Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“I see.” Paige’s iPhone rang. “It’s Zack. I got to go. See ya hon,” Paige walked off, answering her phone and jumped into the driver’s seat of her new ride, a Lexus.

“Damn, Paige is driving a new Lexus,” Crystal scoffed. She waited another fifteen minutes for her mother to pick up and then she was gone.


Zack, Tristan, Noah, DaShawn, and Cain were all hanging out in the school’s hallway the next day. The school’s memorial for Porsha was going to start shortly.

Zack had his head buried inside his locker, looking for something. Tristan and DaShawn did a lot of the talking.

“What can I say though? I can’t help it. Man, I am a huge freak! Y’all should see my master bedroom, I have all types of shit that would satisfy any woman!” Tristan commented.

DaShawn and Noah laughed. Cain rolled his eyes.

“Did you see Shaneka’s ass? It’s like that ass got bigger. I tell ya back in the day she wasn’t that thick,” DaShawn remarked.

“Yeah, they got all types of stuff now. Butt implants, padded pants & panties, etc.,” Tristan chuckled.

“Anyway, she was something else back in the day, bro,” DaShawn replied.

“I know right. We fucked a bunch of times. I mean that bitch did things to me that no woman has ever done to me before!” Tristan remarked. “You know you want me, Shaneka!” he hollered to Shaneka when she passed by them, laughing.

Cain didn’t laugh. “Brothas, come one! Quit being so sexist especially towards our women.”

“You just hating on me, Cain,” Tristan replied.

“No, I’m not. You have nothing worth hating on!” Cain shot back.

They all laughed.

A white girl with brunette hair and a skimpy outfit approached them. She had just closed her locker that was beside Zack’s.

“Hey, there!” she greeted.

Yeah, what you want?” DaShawn snapped.

“I’m Cindy and I’m having a party this weekend. I would like to invite you all to it.”

Both Tristan and DaShawn looked annoyed. Noah popped his bubblegum. Zack and Cain just looked at her.

“We don’t do other folks’ parties or events. We have our own shit. Every time we put shit out there, it blows up,” Tristan remarked.

“Like it should,” DaShawn playfully hit Tristan’s arm.

“Well, it’s an intimate event for only a select number of kids that go to our school,” Cindy replied.

Noah began talking on his iPhone.

“You mean a select number of guys, right. We know all about your swingers parties, Cindy,” Tristan remarked.

“Ain’t you already fucking two black dudes? Why are you so addicted to big black cock?” DaShawn asked.

“That shit ain’t nothing new with females like her. She as bad as those self-hating, sell-out color-struck, ignorant clowns that always fetishizing and obsessing about white and fair-skinned bitches. Nobody in their right mind like them bitches or negros!” Tristan added.

“Preach brotha!” DaShawn agreed.

“Oh my God, bro, did you just go there?” Noah looked up from his phone.

Cain and Zack looked surprised.

“I did and?”

Tristan scoffed. “Girls like her be getting tired of fucking and sucking on their men’s midget dicks!”

DaShawn, Noah, and Zack laughed.

“I know right. Everyone knows that them motherfuckers have Vienna sausage dicks!” DaShawn laughed.

“And how do y’all know this. They told you this or have you seen it? That’s the only way that you would know,” Cain wanted to know.

“Hell naw, I ain’t seen that nasty shit! I wouldn’t want to see it, anyway. Nobody believes what those lying motherfuckers say. In case you want to know, my homegirl told me,” Tristan informed him.

“Oh, black women, got it,” Cain replied.

“Hell yeah. My homegirl Tasha works in the fashion industry. She is an up-and-coming freelance photographer. That girl is hot right now and making waves. She be doing many of the black society photoshoots. She told me that ninety-five percent of the white boys she photographed in the nude either don’t have any dicks or very little ones!” Tristan laughed.

“She must take both nude and clothe shots?” DaShawn asked.

“Yeah, she does. She told me that she doesn’t see how those motherfuckers satisfy their women,” Tristan laughed followed by the others except Cain.

“Cain, homie, you know you want to laugh. Even she laughing cause she knows that we are telling the truth about her little men,” DaShawn commented.

“Okay, I’m like speechless right now,” Cain muttered.

Cindy had to bite her lip to keep from laughing hard. “It’s a diverse intimate gathering that we are having ya know to get to know some members of this school.”

“Uh-huh, you can count me out on this one and the rest of ’em. I only date my race. Chocolate sistas. I ain’t interested in fucking around with non-black women. They ain’t my thang,” Tristan answered.

“I’m the same. It’s black women only for me. We ain’t interested in other dudes’ hos,” DaShawn commented.

“Noah, Zack, Cain, y’all remaining quiet over there! Y’all interested in Becky and her little pool party?” Tristan replied, laughing.

“Bro, don’t you dare even go there with me! You know how I am. I only date sistas,” Zack grinned and shook his head.

“I only date females that look like me. Y’all know I’m too pro-black for that shit!” Noah chuckled.

Cain didn’t smile nor laugh.

“Cain still ain’t saying nothing,” Tristan joked.

“Everyone knows where I stand by now. I already have a great girlfriend. I don’t participate in immoral swinger parties,” Cain finally answered.

“Yep, we already know where Cain stands. The only girls I have ever seen him date were those chocolate sistas!” DaShawn remarked.

“We got to go y’all. We have business to take care of. Later, I got to help daddy count his billions,” Tristan replied.

The Go-Getters walked off, leaving Cindy behind.

“Ain’t no sane and pro-black person going to that bitch’s white supremacist’s party,” DaShawn muttered, not caring if Cindy heard him.


Paige, Danielle, and Crystal were all dressed in dark attire for Porsha’s memorial. It was a somber event. Over half of the school including the teachers and staff were in attendance.

Principal Silverson, Ms. Jakeson, and Mr. Moore stood near the middle of the auditorium. The three girls sat near the front. Mackenzie and Casey sat next to them.

The newly hired Vice-Principal Marie Howard and the Secretary Alma Hodges stood in the back, watching the scene.

Crystal sobbed quietly in her tissue. Both Paige and Danielle looked sad and disappointed too. Crystal looked back in shock.

Paige and Danielle followed her gaze and saw several Go-Getters entered the auditorium.

Of course, they saw Zack, Tristan, DaShawn, Noah, and Cain and their girlfriends, but Crystal wasn’t expecting to see Juan, Satin, Ken, Derrick, and Ace.

Porsha had told Crystal, Paige, and Danielle that all five of those guys had gang-raped her. She had suddenly remembered the rest of Juan’s friends’ names.

Crystal looked at Paige and Danielle and nodded her head. Mackenzie and Casey noticed too. It was a rainy and dreary Saturday morning.

They were surprised at how many students and staff came to Porsha’s memorial because she wasn’t popular at all but what had happened to her became popular even making the local and national news.

Porsha had mainly kept to herself and was a timid and quiet girl. A few speakers spoke good words in Porsha’s memory. Crystal spoke briefly but she could barely keep her composure together.

Crystal, Paige, and Danielle looked back and saw Porsha’s mother. She looked upset and had been crying.

Crystal frowned at Juan, Satin, and their friends. They were the reason that we’re here. The reason that Porsha is dead now. They and their little minions drove her to suicide. They ruined her reputation, bullied her online and the real world, threatened, and terrified her beyond what she ever could imagine, Crystal thought.

The last straw was the sex video that Juan spread all over social media and porn sites had picked up the video too. So far, he had made millions from it.

Porsha’s mother went to the cops and the courts to take the video down. The litigation was pending. She had a lawsuit against Juan and his family. She was fighting as much as she can to help preserved her daughter’s memory.

The school, cops, the DA was no help at all. The memorial was brief. Crystal complained that it was too brief. After it was over, Crystal joined Paige and Danielle in the hallway.

“Girls, I’m so sorry about the way I treated y’all because of everything that’s happened,” Crystal sighed heavily.

“It’s okay, sweet. We understand. It’s been a mess up time,” Paige said.

Danielle nodded and touched Crystal’s shoulder. “It’s cool. Just chill next time.”

Crystal nodded in return. The three girls entered the restroom. It was kind of crowded with different girls going to their destinations.

They fixed their hair, observed their makeup, and outfits. They engaged in conversation about Porsha’s memorial, the Go-Getters, Porsha’s rape, the town, and basically everything.

Danielle used the restroom. They left the restroom when each girl was finished doing what she wanted to do.

Paige, Danielle, and Crystal walked to Danielle’s ride when they left the school.

As they left Emille, Crystal saw Juan and Satin standing among the crowd outside. They turned to look at her and clench their fists.

Juan hit his fist against his other hand and winked at her. Crystal shivered and turned away from them. She saw a senior named Jasmine that she only knew by association. Paige and Danielle got into the ride.

“Hey, girls, I forgot to do something. Can y’all wait for a minute? I’ll be right back,” Crystal told them.

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