Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Juan drove over to the Sticks Projects on the other side of town. At times, the neighborhood could be dangerous and crime-ridden.

Juan was a long way from his beautiful and peaceful suburbs. It was a quiet and warm day. Juan carefully rode across the road.

He saw some trash on the side of the road and what looked like a dead squirrel. The animal’s corpse looked like it been there for days and its scent smelled horrible and tainted the air.

Juan called his girlfriend Ava on his iPhone. She was one of his many girlfriends. Ava was what he liked to call one of his main hos.

Ava was of average height, curvy, and gorgeous. She had a cocoa complexion. Ava had curly black hair that went past her back and average-sized features that had lipstick and makeup on them.

Ava was dressed in tight capris that showed off her curves, a white halter-top, showing off her perky breasts, and white designer high heels. She had recently turned eighteen.

“Babe, where are you? I want to see you?” Juan greeted Ava when she answered the phone.

“Hi, I’m outside hanging with my cousin Shanay and our friends,” Ava told him. “Where are you, honey?” she suddenly purred.

“I’m about to pull up at your place,” he informed her.

“Okay, cool. Can’t wait to see you, boo,” she gushed.

“Yeah, same here.”

Juan pulled into Ava’s driveway. There were six young women including Ava. Ava was sitting on the porch with her cousin Shanay and their friends.

All of them had versatile brown complexions. Three of them including Ava were of a darker hue.

Shanay and two others were of a lighter/mixture hue. Behind them was the raggiest house that Juan had ever seen.

Juan got out of his new Porsche. Ava ran over to him and jumped onto him. They embraced each other in a bear hug and smooched. Ava almost died inside of affection. She was in love with Juan.

“Juan, I’m so happy that you came to see me! I love you so much, darling! I’m in love with you, Juan!” Ava continued to gush as if she hadn’t see Juan in years.

“I know you are. I feel the same way about you, baby. I love you too,” Juan told her.

“I’ll do anything for you, Juan. Anything at all,” she quickly French-kissed him.

“Anything?” he repeated.

“Yes, you are my boo. I’ll do anything to prove my love for you. I want to keep you happy and satisfied,” Ava replied.

“Good, there is something that I want you to do for me, love. I’ve been taking care of you, boo, giving you money, paying your bills, buying you clothes, feeding you and that’s why you got thick on me. Just been fulfilling all your wants and needs. Satisfying you the way a woman supposed to be satisfied,” Juan stroked her face.

“Yes, you have, honey, and I have always given you what you needed in return. Just tell me what you want. I’ll do anything you want,” Ava remarked.

“Go get your cousin and y’all friends. They can help you out.”

“Alright, Shanay, girls, Juan wants to talk with y’all,” Ava hollered over to them.

Shanay got up first. She had a bronze/caramel complexion and shoulder-length, dark-brown straight hair, and narrow features. Shanay wore lipgloss and a little makeup.

Ava was better-looking than her cousin. Shanay sported a cream-colored mini-skirt, a matching top, and platinum shoe-string boots. The five of them walked over to Ava and Juan.

“What’s up?” Shanay greeted Juan.

“I want to hire y’all females to fuck up a nosey bitch,” Juan replied.

“How much you paying, Juan? I got two kids. Two baby daddies. One dead and one in jail. I got bills that need to be paid. Gas, food, clothes,” Shanay remarked. She was twenty.

“Juan probably wanna pay us about a hundred dollars. Y’all know how cheap Juan is!” Ava joked.

“I’m not that bad, boo. I’m not that guy. I’ll pay y’all a thousand each. It won’t look right if some dudes whup her ass. That’s why I’m asking y’all females for a favor. It would look innocent. Deal?”

“Is this nosey bitch Crystal Gaines? I can’t stand that ho. She stole my man Charlie from me. We weren’t getting along and split up for some time. We were gonna get back together. Back in the day, I thought Crystal was my friend but she took my man! She knew how much Charlie meant to me but she didn’t care. So yeah I’m down for whupping that bitch’s ass. I ain’t been cool with that ho since,” Shanay commented.

“So it’s set then. Y’all cool with a thousand?” Juan asked the girls.

They all nodded their heads and agreed.

“Be sure to videotape the fight and then I’m coming by to surveil the crime scene!” Juan laughed.

“I’m going to talk with Juan in private, ladies,” Ava replied.

This was her cue for them to leave. They went back to the porch and gossip among themselves.

“I know PollyAnna is your main squeeze. You seem to be truly in love with her. I know she’s prettier and from a rich and important family too,” Ava complained.

Juan rolled his eyes. They stood beside his ride. “Are we going there again, Ava? Please.”

Ava looked up at him, brushing away her long strands of hair. “I know y’all been going together longer. You are seen more regularly with PollyAnna. You take her to the high-end places—balls, restaurants, galleries, clubs, wherever there’s press and the elite. She’s talking about marriage now on her social media. She was comparing wedding gowns,” Ava frowned.

“PollyAnna and I had an on-again-off-again relationship. We were not together when you and I started fucking around, Ava. Then we made up so you knew about us and where we stood, boo,” Juan reminded her.

“Yeah, I know. Y’all had called it quits though and I didn’t know if you two would get back together. When y’all got back together, I was already in love with you, Juan. I know she’s more of yo type but I’m a good girl too. I want to be with you. I don’t like playing second fiddle to anybody,” Ava explained.

Juan nodded. “I get it. That’s the way things are. Look, we’ll discuss this further on the phone later. My father just texted me and wants me to come to work today. You know how fathers are. We got to keep up the family’s business. I don’t want to get in the way of my father’s billions. I got to roll out. Don’t forget about our date this weekend.” He kissed her.

“I won’t. I’ll be ready. Yeah, see you, babe.”

They hugged briefly then he left.


A popular gang named the Cold Stoners were standing at the end of the steps of Emile observing the sistas that switched their way out of the school.

Ava, Shanay, and their friends were keeping tabs on Crystal. The young women spotted Crystal walking with Paige and Danielle.

“Look at her with her wanna be bougie ass. Crystal thinks she high society now just cause she’s a guest in a hotshot neighborhood, going to a wealthy school, and hanging with wealthy friends. She would never be a part of their circle,” Shanay sneered.

“I know right, cuz. We have to get her alone, away from Paige and Danielle,” Ava stated.

“Uh, huh, how dare she think she can take my man from me. That bitch is always taking somebody’s man. The streets saying she fuck her way in Red Heat,” Shanay said.

The other girls laughed and walked along the high school.

“I heard that about that bitch too,” Ava agreed.

Suddenly, Crystal walked away from Paige and Danielle. She walked quickly from the school, only looking behind once.

“I thought she was riding with Paige and Danielle. Her rich friends ain’t offering Crystal a ride,” one of the other girls mocked.

“Hell naw!” Another girl answered.

The girls kept in pace with Crystal without letting her see them.

Paige and Danielle drove off in their rides. Crystal turned into an alleyway behind the school.

“She must be walking home,” Shanay replied.

The girls caught up to Crystal and saw that she was on her phone. Crystal still didn’t see them behind her.

“…Yeah, I got it, Mom. I didn’t want to ride with Danielle and Paige. They are going somewhere else and I’ll have to wait. I decided to walk home…” Crystal hung up her phone and abruptly turned around and saw the six girls behind her.

“Hey, Crystal, we haven’t talked to each other in a long time. It’s like you forgot about your old friends. You forgot where you come from,” Shanay remarked.

Crystal stopped walking and fear shot up her spine, she didn’t know why these girls were following her now. “Oh, hey, I was walking home, Shanay, Ava, what’s up guys?”

Shanay walked up to Crystal until she was in her face. Crystal stepped back.

“I want to know why you steal my man Charlie from me. You always taking females’ men from them! What’s up with that?” Shanay demanded.

“I don’t know what you talking about. I didn’t steal Charlie from you. Y’all were finished. Charlie told me that you guys mutually split,” Crystal replied.

“You believe what these dudes tell you? They will tell you anything to get those panties,” Shanay replied.

“I don’t got time for this conversation. I got to head home. I’m hungry as hell so get back!” Crystal snapped.

Crystal turned around. Shanay reached forward and aggressively pulled Crystal’s hair, snapping her head back.

“Bitch, yo ass don’t walk away when I’m still talking to you!” Shanay snapped back.

“Oh, hell naw! That cause for an ass-whupping!” Crystal twisted out of Shanay’s grip and threw a punch that collided with Shanay’s face.

Then all hell broke loose! Shanay and Crystal got into a fight. A very aggressive street fight. They punched, slapped, and kicked each other.

The two girls wrestled on the concrete street in front of several rundown houses and nearby projects. Crystal and Shanay pulled at each other’s hair and snatch strands out of their heads.

As Crystal tried to get back up, she was halfway up when Shanay grabbed her by her waist and slammed her down. A bunch of young folks came running down the pathway to check out the fight.

Crystal and Shanay grunted and cussed. They continued to beat each other senselessly. Shanay kicked Crystal causing her to tripped.

As Crystal laid flat on the ground, she kicked her legs into Shanay’s crotch and that laid Shanay down.

Crystal quickly got up and pounded Shanay over and over again. Crystal was currently winning the fight after a long draw. Both girls had bruises forming on their faces and bodies.

“Help!” Shanay yelled to her cousin and their friends.

Ava ran over to them and knocked Crystal back down and helped Shanay up and they both double-teamed Crystal.

They beat the mess out of Crystal as she laid helpless on the ground. Two of the other girls jumped into the fight and helped Shanay and Ava win the jump.

All four of them repeatedly punch, shove, and kicked Crystal around on the pavement. Crystal rolled over and over before coming to rest in a fetal position.

Crystal’s face was a bloody mess, splotches of her blood stained her clothes.

Both of her eyes were swollen and she could feel the presence of black eyes, her nose was broken, her lip was busted, and she had deep gashes across her face, neck, and chest.

Crystal’s nails were broken, she could feel her ribs were fractured or broken too. Her body was tired, heavy, and she could barely move to get away.

Two of the other girls didn’t join the fight but stayed back and recorded the entire fight on their iPhones.

Crystal didn’t realize it until she looked up and saw their phones pointed in the direction of the fight.

They were smiling and laughing, giving each other high fives. The other bystanders stayed back and laugh and hooted at the fight. It was about fifteen of them and more running to see the action.

“Somebody help me,” Crystal groaned, as blood streamed down her face and out her mouth.

Shanay spat on Crystal and stomp her repeatedly on her head, her sides, and shove her across the concrete.

The crowd laughed in response. Nobody did anything to help. The four girls stopped on their own after they realized Crystal had got enough of an ass-whupping.

“Ain’t nobody coming to save your ass, bitch!” Shanay hollered and kicked Crystal again in the back of her head.

Then she stepped on Crystal’s new iPhone, crushing it with her feet---making it a total loss.

“Kill that bitch for disrespecting you, Shanay!” One of the girls hollered.

“That’s what you get for stealing my man!” Shanay bent down toward Crystal and lowered her voice. “Just remember that the Go-Getters sent us. They wanted us to teach your ass a lesson to stay out of their business. Juan hired us to mess your ass up, bitch! That’s on the blood,” Shanay laughed and joined her other friends.

Crystal continued to groan and grimaced in writhing pain.

“Whoo-woo, we whupped Crystal’s ass! Black girls gone wild! Black girls rock!” the girls chanted.

“WorldStar! We got to upload this to WorldStar and social media! We gonna be some social media stars after this. We gonna get rich and famous!” the girls continued to chant, laughing, and prancing around.

Crystal could hear the girls and the uncaring crowd gleeful taunts and yells. Then she heard another voice. This one seemed caring and sympathetic.

“Oh my God! What happened to her?” Crystal heard an older woman’s voice cry out in alarm. “I’m calling 911. Just stick with me, hon. Everything is going to be alright.”

And that was when Crystal passed out.

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