Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“Ladies, let’s chill out and go home. I’m tired and sleepy. Has Porsha went to the cops yet?”

“Yeah, I was wondering about that too. If it’s true, she needs to make a complaint against Juan and the other Go-Getters. Juan and his friends should not get away with what they did to her if that’s what happened.”

“Why do you keep saying if it’s true and if that’s what happened? I believe her because she’s my friend and she doesn’t lie like that,” Crystal replied.

“You know what I mean, Crystal, dang. Juan and the others are from very wealthy and prominent families. They are not going down without a fight.”

“Yeah, I bet. Porsha told me that she can’t wait to bring it,” Crystal stated.


Porsha Davidson stood outside the police precinct on 12th street. A slight rain poured down her umbrella and raincoat as she looked up at the precinct and the sky.

Porsha had a platinum, silk scarf tied around her naturally curly hair. She wore tan boots and a white jumpsuit and wore no makeup.

Gray clouds moved above and thunder rumbled in the distance. Porsha hesitated before walking through the doors. She was nervous but ready to tell her story to Police Chief Daryl Winters.

Porsha went inside the precinct. She saw police officers everywhere, talking to each other, walking around, drinking coffee and snacking, talking on the phones, typing on the computer, etc.

Porsha felt nervous because she had never been inside a police station before. She had only seen them on television and in the movies. She watched Law & Order: SVU religiously, never missing an episode. Once she even binge-watch an entire season.

A few of the cops paid attention to her. An older female police officer, short and slender, with frizzy red hair, bright green eyes, and wearing heavy makeup, smiled at her.

“Hi, honey! How may I help you?”

Porsha returned the smile. “Hi, I’m here to report a crime. My mother permitted me to come here because she has to work two jobs and couldn’t come with me. I’ll be eighteen in a few weeks. Am I allowed to do this myself if I’m underage? My mother can talk to you over the phone and verify what I said.”

The officer’s facial expression changed to one of sympathy and compassion. “Yes, of course, you can. What kind of crime would you like to report, dear?” the officer replied quietly.

Porsha sniffled and cleared her throat. She shivered before answering. “I would like to report a rape.” Porsha adverted her eyes from the officer’s probing ones.

“Oh, my God, hon. Who was raped? Was it you?” the officer lowered her voice again and lean in.

“Yes,” Porsha broke down sobbing she tried to hold it in but couldn’t. Her emotions and composure broke like a dam bursting.

The officer reached forward and hugged her, patting her on the back. “Don’t cry, honey. Everything’s going to be alright now. Let me get one of the officers to take your report, hon.”

The officer turned to a male officer walking past them. “Officer Wiley, this young lady wants to report a crime. What’s your name, hon?”

“I’m Porsha Davidson.”

“Officer, can you take Porsha to one of our squad rooms to take her report?

“Of course, Officer Brice. Right this way, Ms. Porsha,” the young and handsome, multiracial officer said to Porsha.

“Uh, er, can I speak with the chief? Chief Winters?” Porsha interjected.

“Uh, is there a particular reason to speak with him? Most likely he’s busy and we usually let other officers take individuals’ reports,” Officer Brice informed her.

“Yes, I understand. I just prefer to speak with the person in charge. I saw Chief Winters in a local interview on the news. He had mentioned that victims of crime can talk to him personally. That’s why I wanted to see him,” Porsha replied.

Officer Brice waved at Officer Wiley, letting him know that it was okay. “Uh, sure, hon, you can speak with him. Let me go and see if he is available to speak with you, dear.”

Officer Brice went to Chief Winter’s office. When she got to his door, she knocked lightly. “Chief Winters?”

The chief looked up from his finished lunch. “Yes, Sally?”

She stuck her head in the door. “Chief, there is a young lady, an African-American lady, name Porsha Davidson that wants to speak with you about a rape that she experienced.”

“Okay, did you let one of the fellow officers take her report, Sally?”

“I was going to, sir, but she insisted on speaking with you. She claimed she saw you on some news show and that you told crime victims to ask to speak with you.”

“I see. I remember that interview, I think I did that interview with Fox 16 a month ago. You can let her come see me,” Chief Winters replied.

“Of course, sir.”

Officer Brice came back and led Porsha to the chief’s office and left them alone, closing the door.

“Hello, dear, how may I help you?”

Officer Winters threw his finished lunch in the wastebasket, wiping his mouth with a handkerchief. Chief Winters pushed back his grey-streaked, ash blond, curly hair and leaned back in his chair, folding his arms, looking at his watch.

The chief’s piercing blue eyes stared at Porsha’s face and he was dressed in his full uniform attire. He had his pen and notepad ready. A laptop on the other side of him.

All of a sudden, Porsha didn’t feel too comfortable like she did with Officer Brice and Officer Wiley. Porsha hesitated.

“You may proceed, Ms. Davidson,” Chief Winters impatiently prodded her.

Porsha cleared her throat. “I was telling the other officer that someone I know raped me,” Porsha’s voice shook.

The chief’s demeanor didn’t change, didn’t show any emotion at all. He began to write down what she was telling him. “Okay, when did this happen?”

“It happened three days ago.”

“Say what, now? You said three days ago?” he scoffed. “Why are you just now reporting this?”

“I was scared. I didn’t know what to do,” Porsha whispered.

“Uh, huh. I heard that one before. Since you didn’t call the cops when it happened, did you at least go to the hospital to get examined?”

“No, I waited and took a shower the next morning.”

“You what?” he scoffed again then chuckled. “You took a shower and washed away all the evidence of the rape. That’s crazy,” he shook his head then got up to get a coke and began drinking.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I-I,” Porsha started but the chief interrupted.

“Can you tell me exactly what happened on the night of the alleged rape?”

Porsha nodded. “Yes, I had a date with my boyfriend, Juan, we been going together for over three months. It was at a house party that he threw at his house with a lot of other guests. We had sex. Just the two of us. It was consensual. Then after the sex, the door came open in his bedroom then four other guys came in. It was a setup, Juan and his friends gang-raped me! I became unconscious and didn’t wake up until the next day. I wanted to go home but he threatened to not take me unless I shower and have breakfast with him. He threatened me again not to go to the cops,” Porsha sobbed into her hands.

Chief Winters just stared at her and said nothing. He didn’t reach over to comfort her, hand her tissue, or say or do anything like Officer Brice had done, but stared at her like she was wasting his time.

He yawned. “What were you wearing on the night of the alleged rape?”

“Huh,” Porsha looked surprised and taken aback. She wasn’t expecting that turn in the conversation.

“I asked what were you wearing on the night of the alleged rape. It’s a simple question, Ms. Davidson.”

“What does that have to do with me getting rape, Officer?”

“Just answer the question, Ms. Davidson, it has a lot to do with the situation.”

“I was wearing a skirt…”

“How short was the skirt? Was it one of those mini-skirts?”

“Uh, yeah, a mini-skirt,” Porsha struggled to remember her outfit that night.

“What type of blouse? Was it short, low-cut, tight, see-through?”

“Uh, it was,” Porsha paused again.

The chief sighed impatiently. “You do know what a blouse is, right? You can’t remember what type of top that you were wearing.”

“Yes, it was a halter-top, purple.”

“A halter-top!?” the chief looked stunned. “You wore a mini-skirt and a halter-top to a house party full of guys? Whoa okay.”

“I still don’t see what my outfit has to do with me being gang-raped. It’s not an excuse. I wasn’t asking for it, Officer,” Porsha replied defensively.

“Right. So you were over this Juan’s house and went into his bedroom. Were you teasing him, leading him and his friends on?”

“It was just me and him at first. Then his friends came later on. He set me up to be raped, sir!”

“Got it. Were you and this Juan drinking, were you drunk, doing drugs?”

Porsha continued to be in disbelief. This wasn’t how the detectives treated female rape victims on the TV drama shows. I know that is TV, make-believe fantasyland but still, Porsha thought. This is real life and it’s ugly and brutal!

“No, I don’t do drugs. We drank some whiskey earlier in the night.”

“Figures. So you and Juan were drunk?”

“No, we weren’t. I wasn’t,” Porsha said.

The chief shook his head. “And no drugs?”

“No, I don’t do drugs. I have never done drugs in my life. I don’t know about Juan.”

“Got it.”

“Oh yeah, I have something for you. This video that my ex-boyfriend and his friends filmed of us having sex!” Porsha suddenly remembered the video that Juan sent her.

She showed it to the chief. She watched him watch it. Porsha felt ashamed. She didn’t know that she was being filmed having sex at first but she did know that Juan and his friends filmed the gang-rape.

Chief Winters watched the video in its entirety. He didn’t show any emotion or any type of feeling at all.

“Some evidence but not enough. So, where is the alleged gang rape that you said that Juan and his friends committed against you? All this looks like to me is you and him having a good time!” Chief Winters laughed loudly.

Porsha was horrified, she wasn’t expecting him to act like this like he didn’t seem to care at all.

“I don’t know. That is the only video that he sent me, just me and him. They filmed the gang rape but didn’t send it to me.”

“You didn’t film it? Everybody was filming at this alleged rape party but you didn’t take out your phone or camera? You just trust that they would film all the alleged evidence?”

Porsha didn’t know what to say about anything. She was speechless and shocked at how the chief was talking to her as if she was lying and that she asked for it.

“What’s this Juan’s last name?”

“It’s Mitchell.”

“I know that name. He’s a Go-Getter and he’s from a very wealthy and prestigious family. I graduated from the police academy with this young man’s grandfather. Oh yeah, everybody knows the Mitchells here in Arkansas. Do you remember his friends’ names?” Chief Winters scribbled on his notepad.

“Uh, I think…”

“You think? You don’t know for sure? I don’t want some good man to get in trouble because of what you think now. You need to be sure because rape is a serious crime and filing a false police report is serious too, Ms. Davidson,” Chief Winters stared at Porsha when he said the last part.

He threw his empty coke bottle in the trash.

“I’m not lying nor am I filing a false police report, sir. I think. No, I know their names were Satin, Ace. Dang, I can’t remember the other two names. He only mentioned it once.”

“Satin, Ace, what kind of names are those? They must be nicknames or something. Where you live, Ms. Davidson?”

“The Cottages.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right. The projects. Your daddy around?”

“No, I never knew him.”

“Right, that’s what I thought. Should’ve known.”

“Are you going to interview Juan about what happened?”

“For what? I have to have a reason to get a warrant. So far, you haven’t provided any evidence. It’s all he say, she say, you showed me a video that tells me nothing, well all it tells me is that y’all were having an awesome time,” he laughed again. “Ms. Davidson, this young man Juan Mitchell is going to have a dream team of lawyers. This video, they are going to say that it was consensual. That’s the way it looks. There’s no rape going on there.

“So far, this alleged gang rape is not on video here. I don’t even know if it exists. If it does, you better find it. If it’s out there somewhere, his lawyers are going to say that you were over his house, in his bedroom. You two have been going together for three months, maybe you got angry with him and accused him of rape because you didn’t get your way. You spend the night, shower, and had breakfast over your alleged rapist’s house.

"You didn’t call the cops or go to the hospital. What kind of rape victim does that? They would say that maybe it was some gang rape fantasy, role-playing fetish that y’all kids were playing or something even if the video of the alleged gang rape comes out. Who knows what kind of story that they would come up with.

"The DNA from the rape kit, what rape kit? You erased the evidence by showering or what's left of it. What about the clothes you had on? Did you wash those too or did you throw them away or burned them? And you know Juan's maids already cleaned up everything by now,” Chief Winters looked ready to end the conversation and tell her to leave.

Porsha snorted and wiped away her tears. “But the police are going to investigate, right? That’s why I came here to report it,” Porsha slowly got up.

“Of course, Ms. Davidson.”

“I guess this is why rape victims don’t come forward.”

Chief Winters picked up his business card and handed it to her. “If you think of anything else that might be helpful to your case, just give us a call, Ms. Davidson.”

“Yeah, I hope so.”

Porsha left the chief’s office, sobbing harder than she was before she came in.

“Ms. Porsha, is everything alright? Did Chief Winters help you?” Officer Brice looked concerned for her.

“Not really,” Porsha’s last words as she swiftly left the police precinct.

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