Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“If our ancestors can build themselves prosperous black wall streets in Jim Crow Amerikkka, imagine what our generation can do. In Tulsa, during the Black Wall Street reign, the black dollar stayed in the community between three to five years. The black community now has more rights and freedoms than they did back then.”

The audience of thousands applauded loudly and cheered in the lounge. The Summerville family sat up front listening to Chad speak. Even Zack was there and looking much better than before. Chad smiled again and momentarily paused. He cleared his throat and drank his cold water then resume speaking.

“Former President Lyndon B. Johnson, one of the many racist presidents that Amerikkka has elected said it best. He once said, “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

“The perfect example that describes the piece of shit that is Amerikkka. Of course, the country itself did nothing wrong, it’s the retarded suckers that illegally stoled it that gave it a horrible reputation. And while we continue to speak about racist presidents.

“Nixon that started the war on drugs and Reagan continuing the controversial policy, bringing these drugs and weapons in the community that devastated so many people and that led to the crime bill that disproportionately targeted so many black and brown folks because the crime and drugs were getting out of control.

“An oppressed community already hopeless and broken, kids weren’t raised right, fatherless, and the streets did most of the work. I know my critics would say, ‘Senator Summerville, but aren’t you a Republican?’ No, I’m an Independent. That was a career that became available and I applied for it and was hired by the people of Arkansas.

“Juneteenth, that’s now a token federal holiday and represents the end of bondage in Amerikkka is just a symbolic victory that will do nothing for the masses of oppressed black folks.

“Black America, you need realistic and substantial progress that will positively impact your lives permanently not token symbolism. The whites are a minority of the world’s population but the racists and sell-outs have made their contributions in Hollyweird and their factitious reputation universally accepted.

“Blacks are the most hated race in the world but it’s all based on lies, ignorance, and misinformation. It’s so ironic that blacks have done nothing to anybody, minded their business and it’s their resources from their continent, hard work, and culture that nonblacks are benefiting from.

“While the whites screwed everybody over, colonized everybody’s shit, massacred people of color around the world, and people of color worship them, and they are the most beloved race in the world. That is backward, messed up, and sickening.

“Black people don’t even have basic rights but white folks always want special rights and benefits. The colonialists had to set up black people to be the scapegoat because if they didn’t and the truth and real history were well-known then they would be the pariah. Many of the nonblacks have this bizarre mix of animosity and envy at the same time toward blacks.

“Meaning they despise black folks but they envy and lust with exploiting black culture. Since they hate the black race that much then leave their money and culture alone because you shouldn’t want anything that they have. For centuries, the status quo has been excluding and turning marginalized communities against each other.

“I know I’m jumping all over the place with this speech but I want to make sure I say my main points. The next thing I’m going to say is disappointing but it has to be acknowledged. When it comes to the black race, black men are the weakest link. They are bringing the black woman down. They are disproportionately color struck and the biggest self-hating sellouts of all people of color.

“I’m not talking about all black men. I’m not and I know the brothas here with us today are not but we cannot be biased. The truth is fact. There are more black men that coon and sell out more than black women do.

“There are plenty of black women that do the same but not as much as black men do. Black men being the weakest link goes back to the African kings in Africa. They were so quick to welcome the colonialists and sell out their own people for almost nothing.

“Black women were usually against welcoming the colonialists because they knew the clowns weren’t up to no good. Then black women were the ones to get shame and attacked for it. If more black men were conscious like black women then the community would be a lot better off. There are too many black men supporting their erasure by fighting, shooting, and killing their brothas over stupid shit worldwide.

“Black women and children get hurt and killed in the process. Black men rather support some ugly and down-low racist white or non-black woman that has done nothing for him, spend the money that black women helped him to get on himself and these racist gold-digging bitches.

“If he does go with a black woman, she is white-passing, yellow, light brown, mix, or racially ambiguous. The bitch is so mixed-up that the average person can’t easily identify her. That’s who he wants his snow queen to be and who he wants his halfbreed kids with.

“When he is suffering from a racist hate crime or police brutality, getting shot, or killed, it is always black women that are supporting him. Becky, Ming-Li, Guadalupe don’t give two-shits about this coon. Instead, Becky would be most likely to call the cops when she sees him.

“Of course, these self-hating sellouts only imitating their oppressors’ characteristics. If he didn’t have black women supporting him then he would have nobody just like he doesn’t support her.

“These clowns rather focus on what a black woman is wearing on the top of her head. So what, it’s her money to wear her hair however she likes. These black men wearing weaves and feminine hairstyles too.”

The audience laughed and cheered loudly.

“Black men have too many serious issues to worry about than how a black woman is wearing her hair. Black men should be concerned about authentically educating themselves, having a profitable career, being financially stable, a healthy relationship and marriage with their women, appropriately raising their kids, and fighting back against racism, discrimination, and oppression.

“Stop being so damn weak and support your women and children. Black women have always supported you but why can’t you do the same? Because if you don’t, God will not bless you. Do they ask their mama and grandma how they wear their hair?

“Are they talking about their weaves and wigs? Hell naw! Mama and grandma will curse their ungrateful asses out. They are obsessed with personally attacking black women especially the dark-skinned women even when they look just like her. They are dissing their own reflections and their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, female cousins.

“They are very insecure and have no self-esteem. It’s self-hatred. While at the same time, they allow other racist nonblack people to treat them like garbage and shit on their manhood every day but they have nothing to say to them.

“They have this bizarre obsession and fetish with these gold-digging bitches. They are using them for their color, race, hair, westernized features, and thinking she is an easy, submissive freak in the bedroom. That’s what I heard.

“The women are using him to milk him for what he’s worth especially if he has money, fame, and power, sometimes the women are a hot mess and her men don’t want her, and she wonders if he’s as big as she heard. I heard that too.”

The audience laughed loudly.

“You need to stop, Chad!” A woman hollered playfully.

“You too much but where’s the lie!” A man added.

Chad smiled and continued. “A real black person does not date, marry, or have children outside their race. There should be no reason in the world for them to do so. Most of these swirl relationships/marriages ain’t legit. It’s a relationship of convenience and rarely lasts.

“Our organization does not support or defend racism and self-hatred. It’s not only because of the racists but also the self-hating sellouts that colonialism and slavery happened and it went on far too long, that so many slave rebellions were unsuccessful.

“Even during the Haitian Revolution in 1804, the first black republic, slaves killed the slave masters to gain their freedom. Then later, blacks do what they do best and started infighting with each other. They put the rich and biracial folks at the top of the economic power chain and forced the darker-skinned blacks beneath them.

“So my advice to black women is do not support these suckers that won’t support or defend you. Keep your money and spend it on yourself. No point in supporting others that won’t appreciate you, they will only take your support and constantly disrespect you for no reason. Only support black-owned businesses that give back to the community and not assimilate with white supremacy and/or only coon, date, marry, and breed with every race but their own.

“These racist women and their men rather called you racial slurs, commit hate crimes against your race, recreate modern-day, black-face minstrel shows, and called the cops on you for existing. Speaking of making false police complaints, they should stop wasting police officers’ time because they are taking away the time and resources for real emergencies that need their attention. They need to be punished by paying huge fines, jail time, community service, racism and bias training.

“Black women do not support the white feminazi movement either. These women want you to support their women’s rights but they don’t support you when you are experiencing racism and discrimination, instead these bitches rather remain silent or help their men to be racist and discriminate against you and the rest of the black race.

“It was black suffragists that helped get the 19th Amendment past even though they didn’t benefit from it at the time. After the white suffragists were awarded their right to vote, they could care less about the black women that helped them. Black women had to wait over forty years before they and the rest of the black race could vote.

“The so-called feminazi movement was only for middle-class and wealthy white women. Black women were not equally accepted in that movement either. This Me Too movement that Tarana Burke started for women that weren’t being heard about their sexual abuse and harassment, mainly underrepresented women.

“Then years later, you have these rich and privileged white female celebrities hijacking and appropriating the movement. It’s what they do best. Using this movement and only talking about themselves and not the women that it was created for.

“They already have a platform and all types of privilege but as usual, that isn’t enough for these greedy women. Yeah, they brought it in the mainstream and made it popular but so did racist Amerikkka did with black culture. Black people ain’t benefitting from their own culture—racists whites are. And yeah, Tarana Burke says that she approves of expanding the movement to others.

“Of course, she doesn’t want to appear selfish and exclusive like these over-privileged celebrities. Even during the civil rights movement, black women helped lead that movement but we are only taught about the male civil rights activists.

“The same applies to the white LGBTQIA+ community too. Black America, the white feminazi and LGBTQIA+ movements are white supremacists groups for white women and gays. You don’t have any allies and you shouldn’t care.

“A lot of these racist groups, including non-black people of color, are antiblack and treat you like garbage no matter where you go in this world even in Africa. All these other groups benefit from your hard work and progress but you don’t benefit from theirs.

“So yes, black America, you have every right to defend yourself from the enemy. The enemy that is the corrupt, fraudulent, racist government murdered all your revolutionary leaders: Malcolm X, Dr. King, Fred Hampton, many of the other Black Panthers, if they didn’t set them up to be killed, they threw them in prison for decades or life on trumped-up charges.

“That racist faggot J. Edgar Hoover went out of his way to spy, plant evidence, infiltrate the organizations of all of these black revolutionary leaders. And at the same time, he didn’t even care to investigate the KKK, white supremacists, and other racists.

“He closed the cases on the racist hate crimes, the bombings, lynchings that civil rights activists experienced. Of course, the hypocrite wasn’t going to investigate his own racist kind then he would implicate himself, wouldn’t he? These revolutionary leaders did more for poor black people than the corrupt, racist government ever did.

“The Black Panthers provided the free breakfast program for underserved children and the government is using that til this day, legal resources, health clinics, sickle cell anemia awareness. If that wasn’t enough, as usual, the government even killed revolutionary African leaders like Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, and many more like them, in other countries and put coon dictators in their places.

“I am going to give a hundred dollars to anybody that can name one positive thing that the government has done for black people. Does anybody have an answer?”

No one raised their hands or said anything. There were a lot of scoffing, looks of disbelief, eye rolls, etc.

“Now, that is a damn shame, a tragedy, that the government is so horrible and corrupt, that no one can name a single positive thing that the government has done for black people. Well, they deserved that reputation.

“This government only fixes urban neighborhoods when they are going through gentrification or urban renewal. They make it look nice by bringing the jobs, schools, establishments, housing, replacing the vacant properties, up the prices, turning it into another suburb, and finally, moving all the blacks folks out to make way for the well-off. Sounds about white.

“The so-called politicians are obsessed with calling oppressed blacks welfare queens but the real welfare kings are the overprivileged like themselves that leach off the poor and oppressed to stay wealthy and in power.

“They are obsessed with their privatized prisons too. This goes back to the 1800s and its usage has only increased, especially since the Civil War. They don’t care how horrible the prisons are since black and brown folks make up the majority of the prison population. All they care about is that it is a billion-dollar industry.

“Let’s talk about our state of Arkansas, one of the most racist states in the country. Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina, and Wyoming are the only states that don’t have any laws against hate crimes. They don’t want a law that will disproportionately target racist white folks. They overwhelmingly passed a stand your ground law that racists will use this law as a shield to target blacks.

“They don’t need this law because there are already self-defense laws. But the same politicians won’t pass a hate crimes law so blacks can use it against the racists that would try to harm or kill them by using the stand your ground law. For years, the racists have dubbed the forests and Ozark mountains of Arkansas as their havens.

“After all the fucked of shit they were involved in, they called themselves Christians. That’s a laugh. Those slave masters weren’t real Christians. They hijack Christianity and forced their pagan beliefs on slaves and spread those lies and nonsense around the world--like they do everything else. They are always appropriating, stealing, profiting on blacks’ cultures because they have none of their own.

“False Christianity is no different, they lied about it to justify slavery. No real Christian or church that tolerated slavery/racism/discrimination is legit in the real Jehovah God’s eyes. The Creator’s Christianity is real but not the cherry-picking Bibles, hypocritical clowns that exploit it and used “slave Bibles” to purposely mislead the enslaved. Satan is using them to divide and conqueror the world and it is up to people in the world not to be used by Satan and his followers

“Throughout history, there were many blacks used as guinea pigs. The corrupt, racist government has a long track record of doing this. For example, the Tuskegee experiment from 1932-1972, when corrupt doctors infected hundreds of black men with syphilis and lied to them.

“They kept the cure from them even when it came out in 1947. These men became very sick, many went blind, suffered mental issues, the untreated syphilis caused serious health complications, and many of them died.

“They passed it on to their spouses and children. In 1972, the press broke the story, the program was discontinued and it went to court. There was outrage and the families receive ten million dollars.

“Other well-known cases such as Henrietta Lacks who was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1951. For decades, doctors illegally experimented and collected her cells without her family’s permission, created cancer remedies, the polio vaccine, and profited from her but didn’t give her family anything.

“In 1968, Bruce Tucker, experienced a skull fracture and went to the hospital. In a day, doctors had announced that he was deceased before he died and remove his heart and gave it to a white businessman that died a week later.

“The doctors did not get his family’s permission and they didn’t know that it happened. The funeral home informed his family that his heart wasn’t there. In 1972, they filed a lawsuit but it was dismissed.

“Of course, black slaves were used as guinea pigs. Black female slaves were operated on by doctors/slavemasters like J. Marion Sims so he can perfect his surgery techniques and they were not given any anesthesia even though it was available but only for whites.

“Even though cemeteries were segregated like every aspect of American life, for years, medical schools hired grave robbers to steal black corpses from black cemeteries. It was against the law, but when white folks desecrated and robbed black people’s graves, the police did nothing as usual. They wanted to segregate the graves but they do what they do best and steal these corpses and teaching their medical students how to perfect their craft on them.

“Their greedy asses not only profit off these oppressed black folks in life but death too. They disguise their racism as science and the results of their centuries of oppressive savagery to explain why blacks and other minorities are the way that they are. They always omit that they created and contributed to the ongoing disaster. If someone treated them the way that they treat blacks and other minorities, the same would happen to them.

“Amerikkka is subpar in education and healthcare. It has the highest percentage of people that are homeless and incarcerated. Most people live paycheck to paycheck. The stock market is for the wealthy and powerful not average Americans.

“The global black community needs to start a permanent economic boycott. A financial revolution. That’s what we did in the District and we are working on creating modern-day black wall streets across the globe. Keep going to these same racist businesses then expect things to remain the same.

“Keep your money and don’t give your support to people who tolerate racism and discrimination! Spend money only on businesses that support you back. You can become the next millionaires and billionaires. Most billionaires own stock in their own companies.

“Blacks from all nationalities should stick together and create their own projects and drum up enough support to support them. Finally, black America, you can use the New Black Wall Street’s green book as a guide on how to live your best life. Thank you, everyone!”

The entire audience gave Chad a standing ovation and cheered wildly. The Summerville family must have applauded and cheered the loudest. Chad took a long drink of his water and move around to interact with the crowd.

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