Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“Poor Porsha, I feel sorry for the girl,” Crystal told Paige, Danielle, and Mackenzie the next day at the Discount Grocery.

The friends had finished dining at the patio lounge inside the grocery chain. They were relaxing and chilling after a long day at school.

“I know right. She doesn’t mind you telling us her business,” Danielle asked.

“Porsha just looking for someone to talk to. She’s so depressed and she’s angry with herself for allowing Juan to use her. Poor thing,” Crystal finished her Mountain Dew.

“I’m sorry she experienced that. I had no idea Juan was capable of being so evil,” Paige commented.

“I’ll be back, girls,” Mackenzie left, heading outside to talk on his cellphone. Mackenzie’s sunglasses were gone and were replaced by a slightly swollen black eye.

“Y’all Mackenize and his boyfriend got into a fight a few days ago.”

“So that’s why Mackenzie was wearing the shades to hide his black eye,” Danielle nodded.

“Yeah, sad huh. I have been telling Mackenzie that he could do better. He can get him another man that would treat him right,” Crystal replied.

“Yeah, Mackenzie should do that,” Paige agreed.

Minutes later they saw Mackenzie heading back to the table.

Crystal cleared her throat. “Porsha also told me that Juan and his friends filmed the entire rape but he only texted the video of him and her having sex.”

“Dang, is Porsha going to show the video to the cops?”

“She told me she would.”

“That is so horrible! I would be pissed if Zack did that to me.”

Mackenzie shook his head. Lately, he still didn’t seem to be himself.

“Word on the street says that Juan and his friends are serial rapists. They raped several girls over the years. I was told that all of this rape shit go back decades. It’s in their family’s blood or something. See, these guys only choose vulnerable, poor, and disadvantaged girls that they can abuse and get away with it. They never choose a rich, prominent female or a Go-Getter female.”

“I bet not. Everybody knows that a Go-Getter female will never put up with that shit,” Danielle remarked.

“That’s crazy. People know what’s going on and they choose not to do anything,” Paige looked puzzled.

“Yeah, people in this town don’t care. Some of the Go-Getters like Juan and his friends’ families are too important and powerful to turn in,” Crystal rolled her eyes.

“When Porsha going to the cops to report the rape?” Paige asked.

“She told me that she was going tomorrow morning to talk to Chief Winters, another person that doesn’t care.”

Heads were nodding and signing in agreement. The Discount grocery was busy as usual. Folks from the hood and soccer moms and their families were hurrying throughout the store.

The grocery store chain which had a store in every state in the country and was rapidly going global catered to the poor and working-class individuals not suburban moms.

The soccer moms, their spouses, and families already had all the high-maintenance grocery stores, malls, restaurants, parlors, etc.

They had paradise on earth, while the hoods didn’t have much of anything and this had been intentional and been years in the making.

“That food was good, y’all!” Mackenzie burped loudly.

“Mackenzie! That burp stank!” Crystal scolded him.

“I had to do that, girl! I think I got gas!” Mackenzie laughed.

“Oh, wow!” Paige scoffed.

“Mackenzie crazy,” Danielle muttered, while drinking the last of her sweet bottled water.

“Anyway, you alright, Mackenzie?” Paige looked at him sadly.

“Yeah, Paige. What makes you say that? There you go worrying about me again. All of y’all worrying about old Mackenzie!”

“It’s because of that bruise on your eye, Mackenzie. We wouldn’t be real friends if we ignored it. You understand that right?” Danielle kept it real for him.

He nodded. “I’m okay. I’m always okay. Girls, let’s not bring this up. It’s over with, alright. He got his. Antwon got high and he went a little overboard. We cool now. He apologized the other day then we had amazing sex.”

Crystal laughed while Paige didn’t respond and Danielle looked annoyed.

“I see you cleared all that up!” Crystal added.

The bright lights were comfortable and the huge advertisement signs could be seen from aisles away.

Customers shopped and walked everywhere. Several customers were dining and sitting near Paige and her friends in the patio lobby.

A diverse set of faces were everywhere you look. The linoleum floors were neat and clean. The shopping carts were new and shiny. The food was cheap yet fresh.

Customers got a better deal at Discount Grocery than at the average grocery store. Even the local mom-and-pop stores couldn’t compete with Discount Grocery chains.

The grocery store was like an all-in-one thing. People can go there to shop for food and household supplies, cash their checks at the Summerville Bank, get their hair done at the salon, dine at the Soul Classics restaurant, send a letter to a loved one or friend at the post office. All of these places were housed inside the grocery store.

Paige, Danielle, Crystal, and Mackenzie bought some snacks. They were ready to go after dining and shopping for over a couple of hours.

Danielle dropped Mackenzie off at his place because he said he had to go home because he had something to do or someone to do. They ushered ‘see you laters’ and drove on through town. They pulled up at Emille Park and hung out some more and engaged in conversation.

“So, y’all are not going to tell me about the melanin beach party?” Now Crystal looked annoyed.

Danielle hesitated and rolled her eyes.

Paige was silent for a moment then spoke up. “How did you find out about that?”

Crystal rolled her eyes this time. “So, one admits it,” she scoffed. “The Go-Getters posts pictures and videos all over their websites and social media. Y’all know their shit always goes viral. Black Twitter be on their shit like white on rice.”

Crystal showed them her iPhone, she had a video on pause then pointing at them and Casey on camera from that day. “Is that y’all? If not, y’all got a doppelganger somewhere.”

“Yes, that’s us, Crystal. Why do you care? You seemed a little offended about us going to this Go-Getter’s party,” Danielle remarked.

“It’s not like that at all. I don’t understand why y’all would choose not to tell me instead y’all invited Casey. We’ve been friends since we were little baby girls. I wanted to go but the Go-Getters’ reverse colorism asses wouldn’t have allowed that, would they?” Crystal looked disappointed and pissed.

“The party was for dark-skinned females. Girls like me and Paige rarely have anything, Crystal. Why you getting piss about that? Girls like you get to go to parties and special events like that all the time. Yet, you getting salty about some melanin beach party that the Go-Getters threw just for us,” Danielle replied.

“I am not getting salty about that, Danielle, and you know it! I’m only asking why did y’all keep it a secret. Y’all could have told me about it,” Crystal shot back.

Danielle scoffed. “Why though? You wouldn’t have been allowed in. The Go-Getters throws parties for us deeply melanated sistas all the time. This shit ain’t nothing new, Crystal! It seems to me that you are jealous. It’s not surprising because it’s not the first time though. The Go-Getters are celebrating us, dark-skinned women are never or rarely celebrated in society. They either get ignored as if they don’t exist and if they are talked about, it’s always in a negative context. Get over it because the Go-Getters are celebrating us and many girls like you are salty and jealous!

"While girls that look like me and Paige are excluded all the time all over, barred from VIP sections at the club and parties of the rich and famous celebrities. White and fair-skinned women have never been allies to us but they want us to support their selfish, ignorant asses! We all know who they are. A lot of girls like you about to kill one another just to jump in some racist, ignorant clown’s bed or self-hating sell-out’s bed. Y’all go to fair-skinned-only parties all the time. Fuck out here with that bullshit!”

“Are you serious right now, Danielle? I’m not like that at all. I would never go to a club or party like that!”

“I guess you and another girl won’t but 99% of the rest of the fair-skinned girls do. They are used to being catered to and mad because the Go-Getters ain’t giving them the time of day so they all on the Go-Getters’s social media sites talking shit about us and whining about Why don’t you love me, Mr. Go-Getter. You’re supposed to love me!” Danielle and Paige laughed while Crystal rolled her eyes again and remained silent.

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