Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Paige sat in the bleachers with her friends Crystal, Danielle, Mackenzie, Casey, and Jasmine.

They were dressed casually in jeans, shorts, tank tops, sneakers, and slides. The entire school was enjoying the pep rally.

The tiger mascot was hyping the crowd almost as much as the cheerleaders and the band. The students were cheering and hollering during the event. Loud conversations flowed in every direction.

The Go-Getters were sitting several bleachers below Paige and her friends. They were always magnificently dressed in their designer gear.

The resource officers stood guard near the exits, observing everyone. Principal Silverson was talking to Vice Principal Marie Howard and Secretary Alma Hodges. The teachers chatted with each other and looked happy like the students did.

“I’m so glad to be out of class! Yay!” Casey hollered.

“I don’t blame you. Me too, girl,” Jasmine agreed.

“I’m out here looking at those fine athletes and male cheerleaders! That’s what I’m talking about!” Mackenzie commented.

Danielle rolled her eyes. Paige only listened and smiled at Zack when he looked up at her.

“Mackenzie, down boy! Don’t you already got a boyfriend?” Crystal asked.

“I guess cause that negro is a cheat!”

Everyone was having fun. The cheerleaders did spectacular dance moves, flips, twirling around the gymnasium. They were thrown in the air and loudly cheered their routines.

La’Shayla and Brianna were captain and co-captain of the cheerleading teams and led the routines. They were dressed up in their awesome uniforms, their hair and makeup looked astonishing.

The band played amazing music, and the athletes made their moves too. At the end of the pep rally, the cheerleaders led the school when it came to singing the school song.


Dashawn and Brianna were making love in bed. They were at DaShawn’s house and his father Jarron was out on a date with Ms. Jakeson. They were alone and lost in their world.

“Yum, honey, Ooh, Goodness, Oh,” Brianna moaned softly as DaShawn passionately smooch and massaged her under his silk sheets.

DaShawn’s iPhone rang.

“Is that my phone ringing? I thought I was tripping. Who in the hell calling this late?”

“You ain’t tripping, bae,” Brianna stretched and licked her lips.

He let it ring a few times before he annoyingly picked it up and sat up. DaShawn saw Tristan’s number on the caller id. Brianna turned toward him.

“What’s up, Tristan? Why are you calling so late? Is something wrong?”

“It’s Zack, man. He called me earlier and wanted us to meet him at Allie’s Pond. He said he wanted to talk and chill with his friends.”

“Zack has lost his mind. It’s after midnight and I’m in the middle of getting some! I don’t feel like getting out of bed at this time of night,” DaShawn scoffed.

“I hear you. I’m going to check on him. I hope he’s not having another breakdown. He’s just starting to get better too.”

“Yeah, I know. I ain’t bout to go anywhere unless it’s an extreme emergency. If I go out and get pulled over by the cops and get a ticket, thrown in jail, shot, killed. I’m going to haunt Zack and the po-po! Anyway, tell Zack I’ll see his crazy ass tomorrow,” DaShawn laughed.

“Alright, man. I’ll talk to you later.”

They hung up. DaShawn went back to making love with Brianna. Tristan got up from his bed to get dressed. La’Shayla sat up.

“I’m going to check on Zack. You want to stay here at my house until I come back,” Tristan asked her.

“No, I’ll go too. I don’t want to be alone at your house. You don’t need to be alone on the road this time of night,” La’Shayla got up to get dressed too.

“My parents celebrating their anniversary. They are going to be on vacation for a few weeks and having a lot of fun in the Bahamas and Europe,” Tristan replied.

They quickly left the house and drove the long-winding roads to Allie’s Pond. When they got there, they saw Zack standing near the edge of the pond. He turned to look at them before turning his attention back to the dark and still water.

“Are you alright, Zack? We’re concerned about you,” La’Shayla replied, looking sympathetic.

“Are you okay, bro? That is alligator-infested water, so be careful. I don’t want you to fall or jump in that mess. It might contain Naegleria fowleri also know as brain-eating amoeba that if it gets inside your nose, it can seriously make you ill or kill you,” Tristan informed Zack, looking concerned too.

Zack scoffed. “I’m not having a mental breakdown, guys. I’m cool. I wanted to get out of my house and looked at nature. My parents are not talking again. My dad is pissed about his newfound brother that’s coming to visit us tomorrow.”

“Looking at nature at this time? You can’t see much, man. I hope you’re telling us the truth about what’s going on,” Tristan’s concerned expression didn’t go away.

La’Shayla remained silent.

“Yeah, I’m telling the truth. I’ve been here for a little while. I tried calling the others but they didn’t answer their phones. I know Paige and Cain are probably asleep. Noah is still on his date with Kerrie. Who knows what DaShawn is doing?”

“I called DaShawn and he told me that he was getting some and he’ll see you in the morning after I told him what you wanted.”

Allie’s Pond was quiet. It looked like they saw slight movement rippling in the water. Suddenly, an owl hooted overhead. The sky darkened when some clouds moved across the moon.

It felt eerie and as if time had stood still. Tristan and La’Shayla walked beside Zack. Tristan touched his shoulder.

“Brotha, if you want to talk about anything, I’m here for you. I don’t care how long that conversation takes,” Tristan replied.

Zack nodded and looked up at the owl that flew over their heads.


The Summerville family waited in the lobby of the New Black Wall Street Corporate Headquarters. As usual, they were all dressed up.

The women wore solid and bright skirts, blouses, dresses, pantsuits, stilettos, boots, and flats. The men wore dark suits, light silk shirts, slacks, and dressed shoes.

Darrel was informing them about the new information that their observers and private investigators had found out about Josiah Peterson, who might be the latest addition to the Summerville dynasty.

“For weeks, we’ve been tracking him. He lives in the Sticks Projects. A rough and horrible community. That hood is like New Jack City and guess what, he’s dating a white woman too!”

“A white woman!?” Daphne gasped.

“Oh hell naw! He’s probably one of those self-hating sellouts! We are not going to allow anyone like that to interfere in our God-loving, pure Christian family and wanting a piece of our hardworking, fortune,” Joel stated.

“A Summerville that certainly won’t be invited to a black love event here,” Chad scoffed.

“Here he comes now,” Angela said.

They all looked at Josiah when he entered the establishment. He looked to be thirty-something and bore a strong, uncanny resemblance to Joel and Chad. He was over six feet, muscular, bald, and wore blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and sneakers.

“Where is your white girlfriend? You left her in the car,” Chad asked him when he approached them.

“Huh? How did you know…” Josiah started but Chad interjected.

“Our security said that she stayed in the car.”

“Uh, yeah, I was told this is strictly family business. That’s why I left her in the car.”

“This meeting is going to be a while, a long discussion, taking DNA tests, going over further paperwork,” Darrel informed him.

They went to the meeting room and locked the door. The meeting lasted for hours. Joel, Daphne, and Josiah took a DNA test and were expecting results the next day.

Even with the other matching results from their computer system and looking at the strong family resemblance of Josiah, deep down they knew the DNA results would be a match.


Chad was making love to Michelle, the woman from his recurring dreams, in another one of his luxurious properties. Paulena had been calling him repeatedly but he ignored her calls.

“I’ve been dreaming of you for days. As a child when I first saw you, I always wanted to know what it would be like to make passionate love to you,” Chad told her as he kissed her.

“I felt the same,” Michelle softly replied.

“What was that noise? I thought I heard something, like a door opening and closing,” Chad listened.

“I don’t hear anything, probably the neighbors. I’m so happy that you allowed me to work for you Chad. I have two kids and I always wanted to work for a company like the New Black Wall Street,” Michelle continued to kiss him.

The door to the bedroom abruptly swung open. Paulena stood in the doorway staring at them with an angry and disappointing look.

Chad and Michelle quickly sat up.

“How dare you, cheating on me again in our penthouse. You disgust me!”

“I should go,” Michelle said, getting up and reaching for her clothes on the floor.

Paulena stared at her and then at Chad.

“I need a ride back home,” Michelle turned to Chad.

Chad gave her an annoyed look. He grabbed his phone and sent a text. “I texted Jake to pick you up. You can go outside and wait on him.”

Michelle got dressed and left the house.

“Rude whores. I should have known that I can’t trust you,” Paulena left.

Chad watched Paulena leave as he dressed. He was on the road in no time. Jake had taken Michelle home.

Chad made it back to his office at work. Darrel had texted him that the DNA results were a match. Josiah was his long-lost brother. Chad sighed heavily.

“Lord, another one to share the multibillion-dollar fortune with,” he muttered as he parked.

Chad saw an elderly man selling fruit and vegetables on the corner of the establishment property. Chad recognized him from the other day.

The man had told him a sob story about how other business owners in predominantly white communities ban him from selling his goods. Chad felt sorry for him and allowed him to sell there as long as he wanted to.

Chad went inside one of the board rooms. All of the employees were there. He was right on time. He spoke briefly during the office party that the company was having. Everyone was dressed up.

The men and women looked sophisticated and gorgeous. Chad’s eyes linger on the women especially the vice president of the company, Valerie. Her eyes were fixated on him too. She moved around in her short, dark blue skirt-set and stilettos.

Her elegant hairstyle and polished makeup gave her a finishing touch. Chad saw his family and friends drinking, eating, and having fun.

The food was delicious. It was a variety of meats, pasta, vegetables, fruits, and wines. He fixed himself a plate and sat down and talk to his friends. Later, he went back to his office.

Paulena came out of the restroom and decided to check on Chad in his office. She wanted to discuss their marriage after catching him cheating with Michelle. She greeted Angela and Jacques as they got on the elevator, heading back to the office party.

Paulena opened Chad’s office door. She could care less about knocking and giving him privacy after what he had been doing. She came inside the office and saw Chad and Valerie French kissing.

The woman was sitting on Chad’s table and Chad was standing between her legs. They were still dressed and both of them jumped when they saw Paulena standing there with her hands on hips, looking like she might explode.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know…” Valerie got up and quickly walked out the door.

Paulena stared at her as she left. She walked up to Chad and bitch-slapped him across his face. He stumbled back but didn’t fall. He looked tipsy. Chad touched his face where she had slapped him. That was the first time that Paulena had hit him.

“What is wrong with you, Chad!? How many times do I have to catch you cheating on me!? I’m only giving you a taste of your own medicine when you slapped me. I work here too and you keep constantly disrespecting me. I should have known when you hesitated when I asked you if you would be faithful to me that you were lying. A gut feeling told me that you were not telling the truth.”

“So you not going to hit her too? You do realize that you have to come home soon, bitch!”

“You are my husband. My relationship is with you. You have a horrible track record of cheating on me! I caught you twice in the act! I don’t know about her. She claimed that she didn’t know. Probably because you have been telling the world that we are separated. That is not true. If I was her I wouldn’t get involved with a separated man because he is still legally married.”

“You haven’t been giving me what I need. I’m not sexually satisfied.”

“You are not a real Christian. You have been mocking our vows and our heavenly father. I don’t want to be with you anymore. Twenty-five years is enough of this. I can do better and get me a good man. A real Christian man. Back in the day, I thought you were real and a good husband but you were only pretending. If politics don’t work out, you should try acting because you can give Sidney Poitier and Denzel Washington a run for their money! You claimed that you didn’t cheat the whole time but the last several years of our marriage have been a joke. I’m filing for divorce tomorrow morning. Now you and your freak whores can live happily together!”

“What the hell? I’m in the middle of a reelection campaign! It’s tomorrow, you can’t do this shit now!”

“You did this shit yourself! Don’t blame me, Chad. It’s your reelection campaign, not mine! To hell with you!” Paulena stormed out and slammed the door.

Chad left and went home after the office party. Paulena and the rest of his family remained there.

He went inside his home and saw his maid Lilly accidentally drop his family’s historical vase that she was cleaning. It broke into several pieces on the linoleum floor. Chad became angry and lashed out in a rage.

“You white trash nigger bitch! How dare you drop my family’s artifact, our legacy! You broke it! That vase has been in our family for over five hundred years!” Chad walked over to her and bitch-slapped her across the face.

Lilly fell back and hit the dining room wall with a thud, blood splash on it. She dropped to the floor, crying and begging on her knees. “Please, Mr. Summerville, sir, I’m so sorry! I need this job and I don’t want to be deported and living on the streets again!”

“Shut up, bitch! I don’t give two shits about your life! I give zero fucks about you! You are fucking terminated! Get out of my house! I have been waiting for you to give me a reason to get rid of your ass! This is it! You godforsaken abomination! God himself is too merciful to you people! You better be glad that I wasn’t God, I would have eradicated all of y’all centuries ago! You people are the spawn of Satan, Esau, and Cain! You are cursed like Sodom and Gomorrah! There’s no earthly good in your kind at all!”

Chad called his security to escort Lilly off his property. She was begging him for her job and sobbing. Lilly wouldn’t leave so they dragged her off the property.

Later, Chad and his staff wrapped up his last campaign rally before the election. Lyle had asked him about the bruise on his face.

Chad told him that Paulena had slapped him because she saw him with another woman. Lyle had scoffed and said that his wife accused him of cheating all the time and usually she was right.

Tens of thousands of supporters had filled the stadium outside. There were thousands more that couldn’t get in because of overcrowding so they remained outside watching Chad, Paulena, potential Congresswoman Perkins, and her husband conclude the event on the huge television monitors.

“The reason why I’m here is to support Mrs. Perkins for her Congressional campaign not you, Chad,” Paulena whispered fiercely to him on stage.

Armed police were everywhere at the event. Airplanes flew overhead. Flashing lights, local, national, and international reporters were spread out too. Thunderous applause and cheers rocked the stadium.

Observers were monitoring everyone moving around. Local and national prominent people were spotted by the cameras. Paulena had ignored Chad at the entire event.

Chad’s family and friends cheered and applauded him. Throughout the night, security and police had to push back countless groupies and obsessed supporters and fans from rushing the stage.

Fireworks exploded near aircraft as it zoomed across the midnight, star-filled sky. It was a spectacle.

Tomorrow’s newspapers’ headlines around the world displayed across the front pages the reelection wins of Senator Chad Summerville and Congresswoman-elect Edna Perkins with pictures from the rally and the adoring crowds.

Chad had defeated his democratic opponent former Representative Laura Hilson, a white progressive from New York, by a double-digit margin.

Usually, local campaigns don’t get a lot of press nationally yet alone globally but since Chad was so sensational and had a historical campaign and used his coattails to support Congresswoman-elect Perkins, people around the world were interested in Chad’s election.

Congresswoman-elect Perkins edged out her opponent by a few points.

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