Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Zack bent down to tie his shoelaces in the hallway. Tristan almost bumped into him.

“Dang, homie, watch out! I almost tripped over your ass,” Tristan commented.

“Dang, bro, I was tying my shoes, thought I was out of the way. Maybe you should pay attention to where you’re going,” Zack said.

Tristan laughed. Both of his dimples enhanced his already handsome face. His fade was neatly fresh, and he liked to experiment with different haircut trends every few weeks.

The small earring studs in his ears shined under the fluorescent lights.

Tristan sported designer dark, blue jeans, a crisp white shirt, and personalized sneakers.

His wardrobes and jewelry, especially his dress-up attire, usually ran from the hundreds to thousands of dollars. Tristan was the ladies’ man of the crew and he enjoyed spitting out facts and putting ignorant individuals in their places.

DaShawn, Noah, and Cain walked quickly toward them. Zack stood up straight. He twirled the combination on his locker and threw his belongings inside it. The other three young men caught up to him and Tristan.

Dashawn yawned, “Where our women at?”

“Go find them, homie! You got women running away from you now!” Noah teased.

DaShawn rolled his eyes, laughing. “Ain’t no hos alive gonna run away from me!”

Like Tristan, DaShawn was a flashy guy when it came to his fashion. He wore creased grey sweatpants with pockets on the sides and back, a cotton grey shirt, and shoe boots.

DaShawn sported several pieces of rockstar-like jewelry and an elaborate fade hairstyle. He was a big talker and wisecracker of the five. He didn’t take shit from anyone either.

Cain rolled his eyes at the misogynistic comment but didn’t respond. He was the voice of reason and the real Christian of the group. He wore dark brown slacks, a caramel silk shirt that was casually open at the chest, and black dress shoes.

Cain usually wore a simple low haircut and the only jewelry he wore was a watch. His facial features were the fullest of the bunch. Plus, he always told the other guys that he had to keep track of time for God.

The crowd in the hallway was thinning out. Over half of the students were leaving, many were driving away in their rides, others were waiting for rides, buses, cabs, walking, etc. The Go-Getters started walking to the exit.

The wind blew the flags (Pan-African, Arkansas, America) above their heads that rested on top of Emile High School. It seemed that the African flag blew the hardest of the three flags.

The five young men stood on the school’s stoop, looking around at the scenery. Five young women, the Go-Getters’ girlfriends, walked up to them.

“What’s up, boo?” Tristan kissed La’Shayla on the lips.

“None much, just chilling, babe.” La’Shayla cleared her throat. She was just getting over a cold and had only missed a couple of days of school.

She had almost perfect attendance since grade school and her attendance record was only bested by her boyfriend Tristan who had a perfect attendance record.

La’Shayla wore a sexy, tight-fitting black catsuit and fur boots. Her purse dangled on her arm.

La’Shayla had her thick, curly black hair hanging down over her back, makeup aligned perfectly over her perfect features, and expensive jewelry sparkled on her person. She reveled in her deep brown melanin and always wore wardrobes to make it pop.

La’Shayla put her shades over her eyes and clasp Tristan’s hand as the group walked toward the parking lot. All of their brand new cars were parked side by side.

It was a mixture of a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, and a Lexus. The Go-Getters always drove in style.

“Anyway, Zack, you’re not telling us everything about your day,” Brianna teased him while smirking.

Like La’Shayla, she wore a unique hairstyle every week. Right then, she wore her medium, natural, dark brown hair in an updo elegant, hairstyle, she wore minimal makeup and lip-gloss.

Her chestnut complexion shined just right. Brianna wore a beige mini-skirt, floral printed low-cut blouse, and wedges. Her purse swung with every step she took.

Noah grinned. “Say, Zack thinks we ain’t up to speed with his new dating life. Man, who was that melanin beauty you were cheesing over in the lunchroom earlier?”

Noah was draped in black leather--pants, vest, boots and a silk black shirt. He wore a small diamond in his right ear, and he used to wear a tiny stud on the side of his nose like Tupac, but he didn’t anymore. His low-cut fade had a small part to the side.

He peeped inside his wallet, making sure everything was there before he threw a look at Zack again. Noah wasn’t a big talker nor was he quiet either. He had a slight sense of humor and usually was reserved and more laid back than most.

The others smiled and laughed at Zack. All eyes were on him. Zack turned away, trying to keep a straight face but his expression cracked, and he laughed.

“A-ha!” Kerrie remarked. “I’m so happy for you, Zack. You got to introduce her to the crew sometime.”

Kerrie’s straight, black hair danced in the wind. Her dangling earrings, necklace, and white leather purse jumped as she walked over to her boyfriend’s Noah’s Lexus. She didn’t wear makeup or lipstick that day.

Kerrie’s deeply melanin skin was flawless without it. She usually didn’t wear any or very little any day. Kerrie wore tight-fitting, white capris that accentuated her curvy hips and thick bottom, a flowery, lace halter-top under a sexy sweater jacket, and cream-colored stilettos.

“Damn, I just met Paige! Y’all are nosey as hell!” Zack remarked, nodding his head.

“Come on, don’t be like that, bro! You know I’m curious but these other motherfuckers now they the nosey ones!” Tristan cracked.

“I’m not nosey at all. I just want to hear what Zack has to say,” Shanice smiled.

She was a goody two-shoes like her boyfriend Cain and a devout Christian. Her wild, dark curls hung past her shoulders with a gold headband on top of her head. She wore little jewelry and just enough makeup and lipstick on her cocoa complexion.

Shanice wore a skirt that was long in the back and shorter upfront with a sparkling nude top and casual flats. Her wallet-purse flapped against her side as she walked.

“I know you got that phone number,” DaShawn pressed.

“Duh, yeah. I asked her out too.”

“Ooh, that’s awesome!” La’Shayla replied.

“It’s been like almost two years since you dated, right?” Brianna asked.

“Yeah, it’s been hard since Camille’s death. Man, I still haven’t gotten over that yet,” Zack quietly replied.

They stood in front of their rides. The parking lot was almost empty. Cain and Shanice hopped into Cain’s ride and blew the horn.

“I got to get home, drop Shanice off at her place. I got to help my dad with a lot of paperwork. He just text me and he was like, ‘Boy, if you don’t get here asap,’ Anyway, you know the rest,” Cain informed them and they drove off.

The others waved good-bye to Cain and Shanice. The breezy wind casually blew away leaves, dust, insects, and the young women’s hair. Just about everything in its path. Zack stretched and yawned loudly.

“Zack, bro, you gonna invite this Paige to our pool party coming up soon?” Tristan asked.

“Yeah, man, you need a woman asap. I know it’s been a while since you last had some, you know what I mean,” DaShawn laughed along with Tristan, Noah, and the girls.

“Don’t do Zack like that!” La’Shayla scolded.

Zack rolled his eyes playfully. “Come on, guys, y’all putting all of my business out there. Thank you, La’Shayla! It’s not even like that, playa!”

“I got to head home and eat. I see you peeps later,” Noah remarked as he and Kerrie walked to his ride and jumped in.

“Alright, bro,” DaShawn replied.

“See ya.”

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