Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“Yeah, I enjoyed the show. The ladies were amazing,” Paige mesmerized.

“Yeah, they sure were,” Shanice agreed.

Paige and Zack engaged in conversation with the others. Paige was getting sleepy and was ready to go home.

DaShawn went to his ride and passed around some beers. All of the guys except Cain began drinking.

La’Shayla and Brianna were the only girls that drank. It was dusk and the last of the folks from the ballroom spilled out.

“You getting sleepy, Paige?” Zack stared at her.

“Yeah, I am getting tired and I’m ready when you are.”

“That’s code for I’m ready to go now!” Zack joked.

Paige smirked.

“Y’all I’m going to leave and drop Paige off. I’ll catch y’all tomorrow,” Zack remarked.

“Bye,” Paige waved.

They all said their goodbyes.


“Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the New Black Wall Street! Our very own Brown-Eyed Heaven. We’re taking back what was unlawfully stolen from us and we are rebuilding on that. Just like Oakland California was the birthplace of the Black Panthers. Little Rock, Arkansas is the birthplace of the Go-Getters. You better wise up, black America! You need to be smart, take back your shit, and live your best life! Now, that’s black excellence!” Senator Chad Summerville spoke to a packed gallery at his family’s New Black Wall Street Corporate Headquarters.

The crowd applauded and cheered.

“Preach Senator!”

“You always speak the truth! Always dropping them gems!”

A few members hollered out in the audience. They quieted down as he began to speak again.

“A lot is going on. I’m talking to black folks not only in the diaspora but across the African continent. This applies to all of us. We are creating black wall streets across the world. Not only in Amerikkka and places like it. No, that’s not enough for our pro-black and conscious community. Some black folks out there are only satisfied with being kings and queens of New York, LA, ATL, Arkansas, Amerikkka.”

That elicited laughs from the audience.

“I know right, that shit’s funny,” Chad scoffed and continued. “Our community here in Arkansas, the District should be a shining example for all of African descent folks across the globe. This is our modern-day Black Wall Street, our utopia. No black person in their right mind should be satisfied with what’s going on now. The only people that are happy and satisfied with the status quo are the ignorant racists and the self-hating sell-outs. Everything that’s happened throughout his-story all over the world should have never happened. Satan is their God and he and his followers, the demons, are using the colonialists these barbaric savages to divide and conquered the globe for the last five hundred plus years.

“Of course, they are not that smart. They have never been brilliant but they are great manipulators. They have learned from the same script that they hijacked from the Arab Slave Trade that preceded the Transatlantic Slave Trade by thousands of years and is still going even til today. But much of it is on the down-low now. Black folks stop putting up with that mess-up shit. The colonialists don’t put up with anyone’s shit and you shouldn’t either. Don’t you dare tolerate that shit. All the illegal invasions, colonialism, slavery, Jim Crow, modern-day slavery and Jim Crow 2.0 or should we say John Crow? A different cast of villains but the same shit!

“There are variations of all of this systemic racism, discrimination, oppression, etc worldwide. Colonialists from America, South Africa, Australia, Cuba, Brazil, all over the world trying to outdo each other with their so-called perfect oppression. Black folks all around the world, this is our blueprint for you. We are willing to support and defend those that support and defend us. We are going to help black America and blacks across the globe that help themselves and give back to the community. We are only helping those that share our beliefs and philosophy.

“We are not going out of our way to be wonderful and looking out for anyone that won’t do the same. The black community especially black women needs to stop supporting and stop investing your hard-earned money in non-black businesses.

“It doesn’t make any sense that ninety-five percent of blacks’ 1.4 trillion buying power goes to white corporations that have always and still have racist and discriminatory practices towards blacks and the rest goes to other non-black businesses. That’s horrible. A damn shame.

“One hundred percent of black wealth should go to black businesses and pro-black and conscious businesses that give back to the community. You should not give your black dollars to a bunch of blood-sucking leeches that take, take, take and give nothing back. Whose only setup to exploit your black dollars and constantly act racist and disrespect you while taking your hard-earned money and in your neighborhood.

“They are treating you like a criminal as if you need them—you don’t. They need your business because that’s why they are there. That wealth should remain in the black community. Back in 1921 Tulsa’s Black Wall Street, the black dollar lasted for three to five years in the community. Now it can barely last a week! Good Lord!

“Reminder, do not give your support to black folks that coon, give all their resources to whites and other non-black folks, and assimilating with white supremacy by only befriending, dating, marrying and having halfbreed kids with every race but their own, supporting their erasure. Then talking shit against the black community even though the black community helped them to get to where they are. Non-blacks didn’t help their stupid, clown asses and instead, they are using them for their money and power. We need more people like Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali and fewer people like Jack Johnson and Clarence Thomas.”

The crowd cheered and applauded again. There were shouts of amens and preach. Chad waited for the crowd to quiet down before he concluded his speech.

“We’ve been talking a lot about the racist and evil, sadistic, terrorism that these barbaric savages that went from enslaving each other, white on white crime to dwelling in caves and not taking baths. Their entire history is constantly invading and stealing everything that didn’t belong to them. These white immigrants colonizing the land across America and around the world where people of color inhabited. They have always colonialized, raped, massacred, plunder their way to stolen wealth and power and their greedy asses are still doing the same bullshit til this very day.

“Whether it’s from redlining, building federal highways in middle of black communities, and school to prison pipeline. Systemic racism and discrimination have been infiltrated across the board—housing, education, environment with contaminated air and water, the workforce. It has severely affected your quality of life—making you sick with various health problems, leading you to an untimely grave. Black folks, these sadistic savages have screwed and ruined the only temporary life that you have. Are you going to take that or are you going to fight back and put these nasty and Satanized savages in their godforsaken places!?” Chad concluded his speech with a standing ovation.

Chad spoke and shook hands with many of the audience members. The all-black crowd was excited to see him. Chad answered their questions and then he was on his way to a diverse crowd in another city. As usual, his loyal staff had checked out the entire invited crowd and used advanced technology to scan for any electronic devices so his speeches would not get out to the public. Chad had three types of speeches--one for his elite crowd, one for the general black community, and one for the diverse crowd that he was going to speak to soon.


Paige and Zack were over at Paige’s house having dinner. Paige’s parents, Jude and Edward, were staring at Zack and asking questions back to back. Steven was there too and looking at Zack as if given the chance he will whup Zack’s ass. Paige sighed and sat back in her seat.

The chair felt comfortable and the dinner that Nana cook was delicious. Steven had finished his plate and his unblinking eyes remained on Zack.

Steven was dressed in his workout clothes, a white t-shirt, gray sweatpants, and a gray jacket and sneakers. He ran his fingers through his short Afro and massaged his facial hair.

Steven’s iPhone rang and he excused himself from the kitchen table and went into the den to talk privately.

Paige blew a sigh of relief. She didn’t like how Steven had been looking at Zack. She didn’t want Steven to frightened Zack away.

Paige played with her hair that she allowed to hang down. She didn’t wear any makeup. Paige was wearing her pink jumpsuit and matching sandals. She glanced at her freshly filed fingernails. She hadn’t painted her nails in a long time.

Zack wore a light, blue, silk shirt, dark blue slacks, and casual dress shoes.

Jude was dressed in a summer dress, flat heels, and her natural, curly hair hung loosely around her face. Like Paige, she didn’t wear any makeup.

Edward got up to used the restroom. “I’ll be right back. Don’t leave you two,” Edward said as he left. Edward was dressed in a casual suit, dark silk shirt, and pants. A pair of slides completed his wardrobe.

“We not going to leave, Daddy,” Paige assured him.

“Dinner was lovely,” Zack commented, placing his napkin on his plate.

“Thank you,” Jude smiled.

They feasted on fried catfish, mustard potato salad, okra, steamed vegetables, a peach cobbler, and lemonade. Edward came back to the kitchen after several minutes.

“So, when is the house party?” Edward asked.

“Yeah, I’ll like to know that too,” Steven came back and sat down in his seat.

“It’s this weekend, Mr. and Mrs. Williams,” Zack informed them.

Jude nodded. “Will there be chaperones?”

“Yes, my family’s staff would be there the whole time.”

“But they work for you and your family, right?” Edward asked incredulously.

“Yeah, I know right, Dad. That ain’t much of a proper chaperone. Y’all paying them,” Steven bit into an apple.

Steven didn’t care that Zack noticed his displeasure with him. Paige glanced at her father and thought that he wasn’t much better.

Edward stared at Zack and didn’t seem impressed with him either. Jude looked captivated. Paige and Zack finished answering the million questions that her parents and Steven had prepared for them. They went outside.

“Whoa, that was something unexpected!” Paige gave him a lopsided grin.

Zack smiled and looked into her eyes. They sat down on the comfortable seats on the porch, watching the fat blue and black birds snack on food in the yard.

“I tried calling Crystal but her mother answered her phone and said that she wasn’t taking calls at this time. I almost think she is ignoring me and Danielle,” Paige looked down at the porch.

“Maybe she is still sick and healing. Embarrassed about the fight and everything,” Zack replied.

Paige shrugged. “I guess.”

“She hasn’t called you either or Danielle?” he asked.

“Nope. I hope she’s not mad with us especially since we going to this house party and she’s at home. And even if she could go but she can’t because of you know what,” Paige remarked.

Zack nodded and looked at her. They were quiet for a minute before he spoke.

“I could tell that your dad and brother don’t like me! But your mom is cool though.”

“Yeah, to be perfectly honest. They have to get to know you,” Paige rocked her legs.

“Yeah, I don’t think they want to,” Zack chuckled.

“Mackenzie said that Crystal is going to make the effort to attend Porsha’s funeral tomorrow. I was wondering if it seemed impolite to party right after a funeral,” Paige changed the subject.

“Nah, it’s okay. The funeral is in the afternoon and the party is at night,” Zack said and got up.

“You ready to go?” Paige got up too.

“Yeah, I got to head back,” Zack hugged her and smooch her on the lips.

“I had fun as usual,” Paige looked back at her house and was surprised that she didn’t see anyone being nosy.

“I had fun too, Paige. My boys want to talk to me about something. So, I’ll better get out of here. See you tomorrow,” Zack smiled.

“Yeah, see you too.”

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