Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Paige woke up the next morning in bed. She heard spooky noises in her bedroom. There was children’s laughter that followed.

Paige was wide alert and opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. She couldn’t move her body at all. She panicked.

What’s wrong with me? What’s happening!? Paige could only think her words. She tried hard to speak but she felt paralyzed. It felt like something was holding her down. Dark shadows flew across her room.

The laughter and the noises became louder. Suddenly, Paige can speak and move again.

“Mom, Dad!” she yelled.

No one answered. Numerous apparitions appeared inside her room. It looked to be over fifty and they were over six feet tall. They were ugly, monstrous creatures.

They had bulging red eyes and black pupils, razor sharped fangs, a wide snout, and pointed ears. Dark-brown fur covered their bodies.

Their claws were curled as they approached Paige. They wore Go-Getter jackets and crazed grins on their faces.

“Where is everyone!?” Paige continued to scream.

She tried to get up from the tangled sheets but tripped in bed.

The creatures quickly ran to her and held her down. They snapped their razor-sharped fangs at her. She couldn’t escape because they were very strong and they overpowered her.

Then her bedroom turned into hellfire then it became water that surrounded her entire body. Her hands and feet were bound tight onto a rotten tree. Paige felt like she was going to die.

“Mom, Dad, Steven!” Paige screamed. “God!”

Then Paige woke up from her dream. Her bedroom was normal and the creatures were gone. The hellfire and water were gone too. She looked around and sighed heavily.

I was dreaming within a dream, weird, Paige thought.

“Paige, sweetie, are you alright?” Jude asked as she and Edward came into Paige’s room.

“Yeah, I just woke up. I had a nightmare.”

“About what, hon?” Edward asked.

“Monsters coming after me.”

“We’re sorry about that. Good thing that it was only a dream.”

“Our neighbors at our new property told us that someone killed a squirrel and placed that dead squirrel on our porch. Another dead squirrel. They called the cops and they investigated. It turned out that the young man in jail, for shooting at you, paid someone to do that heinous act,” Edward informed her.

“Oh my God!” Paige touched her face.

“Yes, sweetheart, be careful. The cops arrested the person that he hired and the prosecutor planned on adding these new charges to his case. The man’s court date is coming up next week,” Jude remarked.

“The police are watching both of our properties. That’s why your mother and I want you to be alert. Steven went out with his friends. We are going on our regular date night but if you want us to stay with you…”

“No, I’ll be fine. Zack is picking me up tonight. We are going to a club and a concert with our friends.”

Edward looked at Paige and Jude. He sighed. “Well, I see. We already had this discussion before. Paige, if you need anything, please call us. We’ll drop everything to come get you.”

Jude gave her a concerned look. “Be careful and have fun, honey.”

“Thanks. I’ll see you later.”


Zack picked Paige up on time at 6 pm. He was driving a new black Cadillac. It was a cool day without clouds in the sky. The sun was setting over the horizon.

It wasn’t that many people moving about in the neighborhood. When they hit the freeway, drivers were all over the place. They narrowly missed a couple of drivers getting in a road rage fit.

“Let me get away from these fools. Must be out of towners,” Zack commented.

“Yeah, probably.”

Paige was dressed in all black. A low-cut, silk blouse, a leather, mini-skirt, and shoe-string boots. She wore her curly hair hanging down with a part in the center.

Paige threw her hair over her back when the wind blew it in the air. She was wearing dark, red lipstick, foundation, a pink blush, and mascara.

The makeup made her long eyelashes and jaws popped. Her perfume was pleasant without being too strong. Her black leather handbag bounced by her side.

Zack was dressed up too. He wore a designer wardrobe. A dark, blue silk shirt, creased black, denim slacks, and casual boots. His cologne seeped into Paige’s noise.

He smelled wonderful to her. Zack sneaked a glance and grinned at Paige. He stopped at a red light with a long length of cars.

“I had a premonition last night, Paige.”

“What was it about? It wasn’t anything bad, was it? I always assumed premonitions foretold bad events.”

“No, it wasn’t bad at all. I was on an empty beach. It was a wonderful day, blue sky, golden sunshine, a few white clouds, cool sand underneath my feet. I think I saw a rainbow. No, a double rainbow. I haven’t seen that in years. It felt great like I can almost feel it. I was looking at a woman walking with a child, a little girl about four or five. I assume they were mother and child. They were walking toward me but I couldn’t see their faces. I saw myself clearly.

“It felt that I was floating above this woman and child. I was dressed in a white shirt and blue beach shorts. I was behind them and only saw their backs. I remember the woman had long, curly black hair and was wearing a colorful, summer dress and the little girl had on a straw hat over her curly black hair, and was wearing a white dress. I’ll never forget the expression on my face when I was looking at them. I was as happy as I’ll ever be. I think they were happy too but it’s hard to say because I couldn’t see either of their faces. It was weird. I wonder what that premonition meant. Then I woke up and the dream or premonition went away.”

“Wow, amazing! I wonder who that woman and little girl were?”

“I have no idea. It was probably just an innocent dream,” Zack smiled at her.

Paige like that the old Zack was back. The streetlight turned green and he drove on. They left the freeway and drove through the town.

They passed by people that were dressed up and looking happy, luxury vehicles, fine homes with perfectly manicured landscapes, tall skyscrapers, and businesses.

A private jet flew in the sky. Pets, joggers, bicyclists zoomed through the District. Conversations filled the air. It looked like an urban utopia, a modern-day black wall street that could rival past black wall streets.

“Can we make a detour to the police station real quick?” Paige asked.

Surprised and a little annoyed, Zack nodded and went in another direction.

“Thanks, I wanted to let Officer Boyce know what you told me about Juan, Satin, and their friends, that they wanted to rape me when I was out of it.”

“Sure, I don’t think much is going to happen now since the cops closed both your rape case and Porsha’s case. We can still try.”

“Yeah, I already gave the info to Porsha’s mom and she told her lawyer so they can prepare for their civil suit.”

Zack and Paige pulled up and parked in the police precinct’s parking lot. They went inside and walked right into Officer Boyce at the front.

“Hi, Paige, Zack, how are you doing today?”


“Pretty good.”

“How can I help you? Is it about the case?”

“Yes, I wanted to report that Juan, Satin, and their friends wanted me to let them in my room to have sex with Paige when she was unconscious that night. I told them no.”

“I hear you. As you know, Paige wanted us to close her rape case because she made a mistake,” Officer Boyce looked at Paige when she said this then went on. “If it was up to me, I’ll reopen Porsha’s case but the chief insisted that her case remained closed even if the gang rape video or any other evidence becomes available,” Officer Boyce looked annoyed and disappointed.

Paige sighed deeply. “That is so messed up though. I assumed the chief would have closed my case too if I hadn’t dropped the rape charge.”

“It’s obvious that dirty politics and a huge conflict of interest since Chief Winters is close and talk regularly with Juan’s family, played a big part why Porsha’s rape case was dropped quickly. Can Porsha’s mother and her lawyer use the information that I gave you in their lawsuit against Juan, Satin, and the others? What about if they can prove if Juan, Satin, and friends contributed to her suicide?” Zack asked.

“Those are very good questions and you both make relevant points. Porsha’s mother and her lawyer might use that since you gave them the information. They can try. I can only follow the law and my superiors. Anyway, how is your stay in rehab coming along, hon?”

“It’s going great, Officer Boyce. I’m getting better every day.”

“That’s nice. I wish you both the best. If you have anything else about Porsha’s case then be sure to let us know. I’ll definitely make sure Porsha’s mother’s lawyer gets the information if anything new comes out. I wish I could have helped Porsha more but you know…” Officer Boyce’s sentence trailed off.

Paige smiled. “Thank you. You’ve done enough, Officer.”

“Thanks,” Zack nodded.

“You’re welcome,” Officer Boyce replied, as she watched Paige and Zack walked out of the precinct.


Paige and Zack arrived at Chad’s new club, Platinum Aces. They met their friends at the front entrance. Tristan, DaShawn, Cain, Noah, and their girlfriends. Danielle, Crystal, Casey, Jasmine, and their boyfriends. Mackenzie was on a date with his boyfriend.

Everybody was dressed up and looked fabulous. All of the Go-Getters wore designer wardrobes. Chad and his friends were outside cutting the ribbon in front of dozens of international press.

Paige followed the others inside. They saw lines that wrapped around the blocks. There were diverse people everywhere. A DJ was hyping the dance floor.

A popular pop/rock singer, a sista, was jamming and her backup singers and dancers were backing her. Some of Paige’s and Zack’s friends were already dancing and drinking.

“I’ll be right back,” Zack told Paige.

Zack wanted to talk to Chad about the divorce that he overheard Paulena tell Angela over the phone. Zack then told Francis about it.

He wanted to see how Chad was holding up. Zack had already checked on Paulena. Chad looked happy but Zack hoped it wasn’t a front.

Zack had to persuade Chad’s security to let him in the office backstage because he had informed his security to not let anyone in. Zack hoped Chad wasn’t having affairs back there. Chad’s affairs and pending divorce had gone viral in the tabloids.

Zack asked the security to call Chad and informed him he wanted to see him. They let him in the office. Chad was alone. They put a drunk woman in her place when she wandered backstage. She hurriedly left the area.

Zack converse with Chad and then left. He was glad his father wasn’t drunk and acted appropriately. Zack made it back to the front of the club.

Versatile music played in the club after the pop/rock singer finished her set. Paige and Zack danced. When Zack grind against Paige’s butt, she smirked and playfully hits him.

“I believe I’m the only sista in the world that doesn’t know how to dance. I don’t have any soul,” Paige joked.

“There is plenty of sistas that don’t know how to dance. You are not the only one,” Zack commented.

“Neither one of y’all can dance!” Tristan remarked.

“Shut up!” Zack playfully scolded him.

Paige, Zack, and their friends left two hours later. They went to a planned concert next.

A couple of rappers called Nick and Jace and some RNB/Pop girl groups called Saphire, Dazzle, and an opening act by a female rapper named Ms. Oliva.

Two burly security guards check everyone’s identification and passes at the entrance. A black man and his white girlfriend were criticized by one of the security guards when they went inside the concert.

“Black girls ain’t good enough for you, boy?” the guard barked at him.

“I have love for all women,” the man weakly answered.

“Damn shame.”

“Do I need some kind of id or pass to get in?” Paige asked Zack.

“Nope, it’s cool, Paige. You’re with us.”

“What kind of id or pass is Paige talking about? I know I don’t need any id or pass. Me being here is my id and pass,” DaShawn joked.

“I ain’t about to sit up front when Nick takes his shirt off and throw it in the crowd. Hell naw!” Tristan remarked.

They went inside and walked to the third aisle where their seats were located. The rappers and singers performed their sets.

They entertained the thousands in the audience to a bunch of number one hits. As usual, Nick took his shirt off during his performance and threw it in the crowd.

The entertainers looked amazing and wore sexy outfits. They danced provocatively on stage.

The two girl groups, Sapphire and Dazzle, performed their hit songs after the rappers. Ms. Olivia closed out the night with her jams.

The audience went crazy throughout the concert. Applause, cheers, and conversations floated in the air. People sang and danced to the music.

Flashing cameras streamed the event worldwide. The concert lasted until eleven p.m. Paige and Zack said goodbye to their friends. Zack took Paige home at midnight. They French-kissed under the moonlight.

“See you tomorrow,” Paige said as she opened the car door.

“Yeah, later.”

Paige went inside her home and went to sleep shortly after.


The next day, Zack drove to the pre-black love annual event at the New Black Wall Street Corporate Headquarters. Zack joined Tristan, DaShawn, Noah, and Cain on the stage in the lounge.

Zack stood by his friends as DaShawn spoke to thousands of young male Go-Getters. Zack and the others spoke briefly too. All of the Go-Getters there were eighteen through their twenties.

The Go-Getters wore black t-shirts that spelled Black Love on the front. They were glad to be there. They smiled, laughed, joked, applauded, and cheered as DaShawn spoke about the black love event that the company was having tomorrow.

Everyone at the black love event was going to wear all white. Each year, the Go-Getters wore different colors like white, black, blue, gray, and brown. Zack spotted Juan and Satin near the back.

“I appreciate all you awesome fellas for coming to this pre-black love annual event that our community has been having for the past fifty years. Man, I know we can’t wait to have fun with our queens at the black love event tomorrow,” DaShawn concluded the event followed by applause and cheers.

The black love annual event started on time the next day. All of the guests wore white. They were dressed up and the ballroom was decked out. Couples danced and had fun.

They also drank and dine on delicious food. They converse with each other. Prominent individuals spoke to the crowd of thousands.

The Summervilles interacted with other wealthy and elite families. Zack and Paige hung out with their families and friends.

“This is what you called the best of urban society,” Zack smooch Paige.

“I love it! I’m having an awesome time!”

“…We were the Emilles, yes darling,” Daphne informed some of the guests. “The Emille surname was poisonous after the Civil War. Our ancestors changed their name to Summerville because they were considered troublemakers for wanting their people to know how to read and write and have their own educational institution. The racists tried over and over to burn down Emille High School and the District but our people fought back and won. There was damage but our ancestors continued to rebuild.”

“I see you telling all of our family’s history, huh honey?” Joel kissed Daphne on the lips. “Josiah, come along, son, I want you all to meet our third child. We introducing him to the world.”

After the introductions, Chad frowned at Josiah and followed him to an area away from the crowd.

“You know, the racists always called members of their race traitors when they act friendly toward people of color. You know what, you self-hating, sellouts are the real fucking race traitors! You’re not going to take a part of our fortune and take care of that ignorant, lazy bitch ass girlfriend of yours!” Chad pushed Josiah against the wall.

“Man, you have one more time to put your hands on me!”

Joel quickly stepped between them. “What’s going on in here?”

“I know the entire family doesn’t like me! I haven’t done anything wrong. It wasn’t my fault that those damn doctors made a mistake and gave me to the wrong parent! I lived a life of shame, regret, and never had any role models. I grew up poor and broke. My life sucked. It was horrible! My so-called father left and my mother couldn’t take care of me,” Josiah cried.

“Man, nobody cares about your sob story! That’s the typical black person’s story from the hood. You ain’t getting a penny of our fortune, bitch!” Chad snapped.

“That’s not up to you! It’s not your place to say that. I’m a Summerville and I’m blood! I’m owed that inheritance! It would have been mine anyway if I wasn’t switched at birth! Y’all trying to act like y’all so holy and Christian. Y’all looked down on me and called me a jailbird because I’ve been locked up many times but I did my time. But Daddy Joel, I’ve learned that you have been locked up over a hundred times through the years!” Josiah turned on Joel in his frustration.

Joel slapped Josiah in his face. “How dare you bring up my past without knowing the full story! Unlike you, son, I wasn’t getting locked up for petty crimes like stealing and breaking into your neighbors’ homes and cars. I was locked up unjustly for speaking out against racial injustice and registering our people to vote, and boycotting discriminating policies, etc. It’s not a fair comparison. Myself and many other civil rights activists were locked up during the sixties and seventies trying to push for progress across the board so young bucks like you can have a fair chance in life and be able to date that woman that you with now.”

“Preach, Dad. Let him know! I thought it would be cool to have a younger brother but this clown? He can go to hell!”

“I’m a good person! You got to get to know me.”

Chad and Joel stared at Josiah for a moment then walked back to the ballroom leaving Josiah crying.

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