Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Zack’s iPhone rang, he pushed it aside. Suddenly, a Bible fell off his night table and landed beside him.

A strange look came on Zack’s tear-stained and disturbed face. He put the gun down on the bed. The Bible flipped open.

“What in the hell? Is this Final Destination shit or something?” Zack was confused.

He didn’t know how the Bible fell. It was like someone threw it down. Zack looked up and saw Camille standing in the doorway. She was pointing to the Bible on the floor.

She walked over to the Bible and picked it up and put it in his hands. Zack was shocked and couldn’t understand what was happening.

One minute he was trying to kill himself then the next Camille’s spirit was giving him a Bible that fell by itself or did Camille knock it down to distract him from killing himself. Or was it something supernatural going on?

“What is going on here? Am I tripping, going crazy?”

Zack was alone in the mansion. His family’s staff were cleaning another one of their properties.

He put the Bible back on the table. Zack’s iPhone rang again. He looked at the caller id and saw Cain’s number on the display. Zack answered it.


“Hello, Zack, how are you?”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Something is happening. I need help,” Zack told Cain in a panicked tone.

“Brotha, I’ll be over right away.”

Cain arrived at Zack’s house in no time. Zack let him in. Cain looked at Zack and felt sorry for him. Zack looked horrible.

He was crying and his lips were trembling. Cain hugged him. They sat down on the couch in the dining area.

“Where’s your family?” Cain asked him.

“They went to an event. I’m alone. Our staff is helping to clean up our other property.”

“What happened, Zack. We all could tell that you haven’t been yourself lately. You’ve been unusually quiet, looking sad, and down for the past couple of weeks.”

“My great Aunt Grace died the other day. We were so close. She helped take care of me when I was growing up. I miss Camille. She died on me two years ago. Paige broke up with me and she still thinks that I raped her. People keep dying around me. If they are not dying, they’re leaving. What’s wrong with me? I think I’m some kind of bad omen. I’m a bad luck charm,” Zack sobbed loudly.

Cain comforted him. “Zack, don’t say that. You are not a bad omen or a bad luck charm. Believe in God. Have faith, brotha. Look at me. You are going to get through this.”

“Leave, let me be alone with Camille.”


“You heard me. Just go. I need to be left alone.”

“Zack, if you need me, just call me anytime.”

Zack said nothing. Instead, he looked like he was in another world.


Cain joined Tristan, DaShawn, and Noah outside Emille’s property the next evening. Cain had told them everything that had happened between him and Zack.

“That’s so messed up! I feel sorry for Zack,” Noah shook his head.

“I was trying to get through to him but I don’t think I did,” Cain informed them.

They stood near the back of the school, away from everyone else. They talked about different topics but mostly about Zack and Paige.

“Maybe Zack needs help, professional help. Hopefully, he and Paige will get back together soon. I believe it was the rape accusation and breakup, and his great aunt dying, that he was close to, that set him off,” Cain said.

“Oh, hell naw!” DaShawn hollered.

“Cain, that is crazy. I wouldn’t go back to a girl that accused me of rape when I was innocent,” Tristan remarked.

“I understand, she just made a mistake. She couldn’t remember,” Cain said.

“She shouldn’t have said it if she wasn’t sure. Zack could have got locked up all because of her lies and non-sense,” Tristan said.

They all saw Zack approaching. He still looked like hell and even worse than before.

“So, y’all not talking to me anymore! I can tell y’all been avoiding me since I’ve been feeling down,” Zack remarked.

“That’s not true, man!” Tristan replied.

“We haven’t been doing that, homie,” DaShawn added.

“I tried to talk to you yesterday but you told me to leave. You didn’t call me after I suggested you could,” Cain reminded him.

Zack didn’t have an answer to that. “I tried to kill myself yesterday because I was fed up with my life!”

They all looked shocked.

“You did what!?” Tristan asked in disbelief.

“Why didn’t you tell me this when we spoke yesterday?” Cain demanded.

“Cause I didn’t want to! It wasn’t anybody’s business but mine!” Zack hollered.

“I can’t believe you tried to off yourself! What’s wrong with you? We are your friends. We’ve been knowing each other all of our lives. If you had killed yourself, I never would have gotten over it! I’ll never forgive you for that!” Tristan emotionally replied.

“You need professional help, man,” Noah told him.

“You are a hot mess! Zack, get yo ass a shrink! You are losing it!” DaShawn hollered at him.

“You have lost it! Mental illness is real, especially in our community. I ain’t about to let you go crazy. You need rehab, counseling, some shit!” Tristan yelled.

“Stop yelling at him, fellas! He doesn’t need this now!” Cain replied.

“He also doesn’t need somebody trying to baby him. That’s what you are trying to do!” Tristan directed this to Cain.

“You know what, how dare y’all talk shit about me to my face! Y’all ain’t no help! Fuck y’all! To hell with y’all motherfuckers! I don’t need anybody! I don’t need you! Y’all ain’t shit! I thought you were my homies but you ain’t loyal! Goddamn you! Motherfuckers! Son of a bitches! Bastards! Y’all ain’t never been real friends to me!” Zack hollered at them.

Cain, Tristan, DaShawn, and Noah decided to leave Zack there. Cain suggested that they leave and not say anything else to Zack.

“I feel like going the hell off on Zack right now,” Tristan said.

“You ain’t lying, man! I want to put him in his place too,” DaShawn agreed.

Noah nodded.

“Fellas, just let it go. Zack’s mental state has deteriorated. He’s not himself now. We all know the real Zack will never act like that to us. Let’s give him time and space. I’m calling Zack’s parents to come to get him. I’m concerned for his safety. I’m going to wait here in my ride til they come and get him,” Cain informed them.

The other Go-Getters nodded and agreed with Cain to leave Zack alone. They walked off, leaving Zack cursing to the wind.


“I’m so happy that Zack is getting the help that he needs. I had no idea that he was suffering like that. I appreciate Cain and his father Gus for intervening. Gus has always been a caring mental health counselor and minister of our community. And you, Chad, out there cheating on me with them young thangs when you should be there for your son’s well-being. Zack needed his father but you are always on the road, the reelection campaign, the businesses, the women!” Paulena chastised him.

“I have always been there for our kids. If I had known about Zack, I would have done the best I could. Don’t blame me. You played a part in it too!” Chad shot back.

“A lot of you men always want to be treated like kings but you don’t treat your women like the queens that they are. Instead, you treat them like trash! You are not there for your kids like you should, that is if you haven’t left them!”

“Excuse me, did you not hear me. I’ve always been there for you and the kids. I have been there for my family since day one. I’ve taken care of you and supported you since our wedding night twenty-one years ago. I’ve been there for the kids since you first became pregnant. So, that means you are preaching to the choir, honey. I got a lot of work to do.”

Paulena’s iPhone rang, grumbling, she answered it and went back to her office at the New Black Wall Street.

Edward arrived at the New Black Wall Street. He met an old high school friend. The friend was now working as a security guard there.

Edward informed him that Chad’s son was his daughter’s boyfriend. He didn’t have an appointment but he needed to speak to him ASAP.

Edward’s security guard friend allowed him to get through and guided him to Chad’s lounge and left. Edward went inside the lounge.

Numerous armed military police were positioned all around the heavily surveilled lounge. They glared at Edward but didn’t say a word.

There was Chad and his close friends Joe, Willie, Gus, and Jarron and hundreds of other Go-Getters sat on the other side of the lounge.

“Chad, can I speak with you privately?” Edward called.

Chad and his friends turned around and stared at Edward. Chad gave him a look as if to say, What are you doing here and how did you get in here?

“Sure,” Chad walked to where Edward stood.

Both men were around the same height and size, and immaculately dressed.

“I know your son and his friends have been harassing and threatening my daughter. They are trying to get back at her because of the rape incident.”

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