Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Dinner time rolled around. Chad, Paulena, Zack, and Francis were dining around the table. They were feasting on grilled chicken, fries, spaghetti, fruits, vegetables, and juice.

“I can’t believe that stupid girl tried to get Zack in trouble,” Chad drank his wine, he was slurring his words a little.

Paulena looked up. “Don’t call her stupid. You never know what’s going on in someone’s life.”

“Will you shut the hell up! Why do you keep defending some girl that you barely know over your son!?”

“Don’t talk like that to me! How would you feel if I told you to shut up? It’s not like that. I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.”

Chad scoffed. “Right. I’ll tell you if it’s not one thing, it’s another. My mother always said when I was younger that you can take a bitch out of the projects, but you can’t take the projects out of the bitch!”

Paulena nodded her head. “Your mother must have been one classy lady,” she said sarcastically and went on. “Also, honey, don’t use inappropriate language like that in here especially in front of the children.”

“Our children are grown, Paulena. They ain’t little anymore and yes, my mother is classy and a hell of a lot better than a lot of y’all bitches, excuse my French, women are nowadays.

"Y’all women ain’t about nothing. Like the Paiges of this world, these dumb women always hollering at men even after she led him on, over his house, and in his bedroom, drinking his liquor. Dumb ass sluts!”

“Dang, Zack, daddy talking bad about your woman and you ain’t defending her at all! Only mama defending her,” Francis laughed loudly.

Zack nodded his head and didn’t say anything.

“Your brother had a rough time lately,” Paulena said.

A blonde maid came into the kitchen and brought some more juice to the table. Chad glared at her as if he has never seen a white person before. He drank the last of his wine.

“Where that white woman come from?” he shot Paulena a harsh look. “That’s who you hired? You gave a black woman’s job to that thang in there. Pitiful. Tasha, where are you? Give me some whiskey, please?” Chad’s slurring was getting worse.

Tasha was their longtime maid.

“Coming, sir,” Tasha brought Chad a jar of whiskey.

“Sweetie, aren’t you drinking a little too much liquor?”

“Shut the fuck up! What was I talking about again? That’s right. When these stupid lying women wanna accused men of rape. The bitch on top of him, having sex, and then out of the blue, she’s yelling, ’Get off of me! Get him out of me! Get it out of me! No, No, get away from me! He raped me!” Chad mockingly cried and laughed hysterically.

Zack and Francis laughed. Paulena didn’t crack a smile muscle. She looked pissed and tossed her handkerchief in her empty plate.

“Chad, stop making fun of rape victims! That’s not funny! How would you feel if somebody raped you or the women in your family?”

“I’m not making fun of any damn rape victims! I’m telling the truth about lying whores and bitches trying to get a man into trouble. Because she’s angry with him and how the night went down and her dumb ass regrets her actions!”

“I don’t know what to say about you, Chad.”

“Then don’t!”

The blonde maid came back into the kitchen. She looked lost.

“What you want, gal? You looked slow and retarded. Who sent you in here?” Chad demanded.

“Sir, I-I was told by Tasha to bring this food in the kitchen. I cooked it this morning.”

Chad looked at the turkey and dressing. “This shit is burnt and doesn’t look seasoned at all. I’m not a cook or maid and I can cook better than that! We can’t eat this shit! You are a maid and can’t cook! Good Lord! You ain’t about to make me sick with that food poison. Tasha?”

“Yes, sir?”

“Can you cook another turkey and make some more dressing with it? Throw that mess away in the garbage.”

“Of course, sir. I’ll get right to it.” Tasha left.

Chad turned to the blonde maid. “What’s your name, girl?”


“You are banned from this kitchen. I don’t want you anywhere near my food cause I don’t trust you. My food cost too much money to be messed over. I’m taking the cost of this food out of your paycheck. From now on, you only going to clean the house, starting with that dusty basement.”

Lilly stood frozen for a moment.

“Get to work! Why in the hell you still standing there like some statue?”

Lilly jumped and went to work.

“You don’t have to be so cruel, Chad,” Paulena scolded.

Chad gave her a funny look. “I can do what I damn please! No one tells me what to do.”

Dinner was over. Zack and Francis went their separate ways upstairs.

“Aren’t you supposed to be with your husband and kids?” Zack asked.

Francis rolled her eyes. “I’m taking a break from the family. I need my me time.”

Zack scoffed and went to his room.

Lilly came back into the kitchen to get something.

Chad grabbed her by her arm. She looked terrified.

He sneered at her. “If I knew you were white, I never would have approved for your ass to be hired. My wife hired you. She should have hired a black woman for this job. You can go anywhere in the world and ignorant folks would hire you because of the way you look and it doesn’t matter if you have nothing else to offer. No education, no qualifications, or any work ethic at all like the rest of your godforsaken race!

"A black woman or any person of color has to be unrealistically and quadruple better and while y’all only need to be mediocre and barely past. You need to know while you’re here temporarily until you give me a reason to terminate your incompetent ass—and you will—You don’t have any white privilege in this house, gal. I’m the only one with privilege in my castle. I’m the king and royalty here and you are the peasant! Now get your ass to work and cleaned up my house!” He pushed her toward the door.

Lilly ran off so quickly that she almost tripped. Tasha came back to clean up and prepare for the next day’s meal. Paulena followed Chad into the dining area. Chad finished his whiskey and glanced angrily at Paulena. He took off his shirt, exposing his bulging muscles and abs. Chad was very fit, athletic, and worked out every day. He dusted off his white jeans and stretched.

“Chad, you’re drinking a little too much. What’s wrong? Is it stress at work? You’re in charge of several of the family’s businesses. I know that would stress anyone out.”

“You are a wearisome bitch, you know that? It’s you that stressing me out!”

“Chad, let’s talk it over. Maybe a counselor or psychiatrist can help?”

“Say what now? Are you calling me crazy?”

“No, honey! Maybe you have some unresolved issues that a psychiatrist can help you get over.”

Zack and Francis came back down the stairs. They were laughing about some inside joke. Suddenly, Chad ran over to where Paulena stood and bitch-slapped her across the face.

The blow stung her and caused her to fall backward onto the linoleum floor. Paulena reached out to grabbed something but only caught air.

She was shocked because that was the first time her husband had hit her. Zack and Francis looked shocked and ran over to help their mother.

“Now what, bitch! Who needs the psychiatrist now!? I should have been hit your ass for disrespecting me in front of my parents and sister the other day and again in front of our children! You gold-digging whore! All you ever wanted was my money and the power that came with it! I hate all of you stupid and ignorant women!”

Chad walked to a table and drank some more whiskey. He had all of his belongings spread out on it.

There were numerous hundred dollar bills, more liquor, several weapons—handguns, shotguns, rifles--such as Magnums, Glocks, Smith & Wessons, etc. and a few machine guns, countless ammunition, business papers containing important information for the family’s businesses including The New Black Wall Street and the Go-Getters, and many others.

Paulena raised her body halfway up with the help of Zack and Francis.

“If you hate women so much then get a man then! You are toxic, crazy, a maniac, a psychopath! Chad, you have lost your mind! When you drink you become a violent drunk! You and your crazy, stupid, supporters don’t seem to care about anything unless it has something to do with you!” Paulena screamed.

“Mom, are you okay?” Zack hollered.

“Mama, you’re not hurt, are you?” Francis shouted.

“I’m alright, kids. Your father has lost his mind! That’s why I was saying earlier don’t make light of misogynistic remarks and jokes,” Then Paulena turned to her husband. “You are a horrible husband and role model. All you do is cheat on me with those young thangs. You are disgusting!”

“What can I say, I’m a ho! I’m a whore! I do what hos and whores do,” Chad joked, laughing. “Ain’t that’s what we call the women.”

“You are hundred percent right! You are the biggest ho, whore that I have ever known! You disappoint me, Chad!”

“You are the bigger disappointment! You disappoint me too by being a gold-digger! You only married me for my money. Your ass was broke when we first met. You didn’t have shit! You want my family’s money but you are not going to get it. To hell with you, Paulena! You ain’t going to milk me for all I’m worth!”

“My family had money, not as much as your family but we had enough to take care of ourselves."

“Shut up, bitch! I have always been a good husband to you and a damn good father to our two children! We rarely ever have sex, no oral, no nothing. Can your stupid ass remember the last time we made love? A month, two months, hell, I can't remember!”

Chad turned to the three maids that had gathered in the dining area. They were frozen in shock, not knowing what to do.

“Why are you bitches just standing there looking? Get your asses back to work before I fire all of y’all!” he screamed at them.

Lilly dropped a small plastic tub of water. The other maids helped her cleaned it up and then they quickly walked away. Then Chad started throwing things near Paulena. Both Zack and Francis intervened.

“Daddy, stop it! We don’t want you to hurt our mother! Please stop!” Francis started crying.

“Dad, come on! Mom, you’re alright? Stop throwing stuff, Dad!” Zack pleaded with Chad.

Zack shielded his mother then approached his father but Chad pushed Zack away and he bumped into the wall.

“Get out my way, little boy!”

Francis tried to plead with Chad to knock it off too. He didn’t push her like he did Zack.

“Move out my way, little girl!”

“This is my house! I’m the king of this castle! Y’all motherfuckers aren’t going to admit me to any shrink! Go to hell and take the colonialists and sellouts with you! You lost your minds!” Chad had lost control.

“That’s the pot calling the kettle black, you crazy son of a bitch!” Paulena yelled.

Chad’s iPhone rang. He stopped in his tracks, breathing hard, and went into the kitchen to answer it.

“That’s my cue to leave. I have to go talk to someone. I’ll be back after that thang cool down and his drunkenness goes away,” Paulena said.

“I’m with you, Mom, I’m going back to the house with John and our kids. I can’t be around daddy right now,” Francis replied, wiping away her tears.

“You leaving too, Zack?” Paulena asked.

“Yeah, I’m going to visit my boys. DaShawn having a party at his house tonight."

“Let’s go.”

Paulena, Zack, and Francis got their jackets to fare off the evening’s chill. Paulena and Francis got their purses. Then the three of them left, leaving Chad behind.


Zack joined DaShawn, Tristan, Noah, and Cain at the party at DaShawn’s house. There were Go-Getters and their guests everywhere.

Juan, Satin, and their friends were joking around. Julius, (Juan’s brother) and his girlfriend Alisa, came minutes later. They both looked wasted.

Julius snapped at her when they were conversing with Zack and his friends. Later, Zack met Alisa in the hallway alone and told her that she could do better than Julius.

She gave him a look through her drunken haze and stumbled back to the dining area with the rest of the partygoers.

There was a lot of drinking, smoking, loud upbeat music. A local DJ was hyping the crowd up as usual. Guys and girls were dancing and hollering.

Everyone was having fun. Several of the girls were sitting in their boyfriends’ laps.

A few ladies from the Melanin Beauty Sweethearts club were entertaining the crowd with their scantily-clad outfits and showing off their new dance moves but they kept their outfits on despite the crowd’s drunken calls to get naked.

“What y’all think I’m paying y’all for? Take off all that shit!” DaShawn hollered, already tipsy.

The partygoers were dining on fancy food such as real white meat, chicken tenders, kabobs, salad mix, drinks, fruit, chips, queso, sandwiches, and other snacks.

Tristan had his shirt opened. He drank some beer and smiled. La’Shayla stood by his side, holding on to his waist.

“I’m getting high tonight!” he hollered, laughing.

“Bae, come on,” La’Shayla teased.

Cain rolled his eyes.

Zack sighed. Is everybody getting high today, he thought.

The music played loudly on the surround sound. A new singer/rapper named Nick was flowing on his debut single.

Zack and his friends were planning on going to Nick's concert in a couple of weeks. Zack had wanted to take Paige before all the drama had started.

Nick had one of the best songs of the year. Zack sang along with the beat. Some other partygoers got up to dance on the floor.

Half the people there looked tipsy. Zack and Cain looked up to see Juan and Satin leave the party with three female partygoers. They all looked tipsy too.

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