Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Hours later, Chad finished both rallies. He had a brief town hall and answered questions from many members of the surrounding communities.

Chad was tired and his voice was a little hoarse from the talking and sometimes yelling to the crowd. The police estimated that 50,000 people came to the all-black town hall/rally and 100,000 people from diverse backgrounds came to the second one.

Chad was sitting back and drinking his natural fruit juice in the large conference room at the New Black Wall Street Corporate Headquarters. He didn’t talk much but mainly listened as his family, friends, and colleagues speak.

The conference room was where the board of directors met regularly to speak about everything about the Summerville family businesses.

“…Since Chad is going on a business meeting for the next two weeks, we need some fresh blood to run the company without his input,” Angela stated.

Chad smirk and playfully rolled his eyes. “I assume that person is you, right?”

“Yes, of course, brother, and without your input. I’m the CFO now, I would be acting CEO when you leave for Johannesburg. Maybe someday I would get a chance to run this company permanently,” Angela winked at Daphne.

Daphne smiled and looked proud of her daughter.

Everyone was dressed up in bright and dark pantsuits, dresses, skirt suits, dress shoes, and heels. The women wore stylish and elegant hairstyles, makeup, and jewelry and the men had low hair cuts and nearly shaved heads.

Angela continued. “Black men have been running the New Black Wall Street for fifty years. Black women have been helping out since the company’s inception. It’s time for some melanin feminine blood. It is the black woman’s time to shine!”

“Yeah, this would be the time that this company is run into the ground,” Chad chuckled.

Some of the women rolled their eyes and wave in dismissal at Chad’s remarks.

“Mother, you see how Chad disrespects us. Just let me slap him for a minute to knock that misogyny out of him,” Angela teased.

Daphne nodded her head no.

“You think I’m going to sit here and let you do it.”

Joel cleared his throat. “You gave amazing speeches today at the lounge and outside the headquarters, son.”

“Thanks, Dad. I learn from the best. This is what happens when an individual has a king and a queen for parents.”

The board members look around at each other. A server passed around iced cold lemonade with slices of lemon in each glass.

“Thank you, dear,” Jacques thanked the server.

Paulena glanced at Chad and smiled at the server when she took her drink. “I’m so happy that we are doing what we can for the community. I believe the multibillion-dollar initiative is more than enough.”

“It is more than enough. As Chad said, we could go higher. The board of directors all agreed on this amount. This going beyond America. This would be an international permanent massive boycott,” Daphne remarked.

“So to summarize the plans, we are going to create an international, multi-billion-dollar campaign to reeducate, restore each inner-city community and transform them into black wall streets across the globe. This would be a black economic agenda that pro-black and conscious black individuals would all thoroughly benefit from. We are forcing changes across the board from the inner-city to the status quo,” Joel replied.

“That’s right. I appreciate everyone for their input. We have incorporated everything that was put forward,” Chad said.

“Sounds great. I’m happy for the community that is finally going to get its props. I always wonder what the black wall streets of yesteryear would have looked like and what it would have been worth if the racist clowns did not destroy them,” Angela replied.

“Me too, honey,” Daphne commented.

Chad’s cell phone rang. “Excuse me, everyone.”

Paulena watched Chad as he walked out of the conference room.

“Would you like a refill, Mrs. Summerville?”

“No, thank you. I had enough.”

Chad made it back inside the room. He grinned widely at Paulena and sat down.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I guess that concludes this evening’s meeting. If anyone else wants to add anything, you have the floor,” Joel announced.

No one else raised their hands.

“Well, that concludes our board meeting,” Daphne remarked.

Everyone prepared to leave the conference room. Chad went to his spacious office. He crossed his leg and finished typing a file that he was going to send off. His navy blue suit and designer dress shoes shined under the fluorescent lights.

Someone knocked on the door.

“You can come inside, Darrel.”

“Chad, Mrs. Perkins wants to thank you for supporting her campaign.”

“Hello, Senator Summerville, I appreciate you for endorsing my campaign for Congress,” Mrs. Perkins, a heavy-set, dark-skinned, black woman walked inside Chad’s office with Darrel.

She had frizzy hair, wore jewelry and heavy makeup, and sported a light blue, skirt suit and matching heels.

“Of course, darling. I was honored to do so. Black women have always been my biggest supporters since the start of my political campaign.”

“That’s right. I wanted to express my gratitude in person. The polls say I’m up now but we would see on election day. My campaign became popular once you threw your support behind me.”

“Anytime, I always endorse my fellow sistas when they need me.”

“We appreciate that because we always supported you. We’re happy to receive it in return too. Hope next week’s results come in the way that we want. See you.”

“Same here.”

Mrs. Perkins left.

“Darrel, is Paulena still around?”

“I saw her talking to your sister earlier in the hallway.”

The men left for different destinations. Chad found Paulena walking into their dressing room and Darrel went to converse with Joel and Daphne because he had important information that he knew they wanted to know about.

Chad went inside the dressing room and walk behind Paulena.

“Hi, honey,” he smooched her on the jaw.

Paulena turned toward him and French-kissed him. They were both left breathless after the passionate kiss.

“You know I love you. I wanted to apologize for mistreating and hitting you, love.”

“I forgive you, Chad. I was hurt and I hated you for it but I’m alright now.”

Chad reached into a cabinet and took out some red, white, and pink roses and gave it to her. She placed it in a pitcher of water.

“I hid this. I’m surprised that you didn’t find it.”

“I didn’t know it was there.”

“I have more.”

Chad reached into his pocket and brought out an expensive diamond necklace. He clasped it around her neck.

Paulena smiled and tears fell from her eyes. “Oh, Chad, It’s beautiful! I love it!” She smoothed out the few wrinkles in her white, silk, gown.

Chad gave her a red, heart-shaped box of chocolate caramels. “I know they are your favorites. We used to eat these sometimes back in the day, feed each other chocolate caramels usually after a large meal.”

Paulena stood up and hugged him tightly. “I love you too, Chad. You’ve always been my first love. My only love.”

Chad’s eyes became teary. “You’re about to make me cry too, Paulena. Knock it off, sweetie.”

“Thank you, honey, for everything. Chad, I want you to remain faithful to me. Can you do that for us?”

Chad hesitated. “Of course, my love.”

They French-kissed again.

Francis stuck her head in the door. “Dad, grandma and grandpa want to see you. They say it’s important.”

“…Joel, Daphne, this young man took one of the company’s DNA tests and the results came back a match. We’ve been tracking him because of his obsessive behavior with the New Black Wall Street and the Summervilles,” Darrel informed them.

“A match to whom? I never once cheated on my husband in the fifty years that we have been married. I don’t have another child! Joel, what have you done?” Daphne scoffed.

“Please, don’t. I have been faithful to you too, sweetheart. I never even look at another woman. I don’t know what Darrel talking about!” Joel looked astounded.

Anger and confusion flashed into their eyes.

“Sorry, I think you two misunderstood me. It’s not a match to one of you. It’s a 99.9 match to both of you. This Josiah character took this test three times and the computer told us it was a definite match. Didn’t you tell me that y’all had a baby boy that died almost forty years ago?” Darrel explained.

“Yes, it was thirty-seven years ago. It was a still-birth. You don’t think it’s him, do you? The doctors told us that the baby died. Did they make a mistake?” Daphne said softly. She was still processing the information that Darrel gave them.

“Are you sure about this, Darrel? The technology is that advanced that it matched our DNA to this person. If it’s true, my wife and I rather physically take a DNA test to confirm the results to his. For years, people have been coming out the woodwork, saying that they are related to us from way back when. I need more than our DNA matching his in a computer system. I want to see this boy in the flash and all three of us take a DNA test together,” Joel firmly stated.

“I agree. This is the first time a DNA test came back a 99.9 positive match to us from somebody in our computer system.”

Chad and Angela came inside the room and Darrel told them what was going on.

“Really? Who is he?” Angela looked surprised.

“What the hell? Where is he?” Chad wondered.


Chad sat around the patio table, dining outside with his lifelong friends Joe, Willie, Gus, and Jarron. It was a new restaurant that Jarron’s family own like many others.

The outside dining area was crowded with patrons just like it was inside.

They were dining on meals such as chicken wings, meatloaves, salads, stews, loaded potatoes, steamed veggies, mixed fruit, steaks, and other delicious food, cool drinks, and beer.

They were all dressed similarly. Expensive suits, dress shoes, and jewelry.

“That’s what I told that clown on Capitol Hill. No one can stand his ignorant ass. I know I can’t. I don’t know who his constituents are that keeps voting for him. They are a bunch of suckers and losers. I told him the other day when I was in Washington to fuck off. I was like, ‘If you get in my face, I’m going to put you in your place. That’s all there is to it!’”

“Preach, brotha!” Joe chuckled. “I’ll tell you that fool deserves it!”

“I want to thank you for helping out with Zack, Gus. He’s my little boy, my only son and I want the best for him.”

“No problem, brother, Zack is coming along fine. He’s getting better each day. I can see the old Zack trying to break through.”

“So, I can’t believe that you may have a younger brother out there somewhere,” Willie nodded.

“Yeah, fellas, let’s keep this between us. My parents are feeling some kind of way about this one. This brotha might be some kind of scam artist and preying on our family, probably wanna get a piece of our fortune, Hell no, his ass can kick rocks!” Chad laughed.

“That might be your kid brother, man,” Jarron teased.

“Darrel also told us that he made an appointment to come to our headquarters about this mess. I don’t want to see this fool.”

The others nodded and finished their meals. Two women walked past them. One was slender and the other was obese. They went inside the restaurant.

“A restaurant is the last place that fat bitch needs to be,” Joe joked.

“She needs to be going to the gym.”

Everyone at the table laughed except Gus.

“Fellas, stop it with the sexist jokes. Not everyone can help their size. We don’t know her story or others like her,” Gus scolded.

“You and your son Cain always trying to find the bright side with everybody. Always excusing these weirdos,” Chad smirked, drinking his beer then went on. “I know that I don’t want to fuck some fat ugly, ass bitch like that.”

“Come on, guys.”

“I thought you love black women, Chad!” Joe snickered.

“Not black women that look like that. I don’t want any 300 plus pounds obese, unhealthy bitch. You know, she probably a single mom with five or six out of wedlock kids, and each kid have a different deadbeat daddy. Yuck, damn shame. I only fuck sistas that looked like Nia Long, Vivica A. Fox when she was in her prime, or Ananda lewis. I have it going on and I want my women to have the same. She needs to have her own money, a career, an awesome personality, healthy, and a complete freak in the bedroom. If the bitch doesn’t look like a supermodel then I’m not interested,” Chad remarked.

“Brotha, come on. Let’s be nice and supportive of all of our sistas. Everyone needs love,” Gus replied.

“I hear you, bro, but I don’t want love from a sloppy, disgusting woman like that. Let them dusty thugs have her fat ass!” Chad laughed.

Gus rolled his eyes and didn’t crack a smile. “Let’s change the subject.”

“Lisa and the ladies are going out this weekend. Clubbing, shopping, and dinner,” Joe said.

“Is Paulena going too?” Willie asked.

“I have no idea. We are trying to patch up our relationship. She never wants to have sex. Our sex life is nonexistent. We make love maybe once a month.”

“Say what?”

“Why? Is Paulena asexual?” Willie asked.

Chad laughed. “You are going to have to ask her that.”

“What do I look like asking your wife that personal question?”

“Then why are you still with her? You sound bored?”

“I love her. She’s my children’s mother. She lied to me about loving sex when we first met. I should have married my college sweetheart Jessica.”

“Brotha, come on! Not Jessica!”

“Fellas, I have to leave and get back to the office. Zack’s appointment is in thirty minutes and I need to prepare for his session and the rest of them,” Gus announced.

“Alright, man.”

“Tell Zack I’ll see him when he gets in.”

“Okay, I’ll let him know.”

Willie got up to take a private call and Jarron went to the restroom.

“Joe, I want to get your opinion about something. I’ve been having recurring dreams about a little girl from my past. I was a little kid too, shopping with my mom while we waited on my dad. I met her briefly at a friend’s grocery store many years ago. I had this same dream for the past three nights and I don’t understand why. I don’t know if this dream is trying to tell me something…” Chad’s voice trailed off.

“Goodness, man. I don’t know what to tell you.”

“There’s more. Yesterday, a woman came into the New Black Wall Street Headquarters. I found out that it was that same girl from years ago. She remembered me and knew things that only she would have known if she been that same person. It was weird. She remembered everything, what she was wearing, her hairstyle, what I was wearing. She feels like an omen to me. I just wanted to know what you think? What’s your opinion about it?”

“Get away from me cause you are a jinx!” Joe joked. “I don’t even know where to begin with this one, man.”

Willy came back to the table. Jarron had come out of the restroom and was talking to some people sitting inside near the back.

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