Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Paige woke up the next morning. She gradually opened her eyes, her head was hurting, and she felt sore and wet in between her legs. She stretched. Her mind a hazy fog. Paige yawned. The door opened and Zack came inside.

“Good morning, babe,” Zack smirked.

Paige was startled and quickly look around. The bedroom looked unfamiliar to her.

“Oh my God, what are you doing here, Zack!?” Paige demanded.

“This is my house. I’m in my room,” Zack informed her.

“It is,” Paige looked puzzled.


“What happened last night? My head is killing me and my body feels sore. I need some pain reliever,” Paige didn’t tell him where she felt sore. She thought that would be too much information.

“I had a house party, remember? We had sex and you spent the night with me, babe,” Zack told her.

“I did what? No, I wanted to remain a virgin until my wedding night,” Paige touched her forehead.

“We were drinking whiskey. We both got drunk especially you, Paige. Babe, we can still get married and start our family someday.”

Paige shivered at his answer. “We got drunk and had sex! Oh my, I messed up! Take me home right now, Zack.”

“What about breakfast? You hungry, boo? I can give you some medicine for your headache and pain,” Zack remarked, looking concerned.

“No, I want to go home. I’ll eat breakfast and take some medicine later.” Paige jumped up and grabbed her clothes and put them on. She snatched her purse off the table and realized Zack was already fully dressed.

“Are you sure you don’t want to shower and have breakfast? We have medicine here,” Zack looked disappointed.

“I told you no. That’s alright. I need to get home. My parents are gonna be pissed that I stayed the night here. This is the first time ever that I spent the night away from home. Who’s here beside us?”

“It’s just us and my family’s servants. Everyone else is gone,” Zack replied.

Paige was dressed in last night’s outfit. “I’m ready to go.”

“Okay, let’s leave.”

They left Zack’s home and headed to Paige’s home.


Paige, Danielle, Crystal, and Casey stood on Emille’s steps, looking out at the unauthorized protest that was organized for Porsha. Jasmine came over and greeted them. The secretary Mrs. Alma Hodges glared at the protest. She was pissed.

“I hope no one gets in trouble for this,” Danielle commented.

“Get in trouble for what? We are protesting Emille’s treatment of Porsha and future Porshas out there. They are tolerating rape culture by not doing a fucking thing about Juan, Satin, and the others. They still allowing Juan and his crew to roam the property. They didn’t see to it that Porsha get any real justice!” Crystal snapped.

The old Crystal was back. Crystal wasn’t talking a lot to me and Danielle. She was only talking at us, Paige thought.

“I see you back to talking with us,” Danielle said.

Crystal rolled her eyes.

It was the beginning of the school week. Paige had her hair pinned up with little makeup on, creased dark, blue jeans, a red and blue satin tank top, and black wedges.

She didn’t tell her parents about what happened the night before. They were angry that she spent the night. Paige told them that she lost track of time and slept in a guest bedroom instead of saying that she slept with Zack in his bedroom.

She didn’t think they believe her because they grounded her for two weeks because she didn’t come home. Steven had looked pissed too and threatened to beat up Zack. Her parents told her that she should have called.

Paige, Danielle, Crystal, Casey, and Jasmine walked down the steps of the school. It was during lunch when everybody was moving around.

Teenage girls were protesting and holding signs all over Emille’s property. They had been protesting all morning.

Earlier, Crystal and Jasmine had been at the front holding signs, accusing Emille of supporting rapists and not caring about underprivileged girls. Mrs. Hodges walked over to Crystal and Jasmine.

“Down with Emille!” Many of the girls chanted. “Hypocrites at Emille!”

“Emille supports rapists over victims!” They continued to chant slogans on their signs.

“You damn hoodrats, what in the hell have you done!?” Mrs. Hodges frowned at them.

“We are recording this protest and you too,” Crystal said, holding up her new iPhone.

Paige remembered that the girls that Juan hired to beat up Crystal broke her other iPhone. She must have bought a new one, Paige thought.

Mrs. Hodges rolled her eyes. “This clown protest ain’t going to do anything! You gals need to leave and get back to class because I’m going to expel every last one of you for having an unauthorized protest and trespassing on school’s grounds.” She stormed off.

“That bitch is trash!” Crystal said.

They saw Mrs. Hodges whispered to the security and police officers. They began to disperse the protest. Most of the young women left without incident.

A few had to be scolded to leave or be arrested for engaging in unauthorized activity. They saw some local media covering the event. The reporters were taking pictures, filming, and interviewing many of the girls.

“How was your time with Zack the other night?” Danielle asked. She was wearing tight black slacks, a black silk blouse, and black sneakers. Her hair was comb back in a flip.

Paige smirked. “I can barely remember that night. It’s all in bits and pieces.”

“Damn, girl, you were drunk!” Danielle laughed.

Crystal looked at Paige. Casey and Jasmine were listening too. Casey and Jasmine were dressed casually too.

Casey was wearing a bright, summer dress, flats, and her hair was in an Afro. Jasmine wore a peach miniskirt, an orange blouse, and white boots. Her hair was styled in a French roll.

“What do you mean you can barely remember?” Crystal was wearing denim capris, a pink tank top, and stilettos and her hair was braided.

Crystal’s bruises were beginning to fade from her face. She still had a scarf and shades covering almost half of her face.

Crystal told them that the doctor said she had a mild concussion and a couple of fractured ribs. She said that there were other mild issues but wasn’t going to talk about that now.

Crystal was gradually coming back to school but recuperating at the same time.

“What I mean is that I was high. I drank too much. Zack persuaded me to drink with him and have fun. I remember cuddling and kissing then after that is a blur. My memory is a blank. He said that we had sex. I spend the night over at his place. I thought about what happened or what I remember, what he said, but I don’t know. I hope I wasn’t raped. I don’t see Zack doing that but you never know,” Paige explained.

Casey nodded.

“I see. Be careful, Paige. Take your time and think it through,” Jasmine said.

Paige noticed a sympathetic expression come on Crystal’s face.

“If he had sex with you while you were intoxicated, then that’s rape, Paige. It doesn’t look good that you don’t remember anything about that night. Are you sure he didn’t put some date-rape drug in your drink? We went over this with Porsha after she was raped,” Crystal remarked.

“I said I remember bits and pieces though. He was drunk too. He told me that but he wasn’t drunk as me,” Paige said.

Danielle nodded, “I hope Zack didn’t plan anything nefarious.”

The girls walked on to their different classes.

“I sure hope he didn’t,” Paige grimly nodded.


Chad Summerville was lying down beside his wife Paulena in their master bedroom. Their master bedroom looked like the rest of their mansion.

It looked like any master bedroom that is owned by the rich and famous. The furniture was new and elegant. The rest of the scenery in the bedroom was a mixture of vintage and modern.

Their personal and professional belongings were neatly spread out around the room. Chad was thinking back to when he was a child.

He was shopping with his parents, Daphne and Joel, at a prominent friend’s grocery store.

Joel had gone to search for some supplies while Chad and Daphne were up front waiting for him. Daphne had started talking to an old friend from the neighborhood.

Chad used that opportunity to wander away. He spotted a pretty little girl about his age. She was dark-skinned and wearing a yellow, Sunday dress, white stockings, and black shoes. Her pigtails were parted evenly and were sticking up a little.

Chad walked over to the little girl. As he was walking, a little white girl greeted him. He barely acknowledged her existence as he moved past her.

“Hi,” Chad spoke to the little girl that caught his attention.

She seemed surprised that he spoke to her.

“Hi,” she greeted him back.

“What’s your name?” Chad asked her.


“My name is Chad. You are pretty,” he melted at the sight of her.

Another look of surprise came over her face. “Thank you. No one has ever told me that I was pretty before,” she said softly.

“Sorry to hear that. Can I be your boyfriend?”

“I don’t know you,” she said.

Daphne spotted Chad and walked over.

“Hey, honey, I was looking for you. Don’t wander off like that again. There are too many unscrupulous people these days,” Daphne scolded then glanced at Michelle. “Oh, I see who caught your attention. This pretty little baby girl.”

Daphne and Michelle smiled.

“I didn’t wander away, Mom. You were just over there,” Chad replied.

“I know, honey. Your father is ready to go. Tell your friend bye.”



Chad walked with Daphne to the exit to meet his father.

“I had to get you away from that little girl. Her family is a bunch of hoodlums, gangstas, and number runners. We don’t socialize with folks like that, dear. I’ll introduce you to my friends’ daughters that come from respectable and prominent families,” Daphne said when they were out of earshot from Michelle.

Joel was waiting up ahead. They caught up with him and walked out of the store. Chad looked back, searching for Michelle.

He saw her pressed against the store’s window, waving at him. He waved back until he got into his parent’s car and left.

Chad had dozed off after reliving his memory from decades ago. He dreamt of that same little girl. Chad and Michelle were running in the sky above the sun then they jumped over the moon. They came to a mountain.

Chad made it across the mountain but Michelle slipped and began to fall. She screamed for help. He caught her hand and tried to pull her over the mountain but then he was being pulled over the mountain.

He couldn’t hold on to her any longer. Chad lost his grip and she began to fall down the mountain into the river below. Chad jumped up in his bed. Back in the present day.

“Are you alright, sweetheart? You jumped up abruptly,” Paulena remarked.

“Yeah, I had a dream, a nightmare about a little girl that I met years ago,” Chad answered.

Paulena looked at him oddly. “Okay, a little girl?”

“It’s not like that, Paulena. I was a child in the dream too. It was some random girl that I briefly met over forty years ago,” Chad scoffed, sitting up.

“Yeah, I know. I was playing with you sweetie,” Paulena smiled.

Chad smiled back and climbed over onto Paulena.

“Wait, I’ll be back,” Paulena climbed from under him and went out of the room.

“Paulena, come on! I’m in the mood and you just walk away,” Chad scoffed again.

Paulena was back in no time. She was wearing a robe and locked the bedroom door. She opened the robe and he saw her wearing her new silky, white lingerie.

“This is what you want, right?” Paulena teased him.

“Hell yeah, that’s what I want.”

Chad beckoned to her. She quickly got back in bed and he climbed back on top of her. He tried to go down on her but she rejected him.

“I’m not that type of woman. I’m a Christian.”

“Say what, Paulena? You can be boring sometimes. Old-fashioned sex, it is.”

They French-kissed and cuddled together then that led to sweet and passionate lovemaking. Later, they were finished. It seemed like hours had passed.

“I love black women so much. I’m addicted to them. I don’t know what it is but sistas turned me on. I always had a thing for chocolate sistas. I’m turned on by the fluffy natural hair, that sensual yet serious dark, brown eyes. I love that medium button-shaped nose, full and sexy lips. Those high cheekbones, that youthful melanin, and that chocolate skin color. I’m turned on by it all. Can’t get enough of you,” Chad remarked then French-kissed Paulena again.

“Oh, honey, I love you so much too. I’m still in love after twenty-five years of marriage,” Paulena said in between kisses.

The clock ticked away as they cuddled.

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