Brown-Eyed Heaven

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The Go-Getters rode along the highway. A young girl had been playing in the streets and froze when they skidded to a stop. The child’s mother ran to the edge of the road.

“Baby, get out them streets! Thank you for stopping!”

Juan, Satin, and their friends didn’t say anything but gave the hood-looking mother glaring looks of disapproval. The mother snatched up her baby girl and kissed her as they walked back to their ramshackle house.

The Go-Getters drove through long-winding hoods that became their beautiful suburbs in minutes. They passed by a police officer riding a tan horse. Another officer was situated in a booth. They were long-time fixtures in the District.

“Hello, Officer,” Juan called as he drove through the highly surveilled and patrolled gate.

“Hey there,” the officer responded, allowing them to pass.

The Go-Getters drove to the end of the neighborhood and parked their ride under a shed. They walked to an invited-only parlor specifically for Go-Getters. They cooly move past two heavily armed officers monitoring the area.

The officers were engaged in a conversation about politics. Juan, Satin, and the others went inside the parlor where they met Zack, Tristan, DaShawn, Noah, and Cain.

The Go-Getters were all dressed up in their typical fashion of silk shirts, dark slacks, jeans, the latest sneakers and boots. They all had neatly trimmed haircuts, facial hair, and some were clean-shaven.

“What’s up, brothas!” Juan greeted Zack and his friends.

“Hey, man! You back in Arkansas after break?” Tristan remarked.

“Yeah, bro. We are on vacation, chilling, out of school. Y’all know how it is,” Satin sat on a barstool.

The parlor was high-tech and fancy. It was always modern and pristine for each passing generation. The place had been around since the sixties.

It was one of only a few business structures in the neighborhood that didn’t get burned to the ground during the ’68 riots after Dr. King had been assassinated.

The Go-Getters converse and watched live feeds of other Go-Getters across the globe.

“Say, Jacques be talking that good game. Sit his ass down somewhere. Ain’t nobody gonna be vacationing in no Johannesburg. South Africa, USA, what’s the fucking difference? Same racist assholes if you ask me!” Satin joked.

Satin was talking about a Go-Getter named Jacques that was inviting black Americans to visit South Africa.

“Where the women at?” Juan asked. “Ain’t nothing but a bunch of men in here. Boring!” he laughed

“Yeah, I know that’s right. Y’all know a cool place to go get some pussy?” Satin wanted to know.

A few of them laughed.

“The way that you say that sounds as if you asking where to get something to eat,” Zack cracked.

“Same thing!” DaShawn joked.

They continued to laugh.

“Red Heat is where the action at. That club got the finest and sexiest females you ever want to see,” Tristan commented.

“I know right. Man, I love that place!” Noah agreed.

“They got a lot of sistas there? I’m crazy about chocolate,” Satin asked.

“Me too,” Juan added.

“Hell yeah! Ain’t nothing but chocolate sistas in that place,” DaShawn answered.

“Well, okay then. What the fuck we waiting on!?” Juan rubbed his hands together.

They left and arrived at the Red Heat Club. The Go-Getters walked past the armed security stationed at the front door. The place was packed as usual.

The overhead lights were set perfectly. The furniture smelled new and was comfortable. The club looked expensive and lovely. The music was set to relaxing throwbacks.

The floor, walls, ceilings, windows, restrooms were neat and spotless. The food was delicious. Men and women danced seductively on the dance floor. The men and women were dressed to slay.

The DJ was hype and hyping everybody else up. A huge sign on the back wall said Go-Getters Lounge. The VIP section was overflowing with very prominent and wealthy men and women.

The club’s owners did not just allow anyone entrance into the club. You have to be invited or at least referred there.

Go-Getter men and women were automatically given first-class treatment and invitations across the most baddest and coolest clubs and gatherings around the country and globe.

Juan, Satin, and their crew went off flirting and trying to pick up the hottest girls they saw. That was a task because there were so many beautiful girls.

Zack, Noah, and Cain sat in the exclusive VIP section drinking and snacking on the finest selections at the deli. Cain was the only one that didn’t drink or smoke. He drank some fruit juice. Noah drank and smoke while Zack, Tristan, and DaShawn only drank.

Tristan got up to used the restroom. He winked at his girlfriend La’Shayla hanging out with her friends Briana, Shanice, and Kerrie.

La’Shayla blew a kiss at him. Zack converse with Cain and Noah while DaShawn talked on his iPhone. Tristan came out of the restroom minutes later, checking his messages on his iPhone.

He looked up and made eye contact with Crystal Gaines. He was surprised to see a girl like her in Red Heat. How in the hell did she get in here, he thought.

Tristan walked over to La’Shayla. By this time, Zack, DaShawn, Noah, and Cain were hanging with their girlfriends. Juan, Satin, and their crew were getting high and already making out with some women that they met.

“Where’s Paige, Zack? I’m surprised that you didn’t invite your new girlfriend,” La’Shayla asked.

Zack cleared his throat. “I did but she was busy. She had to study for some test that’s coming up.”

“Damn! Too busy to party! Whoo!” Brianna hollered and danced.

They laughed.

“Sounds like somebody had too much to drink,” La’Shayla teased.

“Okay,” Kerrie agreed.

“You bitches are just jealous!” Brianna was tipsy and slightly slurring her words. She laughed and continuing dancing. “It’s all in good fun though!”

“Bro, go dance with your woman!” Tristan teased DaShawn.

DaShawn laughed. “Ain’t bout to dance with that drunk honey!” he leaned over, grabbed Brianna around her waist and French-kissed her.

On the other side of the club’s floor, Crystal and her boyfriend Charlie danced to a slow classic. Crystal was high too but she noticed that Juan and Satin gave her dirty looks when they move past her and Charlie.

“Don’t pay them any attention. I’ll protect you,” Charlie told her, kissing her hair.


Crystal put her books in her locker at the end of the day. She texted Charlie that she had a great time at the Red Heat Club. Numerous students flew past her.

Crystal looked up and saw Tristan walking over to her with a wide grin across his face.

“Hey, Crystal, I saw you at Red Heat last night. Who let you in that club?”

Crystal rolled her eyes and shifted her body. “That’s a secret. I know folks.”

Tristan returned the eye roll. “You don’t know folks that well. Maybe I should rephrase the question.” He stepped closer to her. “I meant to ask who’s dick or dicks did you suck to get in there? I know that a hood bitch like yourself couldn’t get far without a lot of help. You were so high last night that you were flirting with me in front of our significant others,” he laughed.

La’Shayla turned the corner and came over to where they stood. “What’s going on over here? Girl, if you don’t leave my man alone! You already tried to come onto him at the club. I let you slide because you were drunk but I won’t be so nice now.”

“Look, sorry, I didn’t mean it I…”

Tristan defended her. “No, it’s not like that, babe. I was asking her who’s dick or dicks she sucked to gain admission into the club.”

La’Shayla laughed. “Yeah, I would like to know that too. I thought that was her drunk ass last night when we first saw her and her boyfriend hit the dance floor.”

Crystal looked annoyed and ready to leave the school. Tristan and La’Shayla glanced at Crystal one last time and then walked off. Crystal called Paige and Danielle.

Neither answered their phones. Are they ignoring me? She thought. Then Paige called her back.

“Where y’all at? I’m still inside the school,” Crystal asked Paige.

“We’re outside on the front steps. We were looking for you, Crystal,” Paige told her.

Crystal walked and talked to Paige on the phone until she came outside. She hung up the phone when she stood beside Paige and Danielle.

“The school is having a memorial tomorrow in Porsha’s honor. I mean it’s the least that bougie Emile can do. Y’all coming with me, right?” Crystal’s eyes pleaded with them.

“Of course, boo. You know we’re coming to it,” Paige reassured her.

“Yeah, you know we coming. Why would we miss that?” Danielle remarked.

Crystal blew a sigh of relief. “Good. Went to Red Heat last night with Charlie and had a lot of drunken fun. The Go-Getters were everywhere.”

“Yeah, I heard that you were flirting with guys in front of Charlie. Even Tristan. Hell, you must have been really drunk!” Danielle replied.

“Kind of. Charlie was drunk and flirted with females in front of me too but I’m the only one that everybody is talking about,” Crystal commented while rolling her eyes.

“I was at home studying for the challenging test for Mr. Moore’s class,” Paige complained.

“Yeah, me too. Didn’t Zack ask you to go with him, Paige?” Danielle asked.

“Yes, but my parents persuaded me to stay in and study. But I’m grown mommy and daddy!” Paige joked.

“I got to head home because my folks expecting company. Some of my relatives are coming to visit. See y’all at the memorial tomorrow,” Danielle jogged off.

“By, girl.”

“See ya.”

“Are you alright, Crystal?” Paige looked concerned.

“Yeah, I’m cool. No need to worry, Paige. I just think it’s mess up about what happened to Porsha, that’s all.”

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