Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Chad was in Washington D.C. He was getting ready to leave for Arkansas in his private jet. He had just come from his office on Capitol Hill.

He saw one of his colleagues from the Senate emerged from the opposite side. Chad couldn’t stand him. A lot of folks couldn’t stand him.

The man walked past Chad, sneering. “Chad, you got your constituents fooled into believing that you are a real conservative. Why didn’t you run for the Democratic nomination? Then it would have been you losing instead of that Hilson bitch,” he laughed.

Chad gave him a stern look and laughed sinisterly. “Who are you supposed to be? You don’t know me like that. I did better than what you would have done. You must be out of your goddamn mind if you think you can talk to me any kind of way.”

As Chad walked over to his friends, the man kept talking to him.

“We both know that you don’t give a damn about the white working-class in this community or anywhere matter-of-fact.”

“So, and we both know that colonialists like you and your slave-owning ancestors never gave a damn about the poor blacks either. I’ve got a community to take care of that folks like you have been severely oppressing for centuries. They would be fine if they are left alone to prosper. I won’t allow clowns like you waste my precious time. Anyway, I don’t have time for this dumb-ass conversation. Like I said get out of my face with that hypocritical shit! Don’t forget that you are talking to a king, bitch!”

Chad casually and smoothly walked off to join his friends. The man looked taken aback by Chad’s remarks.

“As usual, you told that weakling off,” Willie laughed with Chad’s other friends.

“Yeah, he reminded me back in the day when I started working as a cop at the precinct. I told my supporters at my rallies that I was only a few blacks working back then. Those fools didn’t like me at all. I didn’t care. They are like bullies. They only do what you allow them to do. I always spoke my mind and I let it be known that I didn’t take anything from anybody. It got around the precinct quick too. They were warning newcomers not to mess with that Summerville man cause that Negro crazy!” Chad laughed.

“Hell, I don’t blame you!” Joe remarked.

“There are people that need to be put in their places,” Gus replied.

Chad spotted a new police officer that was guarding the area and walked over to the young man.

“Hey there, I wanted to tell you that I admire what you are saying on your social media. My friends and I are always keeping track of other pro-black and conscious brothas. I would like to hire you to work at the New Black Wall Street Corporate Headquarters. I would double your salary. Them white boys aren’t paying you enough working here. So why don’t you come join our urban revolution, brotha?” Chad replied, giving the officer his business card.

The young officer looked surprised that Chad was talking to him. He was used to being ignored by important people.

“Uh, thanks, I appreciate that, Mr. Summerville.”

Chad and his friends walked out of the building while the officer looking on.


Daphne and Josiah stared at each other as they stood in her office. She had called him in there to speak with him. The Summervilles were dressed up as usual.

“I’m so happy to see you, Mom. My real mother. For years, I had this odd feeling about the woman that I thought was my mother.”

“How so?”

“I didn’t have a connection with her. I always felt drawn to the Summerville family. I can’t explain it.”

“I understand.”

Tears formed in both of their eyes. They were emotional.

Suddenly, Daphne rush forward and hugged Josiah. “My baby!” she cried.

“Mama!” Josiah matched her emotion and hugged her back.

“Oh my God, sweetheart! I thought you had died years ago. I almost lost it over you! Darling, I’m so glad to know you’re alive! I love you so much!”

“I know, Mama! I love you so much too! I’m so happy to see my family!”

“It’s been almost forty years.”

“I lost so much time not getting to know my family. My real family. I missed out on so much, Mom.”

“I know, honey. We all did. We missed out on getting to know you and vice versa.”

Angela appeared in the doorway of the office. She came inside and hugged Josiah. “It’s good to know that our family is getting close. How are y’all?”

“I’m fine, Angela.”

“We’re good, hon.”

Daphne sat down at her desk and wiped her eyes. Josiah remained standing.

“Dad texted me. He wanted to talk to me about something.”

“Okay, honey.”

“See you later.”

Josiah almost bumped into Joel in the hallway.

“How are you, son?”

“I’m doing great, Dad. How about you?”

“I’m doing pretty good. We wanted to help you get on your feet. You have already been added to our will. We’ve already equally divided your share of our fortune with you and your siblings. Also, you have a position in the Go-Getters’ organization. Your mother and I wanted to provide you with a new apartment in the District. It’s called the Heartland Townhomes. You are getting a new ride and we want to employ you to work at the New Black Wall Street. You can go shopping and buy yourself new wardrobes and other important things that you need.”

“Thank you so much!”

Josiah and Joel hugged.

“I want us to have lunch at the Brunch Parlor, our family owns that restaurant. Are you busy?” Joel asked.

“No, I have all the time in the world.”

“Alright, you can follow me to the limo.”

“I want to speak to Chad real quick, Dad. I’ll be out in a second.”

Josiah went to Chad’s office to knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Josiah came inside the office.

“I’ll be with you in a minute,” Chad said then looked up at Josiah. His expression went from friendly to indifferent. “What do you want? I don’t want to talk to you.”

“I want to talk to you. I’ve already spoken to mom, dad, and Angela. Dad wants me to go to lunch with him. I only want to speak with you briefly.”

“What’s up?”

“Why do you hate me so much? I never did anything to you.”

“I don’t hate you. I don’t hate anyone. I can disagree with people’s actions without hating them. What I don’t like about you is what you represent. Suddenly, you come running here for your inheritance…”

Josiah cut him off. “Brother, if you were me, wouldn’t you have done the same thing? If you grew up poor and disadvantaged and you found out later in life that you were cheated because of some incompetent doctor’s mistakes. You found out that you had a wealthy and powerful family and an inheritance that was rightfully yours, wouldn’t you go out of your way to find them and to get what's yours?”

Chad hesitated. “Yes, I would. I don’t blame you. Let me finish the rest of what I was going to say. You are dating a white woman and you are going to take care of her with the money. I heard that she got fired from her job.”

“We broke up some weeks ago. I’m single now. I don’t want her anymore.”

“Good. What happened? She got angry and called you racial slurs, called you an animal, cussed you out?”

Josiah nodded. “Yes, that’s exactly what happened. She became angry that I didn’t introduce her to my family even when she never introduce me to her racist family either. I went off on her too. I cussed her out and threw the racist slurs back in her face.”

Chad nodded. “That’s what usually happens in those types of relationships. We have regular black love events. It’s for dark-skinned black women and the brothas that love them. If you are interested in black women, I can invite you.”

“I love black women especially chocolate women. Most of the women that I dated were black women. My relationship before this one was with a black woman. I propose to her but she died from cancer before we were married. We were in love. I was lonely and thought my ex was nice but she was down low racist and only used me.”

Chad sighed heavily. A sympathetic look came over his face. “If you want to patch up this beef, we can do that, brother. I’m busy now. I have an important meeting with our company’s executives about Horizon’s Getaways, that’s our new global airlines. We can start over and get to know each other in the morning. If you are interested, we’ll start with breakfast and go from there.”

“Sure, I’ll be honored.”

“Our parents and Angela spoke with me about you and now I see for myself that you don’t seem like a bad guy.”

“That’s right. I’m not. Dad just texted me to see if I was ready to go to brunch. See you later.”

“See you tomorrow.”


Chad was relaxing at his friend’s bar later that night. He drank some wine and observed the crowd. An employee from his campaign sat down beside him.

“Mr. Summerville, my brother and I finished the blueprints for the business.”

“Thanks, Becky-Ann.”

“It’s Sally-Ann, sir. I was wondering if you would like to rehearse your speech with me in your hotel room. You know, so you’ll be prepared for the luncheon at the end of the week.”

“No, thank you. I was already waiting for someone but I guess they’re late. She would probably call me any minute now. I’m going to head back and take a nap.”

Jessica came switching around the corner and sat on the other side of Chad. She ordered a drink and sat back.

“There is my special guest. Let me sit back down and converse. See you and your brother at campaign headquarters tomorrow, Becky-Ann.”

“It’s Sally-Ann, sir, Becky-Ann is my sister’s name.”

“Uh-huh, whatever,” Chad dismissed her.

Sally-Ann reluctantly left the bar.

“Who the hell was that?” Jessica asked

“Nobody. Just some whore. When you are ready, we can go back and chill in my hotel room,” Chad massaged her shoulders.

“We can certainly do that. I definitely need a massage.”

“I know you do, boo. Jarron and I went to Melanin Spa Massages the other day. We had two fine and sexy young thangs that massaged us all over. We double the women’s usual tips. They were amazing,” Chad finished his wine.

“I bet they were.”

Chad and Jessica left the bar after midnight and went to his hotel room. They kissed passionately as they went inside the room.


Months went by, Paige went to the senior prom with Zack. Their friends went with their dates too. They were all dressed up and looked like royalty especially Paige and Zack.

Paige had got her hair professionally done. She had fluffy curls that cascaded down her back. Her makeup was polished perfectly.

She wore a light-blue prom dress, fishnet stockings, and shiny black stilettos. Zack wore an all-black designer tuxedo and Alligator shoes. His neatly styled fade looked amazing.

Several shiny black and white limousines had let them out in front of Emille High School.

All of the teachers and the faculty were there. Ms. Jakeson, Mr. Moore, Principal Silverson, Vice Principal Howard, Secretary Hodges were on time and interacting with students, parents, and guests.

They were dressed up and looked happy too. Everyone conversed, danced, and dined on delicious food. The parents cheered the students on.

As expected, Tristan was voted as the homecoming king and La’Shayla was the homecoming queen.

Then there was graduation. Prominent speakers gave speeches to the senior class.

Tristan, the valedictorian, finished an inspirational speech to the school. La’Shayla, the salutatorian, her speech was as inspirational as Tristan’s.

The stadium was crowded. Paige looked around and grinned at her parents, brother, Zack, and her friends. There was a sea of navy blue caps and gowns. Everybody was dressed to perfection.

Parents, teachers, guests, and students applauded and cheered throughout the event. Numerous cameras flashed and live-streamed the entire event.

The Go-Getters and their girlfriends sat in the front row. They were the top highest-achieving students in the school.

Principal Silverson gave a remarkable speech and called out the college acceptances announcements. The band played traditional music.

The senior class sang the school song, prayed, and listened to special announcements from various speakers.

Zack looked around at his family and his Uncle Josiah, the newest addition to the Summerville family. The students march across the stage one by one alphabetically to receive their diplomas.

Paige and her friends went wild along with everyone else. Principal Silverson announced for the students to turn their tassels and congratulated the current class.

Finally, they threw their caps in the air and some students excitedly danced across the floor.

Paige hugged Danielle and Crystal. All of the students on stage and the majority of the audience signaled the black power salute. There were calls of congratulations.

After the ceremony, Casey, Mackenzie, and Jasmine hugged Paige, Danielle, and Crystal too. Suddenly, someone grabbed Paige and kissed her briefly on the lips.

She looked into Zack’s eyes as he pushed her hair out of her eyes. Edward, Jude, and Steven hugged Paige and grinned at her. She watched Zack and her friends’ families do the same.

Cameras repeatedly flashed everywhere throughout the ceremony. Later, Paige like everybody else, went out to eat with family and gifts were presented to her. Paige put her gifts near her yearbook in her bedroom.


Zack danced with Paige in the ballroom. Many of their friends danced too across the huge floor. All of their family and friends were there.

The ballroom was well-lit and elegantly decorated. Everyone was having fun. The music played the latest jams.

Zack bent down on one knee in front of Paige and propose. He opened the ring box and presented Paige with the wedding ring that she had selected in the jewelry store weeks ago.

It felt like a forever ago to Paige. Everyone applauded and cheered when they saw what was happening.

“I’ve been waiting for weeks to propose to you. I’m going to get straight to the point and ask you, Paige, will you marry me?” Zack stared into her eyes.

“I don’t know what to say!” Paige cried.

“Say yes, girl!”

“Say yes!”

“Don’t keep Zack waiting!”

The crowd hollered at her.

“Yes!” Paige answered quickly, while tears streamed down her face.

Zack placed the ring on her finger and quickly stood up and picked up Paige, swinging her around in a circle as they French kissed. The crowd became a blur around them Their family and friends wildly cheered and congratulated them.


Approximately a year later, which was the anniversary that Zack proposed to Paige, Paige and Zack married in the ballroom at the New Black Wall Street Corporate Headquarters.

The wedding planner coordinated their special occasion. The beautiful wedding cake, the flowers, the colors, the bridesmaids, Paige’s maid of honor: Danielle, the groomsmen, Zack’s best man: Cain, the flower girls, ring bearer, music, food, etc.

The minister announced them husband and wife and they French-kissed in front of a thousand of their family, friends, and special guests.

Paige looked beautiful in her elegant and sophisticated white wedding gown, veil pushed back on her head full of curly hair, and white stilettos. Her makeup was again polished to perfection.

Zack looked handsome in his tailored white tuxedo and white designer shoes. Their jewelry shined under the fluorescent lights. Everyone in the ballroom was dressed in their best. Paige and Zack smiled in unison.

The ballroom looked as gorgeous as they did. Paige and Zack looked out at their family and friends in the audience.

Photographers snapped pictures and live-streamed their wedding. The tabloids were going to have a field day with this wedding.

TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, and The Shade Room had already leaked news of their wedding to the public. The variety of music played on the surround sound.

Jude and Paulena cried while Chad and Edward glanced at each other and then at Paige and Zack.

The Go-Getters were sitting in front. Tristan, DaShawn, Noah, and their girlfriends then Crystal, Mackenzie, Casey, and Jasmine.

After the wedding reception, the guests dined on delicious food and drinks. Zack and Paige fed each other cake.

When they were finished feasting, Paige and Zack had their first dance followed by the rest of the guests in the ballroom. Etta James’s “At Last” played in the background.



Zack was on an empty beach. It was a wonderful day, blue sky, golden sunshine, a few white clouds, cool sand underneath his feet.

There was a double rainbow in the sky. He hadn’t seen that in years. It felt great. He can almost feel it.

Zack saw Paige walking with their little girl. Her name was Cheyanne Lillah Summerville and she was five years old.

This time unlike his premonition dream, Zack saw their faces clearly. He wasn’t floating above them. He was in front of them.

Zack was dressed in a white shirt, blue beach shorts, and white Nike sneakers.

The wind blew Paige’s long, curly black hair around her head. She wore a colorful, summer dress and Earth sandals. Cheyanne had on a straw hat over her curly black hair and was wearing a white dress and white sandals.

Cheyanne resembled both of them. Zack would never forget the expressions on their faces as Paige and Cheyanne moved closer to him. They were the happiest as they had ever been.

“Mommy, I see daddy!” Cheyanne called.

“I see him too, sweetheart!”

They reached Zack. He kissed Paige and Cheyanne.

“What are we doing today?” Zack asked.

“Yeah, what are we doing today, honey?” Paige smiled at Cheyanne.

“Let’s build sandcastles!” Cheyanne picked up three small shovels in the sand.

A gust of wind blew sand around them.

“Here you go, honey,” Cheyanne gave Zack one. “And you too, honey!” she gave the other shovel to Paige then took the third shovel for herself.

They began to dig through the sand.

“Goodness, our honey is crazy like us,” Paige teased, winking at Zack.

“I know,” Cheyanne remarked, smirking. “Look, Mama, Daddy, the sand is much better over there.”

“Well, let’s go over there then,” Zack agreed, looking at his daughter.

“Hold on, Cheyanne, don’t leave us, sweetie!” Paige hollered.

Cheyanne ran to them and grabbed their hands and the three of them together walked toward the sand on the other side of the horizon.


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