did all of the talking.

“Porsha, I still love you. We guys got wasted the other night. You’re not going to tell a soul about last night, understood. Nothing good would come to you if you do, boo.”

Porsha dried her tears and snorted and rolled her eyes at him.

“I’m breaking up with you, Juan.”

“So, I don’t care. I got several girlfriends. You are only one of several side pieces,” he laughed.

They pulled up at her house, a run-down, raggedy house that looked like it was built decades ago.

“I took care of you, gave you money, fed you, but you rather be an ungrateful bitch, huh. I don’t know what to say but get the hell out of my ride you ghetto whore!” he unlocked the door and she jumped out, running to her home.


“What’s wrong, hun? Why are you crying?” Crystal asked Porsha a couple of days later at school.

It was a dull and humid Monday and school had just let out minutes ago.

Porsha hesitated and continued to cry, wiping her eyes. “I don’t want to talk about it, Crystal. I’m so embarrassed and terrified.”

Porsha was sitting on the ground, she looked out of it. No makeup, her hair was a mess and her clothes looked wrinkled and dirty. Her t-shirt, pants, and sneakers looked like they have seen better days.

Crystal looked like she was preparing to go to the club, which was true. She was going on a date with her boyfriend Charlie.

She had on her usual makeup, polished to perfection, a curly Afro. She wore creased, tight blue jeans, a gold halter top, and sandals. She kneeled beside Porsha and spoke to her softly.

“Sweetie, you need to tell me what’s wrong. Did something happen to you at the house party? I warn you about parties at the Go-Getters. They always mistreat folks like us.”

“Folks like us?”

“Hood, inner-city folks.”

Porsha wiped her tears and blew her nose afterward. “I was raped!”

“Oh my God! By who, Porsha? The Go-Getters? Where was Juan when this happened?”

“Juan was there too! He helped instigate it and he and his friends gang-raped me!” Porsha cried hysterically, shaking.

Crystal hugged and comforted her. “I’m so sorry, Porsha. That is horrible. Did you call the cops? You go to the hospital?”

“No, I couldn’t. They threatened me. I was so fuckin’ scared at the time.”

“Porsha, you have to report the rape and go to the hospital! You can’t let them bastards get away with what they did to you!”

“I couldn’t. I was too ashamed, I fell asleep and woke up the next morning and just showered and ate breakfast, Crystal.”

“You showered and ate breakfast at his house! He could have raped you again in the shower or put some kind of poison or date-rape drug in your food. Think, use common-sense, Porsha! What all did they do to you?”

“They took turns raping me, going down on me, made me do the same things to them. I passed out. I don’t remember everything and I don’t even know what all they did to me. I just want to die. I have nothing to live for now,” she continued to cry uncontrollably.

Crystal comforted her the whole time and cried herself. “I’m so sorry, Porsha. I can’t believe they did that to you. You have to live and be strong. Don’t allow this to break you down, babe. Also, you have to report this to the authorities and go get check out at the hospital for diseases, morning after pill, etc. I know there was no protection...”

“I am on birth control.”

“Good,” Crystal looked around and didn’t see her friends Danielle and Paige. She guessed they had left already.

“You’re right. I’m going to report it. I’m going straight to the chief. I remember seeing him on a report on the local news that he take crime seriously,” Porsha got up.

“Yeah, you should. I bet them cops especially Chief Winters ain’t gonna do a damn thing though. He doesn’t care about black folks or anybody of color. Even the white women don’t like him. He’s all for the rich, famous, and powerful. It’s sad but true,” Crystal scoffed.

Porsha nodded. She had finally stopped crying.

“Come away with me. Charlie just pulled up. We can drop you off at home, Porsha.”

Crystal and Porsha walked over to Charlie’s ride and got in. Then they took off.

Charlie dropped Porsha off at her home.

“Call me later, babe!” Crystal called.

“Yeah, I will.”

Porsha went inside her home and passed by her mother sleeping on the couch. Her mother worked two jobs and was catching up on sleep. Porsha’s father didn’t exist in her world.

She put on her pajamas and turned on her computer. A notification message from her phone alerted her.

She looked at it and saw that Juan had texted her a link to a video. Porsha clicked on it and saw that it was a graphic video of her and Juan having sex.

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