Brown-Eyed Heaven

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(Reader's Note: This chapter & the next chapter is heavily focused on Senator Chad Summerville's speech to his black supporters & it's not televised. This is his last speech in this story. Then the focus will turn back to Paige & Zack. This speech is long but important but hopefully, you'll stick with the story. Thank you!)


“…Senator Summerville, the tabloids are saying that your son Zack had a suicidal breakdown and is currently in rehab. Is that true, sir?”

“Yes, Heidi, my son had a lot of stressful issues in his life. Two deaths, a rape accusation, all in the public eye. He is getting the treatment that he needs and doing much better now.”

“Senator, the court struck down your son’s house arrest, does that mean that the rape case will be struck down next?”

“We are glad that charge was struck down and we hope that the rape case is dismissed next, Jose.”

“Senator, sir, the news reported that the police has arrested numerous suspects in the harassment and the shooting of your son’s ex-girlfriend. Are the police doing enough in this case?”

“Yes, they are. Tamela, the investigation is going along fine.”

“Sir, do you think that you are going to win reelection next week?”

“We’ll see. I’m superstitious and I’m not going to say yes or no. I’m not sure, it’s up to the constituents. Tim, I see you are trying to trip me up but I refuse to let you!” Chad laughed.

“Senator, the tabloids are also saying that you are having extramarital affairs. Can you honestly say that you are the party of morals and values? Some critics are calling you a hypocrite.”

“Jim Bob, we all have issues. People have been having extramarital affairs since Biblical times. I’m not saying it’s right. In my case, my wife and I are separated. My personal life has nothing to do with my career. I want to be judge by my constituents on how well I performed my job as their senator.”

“Senator Summerville, there are some in the black community that criticized you and your staff for not doing enough to combat the high inner-city crime rate. Can you tell the black community what your plans are to address this long-standing issue”

“Of course, Tamika, I’m only one person and my staff is only one group. This issue has been going on for decades. There are many other officials in local, state, and federal government that need to tackle this as well. I understand there would always be criticism and a feeling that we are not doing enough.

"We have to advocate for more funding for early childhood education and beyond, get rid of the expensive student loan debt. We need competent teachers that can appropriately educate, better infrastructure, fix the falling down schools, the public education system is a hot mess! We will provide high-paying jobs, resource centers, nice establishments, prison reform. Eliminate the school-to-prison pipeline.

“We are trying to create urban neighborhoods like the District everywhere. We need equal pay, eradicate racism, discrimination, police brutality, murders. We need to bring back community policing, funding for the communities, advocating healthy lifestyles, preventing illnesses and STDs, getting rid of the drugs, gangs, crime, keeping illegal weapons out of the hands of the wrong individuals.

"We need to stamp out disparities in every aspect of urban life so we can prolong it. I believe that we must eliminate inequity in home appraisals. Make sure there is equal access to capital and major vendors. I also believe that African-Americans deserve to get their reparations for the 500 plus years of colonialism, slavery, Jim Crow, and the systemic racism, discrimination, and oppression that the black community still faces today.”

“Sir, are you running for governor next election cycle?”

“We’ll see,” Chad chuckled.

“Come on, Senator, can you at least give us a hint?”

Dozens of reporters’ cameras flashed in Chad’s face as he wrapped up his press conference.

“No comment, people! That is all for today!” Lyle, Chad’s campaign manager, announced.

“Joel, Darlene, how do you feel about the campaign so far?”

“We are the Summervilles! The name’s Daphne Summerville, darling!” Daphne corrected a reporter that called her the wrong name.

“I’m so sorry, Mrs. Summerville, how do you feel about your son’s reelection campaign?”

“We feel damn good.”

Chad walked off with Paulena and the rest of his family to the New Black Wall Street establishment. Everybody went back to their positions at the company. Chad and his staff went back to the lounge to prepare for the town hall and rally that Chad was having hours later.

Chad’s supporters had already been lining up days in advance. As soon as the free tickets became available, they were all snatched up in thirty minutes. The observers of his events were anticipating crowds to be his biggest audience yet.

They were expecting over seventy-five thousand people but were prepared for a hundred thousand. Time continued to fly by fast. It was time for the political events in no time. First up, was the all-black town hall/rally event addressed to approved members. Later, the mainstream rally would be internationally televised.

Chad grinned and began his monologue. “…North Africa, like the rest of the continent, was and still is being colonialized, the so-called Arabization brought these new foreigners not the original natives—Africans. All of these foreigners that are there now, they were not there first.

"The Arab slave trade preceded the transatlantic slave trade. You know the colonialists were inspired by the Arab slave trade. They always hijack other folks’ shit no matter what it is. It’s a shame that the Arab slave trade is not as well known as the Transatlantic slave trade even though it began thousands of years earlier and is currently going on quietly in parts of the world today.

“The Arab slave trade was just as bad or worse as the Transatlantic slave trade. All of the human trafficking, mutilation, and castration of African boys’ genitalia. This sadistic action was done to prevent these boys from reproducing with their females. I want you all to know that many of the whitest locations on earth have dark histories behind them.

"Doesn’t matter if it’s America and the genocide of the Natives. The colonialists killed over forty million of the Indians and left only four million of them and forced them on reservations. Or Australia, where Aboriginal land was stolen, the Aboriginal natives were massacred, and they were severely oppressed by corrupt laws and struggling to survive. The gradual genocide of the Africans and the millions of potential lives that were lost throughout history and around the world.

“That ignorant clown Christopher Columbus ushered in the transatlantic slave trade. Columbus like many was a serial killer. Africans are their own worst enemy.

"The colonialists did a lot of damage but the reason why they were able to do so much more damage and why it went on for a long time is because of self-hating, sell-out clown Africans allowing the colonialists to manipulate them and going to war with their fellow African tribes and selling them out for materialistic shit.

"Of course, that was an unfair trade—a human being for materialistic shit. The colonialists traded few guns because they didn’t want the Africans to overpower and outgunned them as they did blacks throughout history.

“You know, Africa has 70% of the world’s gold, it has 80% of diamonds, more than 50% of copper and cobalt is taken from Africa. African metals power the world. They want you to believe that Africa is a third-world hellhole but they plundered its resources and used your hard-working ancestors to get rich and power their colonized countries.

"They exploit your continent’s resources, your hard work, and your culture while treating you like trash, oppressing your rights and freedom. They have been living prosperous off your oppression. This is why they are so adamant about teaching the truth and real history because they know neither is on their side.

“Instead, Black folks, they want to call you racist because you are telling the truth about them. But what’s racist is the 500 plus years of colonialism, slavery, Jim Crow, systemic racism, discrimination, oppression, destroying of Black Wall Streets, all those racist hate crimes AKA lynchings that blacks have faced and still are today.

"Only in these modern times, it’s present-day slavery & Jim Crow that blacks have faced in Amerikkka. They loved to complain about your black institutions like the NAACP, HBCUs, etc. Did they forget that long part of American history and present? Hell no! They don’t want you to learn it.

“This was all across the world but we only focusing on Amerikkka now. Blacks created their own establishments out of necessity because they were denied service in white-only mainstream. This still goes in modern-day black codes or sundown towns.

"They are obsessed with talking about your black-on-black crime but not their white on every race known to God, KKK, white supremacists, neo-nazi, Hitler and the “Third Reich,” Proud Boys, and other racist hate, domestic terrorism, criminal, thug, gangster organizations.

“What do you expect with barbaric savages? They are only projecting their horrible history and behavior on you. No one is more violent and evil than them. Satan and his demons are using them to do his dirty work of dividing and conquering. Then when God ends this world, the barbaric savages will go down like the self-hating sell-outs, and their master Satan and his demons.

“The godforsaken garbage goes around calling you nigger all day every day but they are only talking about themselves. They are the real niggers. White trash niggers that think, speak, and act like barbaric savages. They have been using this word since the 1500s.

"Black people’s mistake like many is when they began calling themselves nigga and perpetuating stereotypes. It doesn’t matter if you changed the spelling and mean it in a different way. There are so many words to use so why choose that word?

“Here’s some advice about real life. There are positive & negative people from all walks of life. Anybody can have an attitude. It may not always be an attitude but their life’s experiences. You never know anyone’s story until you get to know them. Most people are basically okay unless you rub them the wrong way. Black people and other marginalized groups in society are treated like trash for no reason because they are different and mainly because of unchecked lies for far too long.

"The people with the worst attitudes, violent tendencies, and horrible reputations are the same ones that have been colonializing, enslaving people because of their color, lying, cheating, stealing, raping, killing, feeding black babies to alligators, committing mass genocide, oppression, and destroying prosperous black communities for over 500 plus years.

“In general, Black people’s actions don’t even come close to all the sins that they have committed against humanity. It seems to me that education, a career, and money doesn’t make up for common sense, values, and compassion. Racism and hatred are taught and learned behavior. No one is born a racist hater. Brainwashed slave mentalities have screwed up so many people.

“If people are not outraged about the truth and real history then they have no credibility whatsoever. Like I always say, the black community has every right to be angry--justifiable anger--about the mass genocide, mass injustices, violation of their God-given rights & freedoms that should have never been taken from them. I tell the haters to keep their selective & faux outrage. If someone did evil things to you for years, you would be piss and want justice too.”

“The Divided States of America that have more prisoners locked up than any country, murderous CIA, FBI, illegal wars and sanctions, a modernized slave patrol, militarized law enforcement that illegally murders minorities especially blacks, think they can teach other nations about human rights violations is ironic.

“Black America, you are fools if you are celebrating any pagan holidays, traditions, so-called patriotism that your oppressors created and contributed to. It doesn’t matter if it’s Independence Day, the anniversary when the colonialists won their freedom from England but they didn’t want the enslaved Africans to have their freedom, right?

"Or when Lincoln sighed the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, that freed the slaves. In Texas, the colonialists were still illegally enslaving blacks and it was another two and a half years on June 19, 1865, that they were forced to finally free those poor people.

“Let’s talk about the racist, terrorist, massacres throughout Amerikkka history. The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, in 1905, Greenwood was the richest black American town in the country. It was home to over 10,000 people. Thirty-five square blocks of over 600 businesses, 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores, two movie theatres, six private airplanes, a hospital, a bank, post office, schools, libraries, law offices, bus system, etc.

“Fifteen years later, May 31-June 1, 1921, a racist, violent, hateful white mob destroyed the town. They looted, beat, torture, killed, bombed black people. Another malicious lie about some black man raping a white woman. The media as usual fanned the flames inciting this savage mob. Even though white men had been raping black women for centuries and got away with it.

"The police and the military helped deputized the mob and arrested the black victims. 300 plus black people were murdered, thousands became homeless, homes and businesses were destroyed, and many of their bodies dumped into our Arkansas River and mass graves. The survivors rebuilt the town without any government aid even better than before. The survivors had to fight back against the City of Tulsa that tried to block them from rebuilding.

“There were so many prosperous black wall streets that were destroyed. Let’s talk about the “Red Summer,” racist massacres. This was when racist violent, white mobs killed hundreds of black Americans in the bloodiest racial violence around the U.S. Let’s continue talking. The East St. Louis massacre in 1917, racist white mobs murdered about 700 African-Americans.

"There were men, women, children, and babies thrown into the fire. These were some of the biggest massacres. In Elaine, Arkansas, in 1919, a racist white mob massacred 200 African-American sharecroppers that wanted to join a labor union. In Harrison, Arkansas, in 1905 and 1909, a racist white mob ran black people out of the town. Harrison has a horrible reputation for being one of the most racist towns in the country.

“In Rosewood, Florida, in 1923, a racist white mob destroyed the entire black community. The Devil’s Punchbowl in Natchez Mississippi in 1865. This is when black men, women, and children were trapped in a concentration camp many starved to death and died of disease. Over 20,000 died.

"In 1898, the Wilmington Massacre was when racist whites ambush an all-black city and massacred the black people, and force themselves into power, taking over the city. Many other massacres included the Atlanta 1906 Riot, Chicago 1910 Riot, the 1868 Louisiana Massacre, the 1831 Virginia Massacre, Detroit 1943 & 67, and countless others. So many other massacres from back then up to the present.

“This is what happens when your enemy can’t win at life on a fair and equal playing field, they will try to oppress your rights and freedoms to challenge them. Black folks, the colonialists burned down your Black Wall Streets, stoled the land, as usual, and they sell it to predominately white colleges or some other white corporation.

"They build federal highways in the middle of your historic black communities, splitting the neighborhood, decreasing the property values of your towns. Redlining in the US and Canada such as excluding important services to impoverished communities, raising prices, denying banking and insurance, health care, grocery stores, etc.

"Here in central Arkansas, many of us know that 630 represents segregation and redlining. There are numerous 630s across the nation. It still exists in Little Rock, decades after the Little Rock Nine and the civil rights movement.

“When I joined the military, then the police academy, I didn’t do it to assimilate into white supremacy. I did it to infiltrate to gain a position of power when I worked in the local, state, and federal government. I wanted to reeducate and dramatically improve the lives of American Descendants of Slavery.

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