Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Paige, Danielle, Crystal, Mackenzie, and Casey sat down quietly at the funeral home. The Go-Getters: Zack, Tristan, DaShawn, Noah, Cain, and their girlfriends sat across from them.

Everyone looked solemn and serious. Paige looked around but didn’t see Juan, Satin, or their friends this time. Porsha’s mother sobbed quietly in a handkerchief, a couple of ladies were talking and comforting her.

Crystal had her hair comb down and a scarf wrapped around her lower face and she wore sunglasses. Crystal didn’t speak much to anyone.

She had greeted Porsha’s mother when she arrived. Crystal didn’t talk much to Paige, Danielle, or Casey but she said a few more words to Mackenzie. Probably because Mackenzie made her speak.

“Crystal, how are you feeling today?” Paige asked.

Crystal glanced at her before answering. “Much better than before.”

“That’s good. We’re sorry that we weren’t there to support you,” Danielle said.

Crystal nodded. “Yeah.”

Then she turned her attention back to the funeral. The minister was concluding his speech. A few family members made some remarks.

Porsha’s mother spoke briefly before breaking down and another family member had to lead her to her seat. After the funeral, they participated in the procession.

Wow, Crystal treated us like strangers off the street. I still don’t understand what we did to her though, Paige thought wearily.

At night, Paige and Zack arrived at Zack’s house. The house party would officially start when they get inside. It just turned eight p.m.

“You look beautiful!” Zack gushed at Paige.

“Thank you, hon!” Paige smiled.

Zack French-kissed her. She smelled alcohol on his breath. He is already drinking this early? Paige thought, concern entering her mind.

Paige was dressed in a sexy, silk black blouse, showing a little cleavage, a black mini skirt, and black shoe-string heel boots.

Paige had her hair styled with side bangs, a pinned ponytail, and a hang down in the back. Her large, black purse swung by her side.

Paige’s makeup was polished perfectly. Her dark-red lipstick shined, she had on pink blush, and her arched eyebrows and mascara-styled eyelashes looked elegant.

Zack was dressed in black too. He wore an expensive designer, black silk shirt, black dress pants, and black personalized, casual dress shoes.

Zack was wearing jewelry, two diamond rings on each finger, a gold necklace, and a diamond stud in his right ear. Paige and Zack walked to his house. One of his maids let them inside.

There were young people everywhere. Guys and girls were drinking and dancing around. Everybody was dressed up and looked awesome.

The ladies wore promiscuous outfits and the guys wore casual clubbing outfits too. The majority of the crowd was wealthy and prominent.

It looked like Go-Getters and their invited guests. Tupac was playing on the surround sound. Everybody seemed to be having fun. Food and drinks were stacked on a huge table near the kitchen.

Zack’s house looked beautifully decorated. The huge 4K TV was turned off. It looked to be over 100 inches and it was in the center of the entertainment center. The temperature was set just right.

The black leather furniture looked comfortable. The floor looked cleaned and an expensive rug spread over part of the dining room. Zack’s home looked like a professional photograph taken from a modern and trendy magazine.

There were digital photo frames on the walls. Paintings and figurines were positioned throughout the room. The multi-million dollar mansion looked like any mansion along the District’s top tier.

Paige saw armed security near the exits. Beautiful flowers were near the bay windows on the tables. The place smelled wonderful. There was a covering over the furniture. It felt cool.

Different conversations from the guests blended in the air. Some of the guests were smoking cigarettes, cigars, and weed. Zack reached for Paige’s hand. They held hands as they walked near his friends.

Tristan and DaShawn were talking loudly and laughing about something that happened earlier. Noah and Cain listened and didn’t say much.

Paige saw La’Shayla and Brianna sitting down. They waved when they saw her approaching. Paige returned the wave. Shanice had left to go to the restroom.

“Hi there,” Kerrie greeted her with a huge smile.

“Hello,” Paige smiled in return.

Paige and Zack converse with their friends for a while before walking off together and sitting alone. Paige looked around and saw Danielle dancing with Jonathan.

Danielle waved at her when she saw her. Paige waved back and glanced at Casey deep in conversation with a new guy that she never saw before.

Her smile completely faded when she saw Juan and Satin flirting with some girls by the liquor cabinet. Paige wasn’t expecting to see them. She wasn’t surprised when she didn’t see them at the funeral.

“Hey, Zack, I didn’t know that Juan and Satin were invited to your house party too,” Paige replied.

Zack rolled his eyes. “Yeah, why not. They are Go-Getters and my homies, Paige. They are cool people,” he drank the last of his wine before throwing the bottle away.

“Porsha had said that Juan, Satin, and their friends gang-raped her. That is a serious crime. I didn’t think that you would invite them to your party,” Paige was disappointed.

“We don’t know what happened that night, Paige. We weren’t there. It was her words against his,” Zack remarked.

“I really don’t think she would have made that up, Zack. I believed her. I heard that Juan and Satin have track records,” Paige said.

Zack scoffed. “Those are only rumors. Those guys are my friends and I have been knowing them for years. I had never seen them act inappropriately with any female before. Come on, babe, let’s talk about us and not other folks!”


“Let’s go upstairs to my bedroom. We’ve been down here hanging out long enough,”

“Well, I-I’m not so sure about that…”

Zack cut in. “Everything is going to be cool, boo. Let’s relax and chill in my room. Just us having fun.”

“Alright, I don’t want to spend too much time in there. I want to get back and talk, hang out with our friends,” Paige said, a little unsure about Zack’s suggestion to his bedroom.

Zack led Paige to his bedroom and closed the door, locking it. That made Paige jumped. He walked over to a table and grabbed two whiskey bottles. He gave her one and began drinking from his.

“I don’t drink, Zack. I never drank liquor in my life,” Paige said, giving it back.

Zack didn’t accept it. “It’s just some whiskey. Go ahead and drink a little, babe, be free because you’re so wound up.”

“No, really, I can’t. My parents will kill me,” Paige replied.

“Ain’t you grown, boo! You’re eighteen now. Forget about your parents. You’re here to have a good time!”

Paige nodded and drank a sip of whiskey. Zack turned on some music. It was Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation.”

Paige flinched at the song. Whoa, Paige thought. Paige continued to drink from the bottle. Zack drank from his bottle too.

“Um, are you into oral sex?” Paige asked.

“Whoa, where that come from?” Zack chuckled.

“I want to know. That’s all.”

“Hell naw! That’s disgusting! I have never and will never do something like that. And after a person does that then they are going to kiss you afterward. What about you? Oh yeah, you are a virgin,” Zack scoffed.

Paige nodded and breathed a sigh of relief. “Good to know. That’s nasty! I have no interest in freaky shit like that!” she remarked, still drinking the whiskey.

Zack noticed that Paige was getting tipsy. He was enjoying this Paige. She was relaxing and loosening up some.

“I don’t blame you, boo. I know people that get down like that but it’s not for me,” he agreed.

Paige nodded. “You look so handsome, babe! I’m happy to be here.”

Zack yawned and sat beside her. “Let’s make love, sweetheart.”

“Make love? Okay,” Paige slurred her words a little bit.

“I’ll be a gentleman,” Zack began taking off his clothes. “I’ll go slow and take my time. I want your first time to be extra special. I want you to feel loved, babe.”

He helped Paige take off her clothes before propping her on his king-sized bed. The silky blue bedding felt comfortable to Paige.

“I’ma get you wet so I’ll be able to glide in more easily,” He spoke softly to her, placing wet kisses across her face.

Paige felt herself pulled away from reality and the room. “Would it hurt?” Paige heard her voice say, sounded like she was coming from far away.

Zack hesitated before replying. “It might feel uncomfortable, it may hurt some, a little pressure but just relax, boo, I got you.”

“Am I high? I wanted to wait until I’m married,” Paige whispered.

“We can still get married and have a baby someday,” Zack told her.

The music changed to Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On.” Zack positioned himself and began to make love to Paige.

Her eyes were opened in slits and she finally looked relaxed but her breathing was a little heavy. Zack looked a bit blurry to her.

“A baby, okay? Can I see it?” Paige curiously asked.

“Can you see what?” Zack knew what she meant but he played it coy.

“Can I touch it?” Paige looked at him.

“Can you touch what?” he laughed.

Paige rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I can see it now. It looks huge,” she smirked.

“I was just playing with you, boo! You can touch all over it if you want. I’m in,” Zack remarked.

Paige heard him say. It sounded like he was coming from far away too. Paige let out a moan and another moan. She felt pressure and a little pain. Maybe the alcohol dulled the pain and pressure a bit, Paige hazily thought.

“Zack,” Paige moan and twisted her body.

By this time, Zack looked like a blurred image to her. The room began to move and it split apart. Paige felt herself leave her body but she still felt the pressure. It seemed to last forever.

After a while, she felt pressure leave her lower body. Paige’s eyes closed and she felt her world end. She had blacked out. Her body went limp and fully relaxed.

Zack hovered over her and shook her firmly. His eyes went wide. “It’s over, sweetie. Paige, what’s wrong? Wake up, babe!? Paige, Paige, what happened?” Zack heard the music in the background from downstairs.

Zack panicked but before he went into full panicked mode, Paige stirred lightly and moaned softly.

“I’m trying to go to sleep, honey,” Paige whispered.

Zack blew a sigh of relief. He got up and smirk at Paige’s undressed body. He covered her with his bedspread. There was a knock at his bedroom door.

Paige had gone to sleep. He got up to answer it. It was Juan, Satin, and their friends looking horny at his bedroom door.

“What’s up, Zack? Where’s your new girlfriend? You not going to share her with us?” Juan asked, with a smirk on his face.

“Yeah, bro, all of us want to tap that sweet chocolate ass. Don’t leave us out, man!” Satin slyly remarked.

“What the hell! Were y’all watching us? I don’t share girls with anybody. Y’all must be out of y’all minds!” Zack scoffed.

He looked back at Paige, tossing onto his bed and moaning softly again. He quickly closed and locked the door, shaking his head.

“Zack is stingy as hell when it comes to his women, boys!” Juan joked.

“Nah, playa, I ain’t the one to do shit like that. Go and find Jake, Keyshawn, or Griffin to get down like that. I ain’t bout to let y’all have at my female. My house, my rules,” Zack stood his ground.

Juan shook his head. Satin scoffed.

“Well, there are plenty of fine ass females that would love to play with us!” Juan backed away.

“Alright, bro, we’ll remember this one,” Satin chuckled and turned away.

“That Paige got her a good man!” Juan joked.

“I know right,” Satin agreed.

They walked off, going down the stairs.

Zack sighed.

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