Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“Yeah, hurry back, Crystal, so we can go home. Jonathan and I got a date tonight,” Danielle informed her.

Crystal nodded and jogged back inside Emile’s front doors. “Hey, Jasmine. I’m Crystal.”

Jasmine was dark-skinned, short, and curvy. She wore her natural hair in a bun and sported a navy blue jumpsuit and flats. Jasmine turned to look at her. “Oh, hey, what’s up, Crystal.”

“I heard from the streets that you plan protests for social issues and racial injustice cases,” Crystal replied.

“Yes, I do. I’m new here to Emile. I have only been here for a few months.”

“Ok, alright. I need help with planning a protest against Emille’s handling of Porsha’s rape and suicide. They are not condemning Juan, Satin, and their followers. Those guys are still allowed to come onto campus and no one does anything. It’s like no one cares,” Crystal replied.

“You know how strict Emille is when it comes to issues like this. I’m not trying to get kicked out of school. Emille got this one-strike policy, meaning if you mess up just one time—your ass is out of here! I had trouble at my last school for doing protests. I did nothing wrong but that didn’t matter to them,” Jasmine nodded then scoffed.

“I understand. I just need your advice, that’s all,” Crystal pleaded with her.

Jasmine looked into Crystal’s eyes and began to feel sorry for her and what happened to Porsha. “That was messed up how they treated Porsha. Okay, I’ll see what I can do. Come with me to see the secretary, Mrs. Alma Hodges. We have to get permission from her office to have the protest on the school’s grounds.”

Crystal became a little nervous. “I heard about her. I heard that she is something else.”

“Yeah, we about to see in a minute,” Jasmine informed her.

Crystal called Danielle and told her that she would be out in a few minutes. She asked her if that was okay. Danielle sighed and told her that it was.

Crystal followed Jasmine to the faculty’s office. Mrs. Alma Hodges’s office was up front. Some of the office staff were already spilling out of the school. They saw Mrs. Hodges come out of a room and gave them a condescending look.

She was a very fair-skinned, mixed older woman. Her brown hair was super curly and she had on heavy makeup. Mrs. Hodges was dressed in a cardigan, silk blouse, dark long skirt, and high heels.

“Yes,” Mrs. Hodges didn’t look happy to see them. “What cha want, gals?”

Jasmine cleared her throat, she looked nervous. “Hello, we want to organize a protest on Emile’s grounds.”

Mrs. Hodges rolled her eyes and sneered at them. She scoffed and snapped at them. “For what? What kind of protest?”

“We want to protest Porsha’s rape and suicide,” Crystal spoke up.

“I see what this gimmick is now. It’s about Juan Mitchell, isn’t it? In case you two don’t know by now, Juan is my godson! He didn’t rape that project slut! I’m not going to grant you gals permission to organize a clown protest against my godson. If you think I’m going to help you assassinate the character of one of my family members, then you hood gals got another thing coming!”

“Hey, that’s not what we are doing! Porsha was raped and she was bullied and threatened and it drove her to kill herself! Don’t you care at all?” Crystal raised her voice, fighting to hold back tears.

“Hell no! My godson didn’t rape that whore! Juan, Satin, and the others have always been good boys. They have done so much good for the community. Keeping the neighborhoods clean, feeding the poor and homeless, mentoring at-risk kids, donating money to charities, donating clothing, food, important supplies to impoverished urban communities across the state! If it wasn’t for them and their families, the people in these communities would have starved to death! What have you two hoodrats done for the community!? Not a damn thing!”

“Excuse you?” Jasmine started but Mrs. Hodges interrupted her.

“I’m still talking, gal! You two are outsiders and are nothing but trouble! We are a competent and respectable community here in the District. I’ve been living and working in this town and school for over fifty years. I’ve seen a lot and can say whatever the hell I want to say! You damn hoodrats not going to poison this honorable community with your godforsaken nonsense. We would send you right back wherever the hell you come from, wherever that might be! We got ourselves a one-strike policy here to keep both the racist ignorant trash and the self-hating sellouts out!” Mrs. Hodges snapped.

“Oh my God! You don’t know us at all!” Jasmine snapped back.

“I know enough! You idiotic clowns. Wait right here. I’ll be back, don’t you dare come around this corner! I don’t trust you ghetto menaces.”

Both Crystal and Jasmine were shocked at Mrs. Hodges’s approach to them. Mrs. Hodges walked back to speak with Principal Silverson.

“Sir, may I have a word with you?”

“Of course, Alma. What’s up?”

“There’s a couple of female students from the hood that want to organize a protest. I told them no. I just wanted to alert you so they won’t come running to you.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Tell them the protest is denied, Alma.”

“Of course, sir.”

Mrs. Hodges walked back to her desk to dismiss Crystal and Jasmine.

“Principal Silverson agreed with me, gals. The protest is denied. You two are dismissed. Emille goes out of its way to take care of you charity cases. I wish we could deny admittance of the ignorant racists and you hoodrats but then we’ll get sued and it would be against the law, they would say. We have always tried to get along with people that share our beliefs. People like y’all are welcome in our community but what you not going to do is tear our community apart. You not going to tear down our world that we work so hard to maintain. I’m through talking. Now get out of here!”

“I can’t believe that you and the principal going to deny our protest!” Crystal pleaded.

“That’s right, we did. Now get gone, gals! Get get!” Mrs. Hodges shooed them away.

Crystal and Jasmine left.

“Wow! I didn’t know she was that nasty! What in the world!” Crystal said in astonishment.

“I know right. She used to work for white corporate America. Back then, she was their mouthpiece. Now the Go-Getters hired her and paid her helluva a lot more than what corporate America ever did. It says a lot about them to keep someone like her here. The Go-Getters chose her to be the overseer on the plantation, to keep us hood negroes in check. Pay that bitch the right amount, and she’ll be as pro-black as you want her to be. Anyway, we won’t be able to organize a protest on Emille’s property as long as the overseer is active on the plantation,” Jasmine remarked.

“I know I can’t believe it. My friends are waiting for me outside. I hope they haven’t left yet. Thank you for trying to help,” Crystal smiled.

“No problem. I’ll think of something else. See ya,” Jasmine replied with a lopsided grin.

“See you later.”

Mrs. Hodges closed the door to her office. Her husband, Coach Hodges, was coming to pick her up any minute. She called Juan.

“Hello,” Juan answered.

“Hello, honey, I wanted to let you know that Crystal and Jasmine, those two hood bitches, came by my office and wanted to organize a protest for that dead bitch Porsha. I see those girls going to be trouble. Maybe you should scare them and teach them a lesson,” Mrs. Hodges commented.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do. I need to hurry up and put that bitch Crystal in her place. I’ma talk to my girl Ava and her friends about cooking something up. We got big plans for this Crystal bitch. Thanks for letting me know,” Juan remarked.

“You’re welcome, godson. Anytime,” A sinister smile appeared on Mrs. Hodges’s face.


The Go-Getters stood in the hallway like Nubian Gods guarding the entire school. They left their spots and walked into the faculty’s office.

“We looking for Mackenzie,” DaShawn announced.

“Mackenzie who?” Brianna, DaShawn’s girlfriend who volunteered in the office, jokingly asked.

“Mackenzie the fag, that’s who!” DaShawn answered.

All of the Go-Getters laughed except Zack. Cain wasn't present at this time.

Brianna gave them Mackenzie’s whereabouts. They went searching for Mackenzie and found him at his locker, getting his belongings. The hallways were nearly empty and Mackenzie was running late. The Go-Getters walked toward him.

Mackenzie heard them approaching and looked at them. The school bell rang. A warning bell. Mackenzie looked around and saw that everyone was gone except himself and the Go-Getters. Tristan, DaShawn, and Noah continued to smile and laughed. Zack didn’t do either.

“Hey, Mackenzie, brotha!” Tristan hollered.

“What do y’all want?” Mackenzie’s voice shook.

Mackenzie sense that he was going to get jumped. Fear shot through his body again. He stood up straight and looked each of them in the eyes. Mackenzie didn’t see security, the resource officer, or the rest of the cops anywhere.

“Mackenzie, I heard that you were talking shit about me online. My boys said you were going in on the Go-Getters,” Tristan commented.

Mackenzie remained silent.

“His ass acting deaf and playing dumb now,” DaShawn added.

“I know right,” Tristan agreed.

“Brothas, just leave him alone. He’s not doing anything,” Zack replied.

“I don’t like this new version of you, bro. I like the old Zack way better than whatever the hell this is,” Tristan remarked before turning to Mackenzie.

“Hey, faggot! You were talking shit about me and La’Shayla on social media. Talking about my girl should break up with me. You need to stay out of my business. For months, we said nothing to you while your weird ass skipped up and down the hallways like some little girl at the playground, but the moment you talk shit about us that’s when we put you in your place!” Tristan snapped.

“I didn’t mean it. I-I was joking,” Mackenzie started but DaShawn cut in.

“Whatever,” DaShawn replied.

“You are a hot mess. Don’t get your ass whup, bitch!” Tristan remarked.

“You guys are always so extra when it comes to our race but have nothing to say to racists,” Mackenzie blurted out before realizing it.

Tristan and DaShawn laughed. Noah checked out his phone and Zack looked lost.

“Are you serious? You can’t be, man! We don’t give two shits about stupid racists. First of all, no one messes with us and if they do they gonna learn real quick. We go off harder on stupid racists than our race all the time! We always put those motherfuckers in their place. So, no you can’t use that moot argument with us,” Tristan replied.

Mackenzie dropped his book.

“Pick that shit up! Don’t be dropping shit on my floor in my school,” Tristan snapped.

“This ain’t your school,” Mackenzie surprised himself by speaking up again.

“What you say?” DaShawn scoffed.

“It’s obvious you don’t know that not only do we own this school, we run this town,” Tristan remarked.

“Ain’t no security or resource officer coming to save your bitch ass, playa!” DaShawn commented.

“Fellas, come on, leave him alone,” Zack spoke up.

Usually, Cain would be the reasonable voice but he had to leave earlier for a religious meeting.

“Zack, you defending punks now. The old Zack would have given zero fucks about this motherfucker. Who’s next? These whining bitches, racist clowns, self-hating sell-outs. Why though because these people will never support you or the race,” Tristan replied.

“I don’t want any trouble,” Mackenzie muttered.

"Y’all always trying to bully somebody if they don’t accept y’all lifestyle. Ain’t nobody got to accept that bullshit if they don’t want to! You better keep my name and my girlfriend’s name out your mouth, punk!” Tristan snapped.

“Ready to dismiss this clown,” DaShawn remarked.

The Go-Getters allowed Mackenzie to leave. He looked around and didn’t see any security or police in sight. Mackenzie ran to the restroom. What Mackenzie didn’t know and the Go-Getters knew is that the security and police were watching the entire altercation over the surveillance monitors in the security room.


“Mackenzie, slow down! You are too hot right now!” Crystal tried to comfort him.

“Yeah, I’m sorry that you had to go through all that,” Danielle called.

“Yeah, I did. Let me go and report what they did to me to that officer over there,” Mackenzie quickly walked over to the resource officer. The man turned around and stared at Mackenzie.

“Officer, can I report something. I was berated and almost jumped!”

The officer hesitated before replying yeah. He took out a pen and notepad and prepared to write down what Mackenzie was going to tell him. Paige, Danielle, and Crystal looked on from across the hallway as students whisked by in each direction.

“I was so scared. I thought these guys were going to beat me up,” Mackenzie told him.

“Who were they? This happened here?” the officer asked.

“Yes, it was the Go-Getters!”

The officer’s expression changed and he put away his pen and notepad. “Hold on, you are lying. I worked here for half a decade and I have never had any trouble from the Go-Getters at all but aren’t you new here?”

“I am. I have been going to school here for three months,” Mackenzie stated.

The officer held up his hand. “Really, only three months and you already lying and causing trouble at this school. I don’t want to hear any more of this nonsense!”

“But officer?” Mackenzie pleaded but the officer cut him off.

“Get away from me! I told you I’ve heard enough out of you. Trying to file a false report, you lucky I don’t lock your ass up for that!” The officer walked off.

Mackenzie looked startled. He walked back to the girls. “What on earth? What is the matter with him? They are crazy!”

“Who are they, Mackenzie?” Danielle replied.

“You know who they are?” Crystal cracked.

“At first, look like he was going to write the report until you mentioned that it was the Go-Getters that you were talking about,” Danielle said.

“Yeah, he put that pen and paper away quick. He definitely on the Go-Getter’s payroll,” Crystal informed Mackenzie.

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