Brown-Eyed Heaven

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The next day at school, Porsha walked with Crystal, Paige, Danielle, Mackenzie, and Casey. She was telling them about everything that had gone wrong in her life.

On how the cops were dragging their feet investigating her rape case, Chief Winters not giving a damn, Juan and his friends had ruined her reputation.

“I’m so sorry about that, Porsha, I don’t see how Juan and the other fellas could be so dirty,” Crystal hugged her old friend.

They walked into Ms. Jakeson’s homeroom. Porsha trembled and shivered from the cool air conditioner in Ms. Jakeson’s classroom.

“What all did Juan and his homies do, Porsha?” Danielle popped her bubblegum, listening intensely.

They were all sitting down, staring and waiting for Porsha to speak. The entire class kept on sneaking looks at Porsha.

Porsha sniffed. “It was so horrible, guys! It’s like Juan and Satin has poisoned the entire school, neighborhood against me,” Porsha wiped her tears away with a tissue.

The school bell was getting ready to ring in minutes. Porsha continued talking.

“Those guys raped me! The cops ain’t doing shit! Especially the chief. He told me that he graduated from the police academy with Juan’s grandpa.”

“I don’t mean to cut you off. Not only that, hon. I heard from the streets that Chief Winters regularly talk to Juan’s grandpa. They go to this luncheon for former and current cops every month. Their families have a good working relationship. So you already know that’s a conflict of interest. The chief shouldn’t even be working on this case at all since he close to the family. Juan’s father used to be a cop too and you know that they interfered in this case,” Crystal informed them.

Porsha nodded and cleared her throat. “I’m being bullied everywhere I go. Juan and his friends have cyberbullied me online. My locker was broken into yesterday, my books and papers were trashed and someone wrote explicit graffiti across my locker. Different people have been calling, texting, emailing me with threats. They have called me all types of bitches, hos, and cunts. Threatened to beat me up, gang rape me again, kill me and mutilate my body!” she cried silently.

The bell rang. Ms. Jakeson was standing in the doorway talking to Principal Silverson.

“Dang, I’m so sorry about that, Porsha, did you turn all of this new evidence into the police?” Paige asked.

They all look horrified.

“Yes, I did but I don’t think nothing’s going to happen to Juan and his friends. The police already interviewed Juan and his friends, they collected evidence from his house too. I gave them the clothes that I was wearing that night and I did a rape kit, what was left of it,” Porsha whispered.

“Goodness, Porsha, you went through so much,” Danielle gave her a sympathetic look.

Principal Silverson left. Ms. Jakeson came back in and the start of class began. Zack and the rest of the Go-Getters calmly and smoothly glided into the classroom.

They each glared at Porsha and sat down in their seats. Work kept them busy until the bell rang for second period. Paige and her friends rushed out of the room with everyone else.

Juan, Satin, and the rest of his friends stood near Porsha’s locker, glaring at her. Matter of fact, a lot of the students were sneaking glances at them.

“The sex was great, Porsha! The boys and I had a good time!” Juan and the rest of his friends laughed.

Porsha remained silent. Zack, Tristan, DaShawn, Noah, and Cain slowly moved past the crowd in the hallway.

“Chief Winters told my family everything that went down when you snitch on us in his office,” Juan cooly replied.

“Juan, just leave her alone. We know what you did to her,” Crystal defended Porsha.

“No one was talking to you, bitch!” Juan sneered.

“That’s right, yeah, bitch, you better shut up and move along. Don’t be talking shit to Juan like that. Juan, you got this homie or do you want me to check this halfbreed bitch!” Satin snapped at Crystal.

Crystal rolled her eyes at them.

“Hey, Crystal, you really don’t want to fuck with Juan, Satin, and their crew like that. They are dangerous and nobody knows what they are capable of,” Danielle fiercely whispered to Crystal.

“I know that, Danielle. I’m not scared of them. They can’t get away with what they did to Porsha,” Crystal whispered back.

Porsha found her voice. “Let me be, Juan. I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

Zack and his friends turned the corner. The first bell rang. Paige and the other girls kept walking to their next destination. Mackenzie hurried to the restroom.

“Porsha, I warned you what will happen if you went to the cops. Your case ain’t going nowhere, bitch,” Juan laughed again.

Juan and his friends walked past Porsha and the other girls. They walked out of the high school.

“Homie, we got to do something about that bitch Crystal. She’s doing too much,” Satin replied to Juan.

“Hell yeah, you ain’t lying about that. I’ll let my girl Alma and her cousin Shanay take good care of that ho,” Juan remarked.

The resource officer was busy in conversation with one of the military/police officers.

“What in the world! Juan and Satin and them don’t even go to school here. They are college-age but here they go trying to intimidate high school girls,” Crystal remarked.

“My life is over! They are going to get away with what they did to me,” Porsha snorted, looking at her friends.

“That’s messed up. We want you to know that we’re your friends, Porsha,” Danielle comforted her.

“Yeah, sweetie. We ride or die for you!” Crystal added.

“Everything’s going to be okay, Porsha,” Paige remarked.

“Yeah, we got your back, sista! Don’t let ’em get to you!” Mackenzie sassily replied.

They could see that the old Mackenzie was coming back. That was who they missed.

Mr. Moore’s class came and gone, followed by the rest of the classes that Paige tuned out. Nothing dramatic happened until the end of the day.

Paige, Danielle, Crystal, Porsha, Mackenzie, and Casey were all hanging out again outside Emile. A young couple was staring at an iPhone and laughed loudly. They looked up when Porsha came into their viewpoint. They stared at her for a moment and then walked off.

“What the hell was that about?” Paige asked, concerned.

“I don’t know but they acted weird,” Casey answered.

Porsha’s iPhone made a notification sound. She looked down in shock. “Oh my God! I think I know what that couple was laughing about.”

“What, Porsha? What is it?” Crystal asked.

They all wanted to know. Porsha showed them the video that she was watching on her phone. They watched the video in disgust and horror as she talked.

“Juan texted me that same video of us having sex. This time the link opened onto his website. Juan streamed the video and charge people five dollars to watch it. He has made over 2.5 million dollars and counting! He’s making money off our sex video, an intimate moment that I thought was private! Making money off my humiliation, my fear, my rape!” Porsha sobbed.

Crystal comforted her while the others spoke in soothing tones.

“Oh, no, Porsha. I’m sorry about all of that. Is the police going to charge Juan with revenge porn? If not, they should!” Crystal replied.

“That is so wrong,” Danielle commented.

“Won’t you sue his ass?” Casey suggested.

“Yeah, I would love to do that but I know it’s not going anywhere,” Porsha said.

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