Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Zack had arrived at Paige’s house. Paige could see what look like her parents and Steven in the window being nosy. She scoffed and turned to Zack.

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow around seven for the Bessie West and the Melanin Beauty Sweethearts’ concert special,” Zack reminded her.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Paige smiled.


“Mackenzie’s boyfriend had whupped his ass a couple of weeks ago. He didn’t tell us everything. He downplayed their fight. He missed a few days out of school like Crystal is doing now,” Danielle told Paige as they hurried out of the school the following evening.

Paige glanced at her iPhone and saw that it was four o’clock. “If Mackenzie is in an abusive relationship then he needs to get out of it.”

“That’s easier said than done. Mackenzie loves that man.”

Paige walked with Danielle to Danielle’s ride. They were both wearing summer dresses. Paige sported a pale yellow dress with light, brown sandals, and her hair was pinned in an elegant updo. She switched her huge white purse to her dominant shoulder.

Danielle wore a flower-printed minidress, navy, blue flats, and a gold handbag. Danielle’s natural hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She only wore little makeup while Paige didn’t wear any. They got into the car.

They both saw Mackenzie and Casey walking toward Casey’s car. Casey had her car keys out dangling as she opened her car door. Paige didn’t know that Casey had parked her car, a silver Sedan, beside Danielle’s.

“Hey, sweeties!” Casey said in her thick Ghanian accent.

“Hello, doll faces!” Mackenzie greeted them while leaning on Casey’s car.

“Hey, y’all! What’s up?” Danielle put her shades on.

“Hi, how it’s going?” Paige smiled.

“That Juan and those girls need to be in jail for what they did to our homegirl Crystal!” Mackenzie sighed.

Like your boyfriend Mackenzie that beat you up, Paige thought.

“You ain’t lying about that one,” Danielle agreed.

“Crystal’s mother has been getting all of her school work while she recuperates,” Casey informed them.

“Has Crystal talked with you and Mackenzie? She’s talked with Jasmine but she hasn’t spoken with me and Paige,” Danielle remarked, disappointed.

“The last time I spoke to her was that day of the attack,” Casey said.

“I talked to her over the phone. She still in the hospital. She told me she was hurting, sore, and bruised all over,” Mackenzie informed them. “She didn’t talk much but I see why. The medicine them doctors put her on had her drowsy and weak. That’s what she told me.”

Danielle revved her engine and nodded her head. “We got to head out. Paige and I both got dates tonight! We’re going to see Bessie West and the Melanin Sweethearts in concert!” Danielle did a mini dance at the wheel.

“I’m probably going to be late to the concert tonight because I have to close up this evening at my dad’s store,” Casey pouted.

“Awe, Case,” Paige commented.

“Who cares about some concert? My man and I got some lovemaking plan tonight!” Mackenzie sing-songed, waving at them before he jumped into Casey’s car.

“See y’all, honeys!” Casey hollered.

“Bye, guys!” Paige called.

“Yeah, later,” Danielle waved goodbye and rode off.


Zack and Paige moved along with the other Go-Getters—Tristan, DaShawn, Noah, Cain, and their girlfriends. Everybody was dressed up, looking their best.

The armed security was stationed directly by the doors in front of the gigantic ballroom.

Top-of-the-line surveillance was everywhere, checking out the diverse guests that entered the establishment.

It was a spectacular ballroom and was recently remodeled with shiny tables and seats, brightly lit, and every bit of it looked expensive.

Men and women of all ages, races, and backgrounds hurried to get to their seats. The Douglases, the Carters, the DuBierres, the Johansson families were all there. They were some of the most richest and prominent families in Arkansas, the country, and the world.

Many of the Go-Getters’ families who were a fixture at the ballrooms, were already seated and relaxing in the VIP section.

The Summervilles came right on time but not before throwing shade at the Douglases that tried to engage in an ill-timed conversation.

“You’re not sitting with your family?” Paige asked Zack.

“It’s crowded over there. Instead, I rather sit with you, babe, and I’ll tolerate those friends of mine!” Zack hollered over the noisy crowd.

There were thousands packed into the Versatile Entertainment Ballroom. Paige sat between Zack and La’Shayla. Tristan sat on the other side of his girlfriend.

The other Go-Getters were seated near them. Danielle, Jonathan, and Casey weren’t far behind them. They got group seats in advance because they wanted to sit together.

Bessie West and the Melanin Beauty Sweethearts were coming out to entertain the crowd at any minute.

The global mainstream press was there and videos of the event were live streaming all across the globe. They saw the regular groupies that attended every hotshot event.

The lights dimmed and the curtains went up. An unearthly bluish smoke spilled out over the audience. The guests up front were dining on chef-prepared meals.

Folks were hurrying to their seats before the event started. No one in their right mind wanted to be late to a Bessie West’s concert or a Melanin Beauty Sweethearts concert either.

The magnificently dressed male and female hosts stood on the huge stage warming up the crowd before the extravaganza event.

“Ladies and gentlemen, an international icon and Arkansas’s own, Mrs. Bessie West!” the host swooned.

The crowd went crazy. The applause and cheers were wild. Bessie West switched onto the stage. The beautiful and sexy superstar waved at the crowd.

She was of average height and slender. She wore an expensive diamond platinum wardrobe and high heels. Bessie’s outfit accentuated her chest and curves.

Her makeup was polished to perfection, and she had a sophisticated hairstyle. Cameras caught people in the audience crying and jumping up and down. There were many catcalls from men and women praising Bessie.

“Hello, audience!” Bessie seductively remarked. “How are you doing tonight?” she winked.

Paige swore about half of the audience lost it when she spoke to them. Paige was a big fan too but she didn’t act that crazy.

She looked around and saw that the Go-Getters were impressed too. They didn’t act like the audience either. Bessie sang a bunch of her number one hits that she had over the years.

Halfway through the show, the Melanin Beauty Sweethearts all dressed in similar fashion like Bessie, later followed by the male dancers, came out and joined Bessie.

They danced with perfect precision and entertained the crowd through the end. After the event, Paige left with Zack and his friends. She said goodbye to Danielle and Casey.

“You enjoy yourself, boo,” Zack asked her, grabbing her hand and leading her to his ride.

When they got there, Zack French-kissed Paige in front of his friends.

That kiss left her breathless.

“I’m so fuckin’ horny right now. I can’t wait to make love with you,” he whispered seductively to her.

Paige shivered at his words.

“Oh shit!” Tristan hollered.

The others laughed.

“Zack looking hard as a mug! This fool can’t wait to get some!” DaShawn joked.

“Stop it,” La’Shayla replied.

“Stay out of our business!” Zack cracked.

“Y’all outside though,” Noah reminded him.

“You wanna go somewhere else. What about my place? My family has many cottages along the river where we can chill and fuck around,” Zack brushed up against Paige.

“No, I told you not right now,” Paige sternly replied.

Zack smirk and playfully rolled his eyes. “Okay, alright, maybe we’ll have fun at the house party coming up.”

Paige could smell a faint alcohol scent on Zack’s breath.

When did he drink? I don’t remember him drinking earlier. He isn’t high, is he? Paige thought in concern.

“Paige, you have fun!? That Bessie and those melanin sweeties were something else, weren’t they?” La’Shayla commented.

“I know right. A lot of men were getting hard during that sexy show!” Brianna added.

“What y’all know about that?” DaShawn teased.

They saw Juan and his girlfriend PollyAnna coming out with Satin and his girlfriend. They greeted them and walked out of sight.

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