Brown-Eyed Heaven

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“Yeah, later.”

“Better get that studying down tonight. Y’all know that y’all need to study a lot!” Tristan teased.

“Yep, I know. If you are such an expert, man, then come and teach us!” DaShawn exclaimed.

Noah and Kerrie sat there for a moment before they rode off.

“I ain’t bout to teach y’all lazy motherfuckers nothing!” Tristan sat on the hood of his ride, right next to La’Shayla.

The school’s resource officer went back inside the school. The security walked around back. Besides the Go-Getters and their girlfriends, the kids that were left were practicing for their extra-curricular activities. Zack, DaShawn, and Brianna gathered around them on the ride.

“Ain’t your dad having a town hall this weekend, bro?” DaShawn asked Zack.

“Yeah, I’ll probably go to this one cause I got nothing to do. Who knows I might ask Paige if she wants to go with me.”

“Ooh, ok now!” Tristan chuckled.

The others smiled and laughed too. Zack playfully rolled his eyes.

“See you taking Paige to meet the family! First, daddy then mama, sister...” Tristan joked.

“Shut up, bro,” Zack hit his shoulder.

DaShawn yawned loudly.

“I see you getting sleepy. You must have gone to sleep late last night?” Brianna asked.

“Yeah, I had to help my dad with his business papers. Man, my dad be giving orders. ‘DaShawn write this, write that. Bring that over here!’” DaShawn imitated his father.

“I know exactly what you mean, homie,” Tristan agreed.

“Anyway, I’m so happy for you, Zack. I hope she’s the right one. You need it after Camille’s tragedy,” La’Shayla quietly stated.

Zack nodded his head. His iPhone rang loudly, the ringtone playing Tupac’s “How long Will They Mourn Me.”

He stepped away from the others to answer it. They were busy joking about the upcoming melanin beauty party that they were throwing the following weekend.

“Hello, Dad, what’s up?” Zack cleared his throat.

“Hey, Zack, I’m doing fine. How is my awesome son doing?” Senator Chad Summerville said cheerfully.

Zack sighed deeply. “I’m cool. You still at work? I thought you were getting off early today.”

“I had a change of plans. Had to take care of some business. A lot of shit happening with the campaign. You know, I had to get your mother her gifts, add you and your sister to the new schedule, had a long discussion with your grandparents and your aunt. Argh, I’m tired!” he scoffed.

“Wow, I see you had a busy day! Are you ready for the town hall this weekend?”

Now it was Chad’s turn to sigh deeply, “You already know what I’m about to say, right?”

They both laughed.

“Anyway, are you hanging with your friends? Meet a pretty girlfriend today, son?”

DaShawn and Brianna hurried to DaShawn’s ride and got in. DaShawn blew the horn at him. Zack looked up and waved bye to them as they prepared to drive off. Only Zack, Tristan, and La’Shayla remained.

Zack scoffed. “Do you have a sixth sense or something?

Chad laughed again. “I think I do. You know, since I was a young child, I could always read people very well, sense danger before it occurred. Did I ever tell you about it?”


“Oh, that’s why then. I don’t have it but I’m close to having it.”

“Oh, ok.”

“But what were you and your friends talking about and who is this pretty young thang?”

Chad was extremely handsome, and he knew it too and he was around six-four and over 180 pounds. He wore a very expensive three-piece black suit with a gold striped tie and crocodile shoes and sported an elaborate fade hairstyle and neatly trimmed facial hair.

With dreamy eyes, perfect facial features, and a perfect photogenic smile. Zack looked like the younger version of him. Chad leaned back in his comfortable chair that matched his sprawling oakwood desk.

His computer was surrounded by all the important office essentials: multipurpose printer/scanner/fax/copy machine, shredder, file cabinets, etc. Important papers, folders, and books were set up neatly on his desk and onto the bookcases.

There was a variety of digital photo frames and glass posters of famous pro-black men and women that hung on the walls. Many of them were Chad’s favorite historical figures like Mansa Musa, Madam C.J. Walker, Malcolm X, Bessie Coleman, the Black Panthers etc.

Other posters were of beautiful Nubian Queens that lined all four walls. Many of the women sported elegant and sophisticated attire. The huge, 4K Smart TV across the room was turned to the local news, where the meteorologist was announcing the forecast.

Plus, a bright overhead light shone just right. Linoleum flooring and an expensive rug decorated the office and a velvet, silk curtain was pushed aside.

There was a giant, bullet-proof window that looked out onto the District below where people bustled back and forth onto the busy streets, businesses, and armed military/police stood guard and monitored citizens and outsiders that dared get too close to the New Black Wall Street corporate headquarters. Chad was still in his spacious office and getting ready to leave in a little bit.

“Daddy, man, you are something else! My friends and I weren’t talking about much. Just chilling and yeah, I met a girl today, she was cool but I got to get to know her first though.”

“Hmm. Is she a melanin beauty?”

“Yeah, that’s right but it’s still early and we were just talking.”

“Good then. I finished my caseload and I would be leaving work on time this evening. Would you be on time for supper? The maid is cooking all of our favorites today. Your sister, Francis, already picked out what she wanted.”

“Doesn’t Francis have a husband and family to help take care of,” Zack chuckled.

“Don’t be hard on your sister. You know how her husband can’t wait to get rid of her and her big mouth,” Chad joked.

“You ain’t lying.”

“Stop it. You know I’m teasing. Anyway, Zack, before I let you get back to talking with your friends. I want to let you know that the brothers have a new meeting coming up this week. All of the brothers are invited—both young and old. We have a lot of things to discuss about the community and the New Black Walk Street have put forward numerous initiatives that I believe can help the District prosper even more and hopefully all the rest of the inner city neighborhoods can follow cause Lord knows they need it.” Chad sighed deeply.

Zack remained quiet for a moment before he responded. “That’s nice. I can’t wait, Dad.” He hit the remote button to open his car door and got in. He saw Tristan and La’Shayla get into Tristan’s ride too.

Tristan started the ignition and they both waved at Zack and drove off. Zack started the motor and sat back in the driver’s seat, listening to his father ramble on.

“...Anyway, I’ve been a busy man all week. You know, even busier than usual and you know how that can be. Your grandparents want to make sure that we not trying to get out of Sunday’s dinner. We don’t want to break your grandmother’s heart because Maude and Alfred going to slave all day in that kitchen.”

“I know I can’t wait to eat some of that good soul food this weekend.”

“Me too. I always have a healthy diet, but God knows his earthly children have to feed that appetite!” Chad chuckled.

Zack smiled and thought about his grandparents’ Sunday dinners. They have had them for as long as he could remember. Sundays stayed lit for some reason.

“You still at school, Zack?”

“Yeah, Dad, I’m about to leave out of the parking lot now. All of my friends left and I’m about to head home.”

“Alright then. I’ll let you drive in peace. See you when I get in.”

“Okay, bye.”

Zack hung up and placed his phone on the charger. He turned on SiriusXM and absentmindedly listen to Beyonce’s latest hit. He drove the speed limit away from Emille High School and took his time gliding through the curvy streets of numerous businesses.

Zack passed by the Soul Food Café which was crowded as always and the Discount Grocery store that stayed pack too. Zack’s family owned both businesses and co-own the entire town.

He slid on his sunglasses because the fiery sun was distracting to his eyes. It was a beautiful, sunshine, blue skies day and he loved every bit of it. Zack waited behind a long line of vehicles then took off again. People were moving around everywhere along town. Men and women, young and old, upper-middle-class and wealthy.

There was also a heavy police presence everywhere. Whenever Zack stopped at a red streetlight, his eyes wandered over to the young ladies that bounce around in their gorgeous outfits that emphasized their breasts, hips, and butts. He licked his lips and felt himself getting hard.

Zack’s iPhone rang again, startling him. He wondered if that new girl, Paige, was calling him. He felt a little disappointed when he saw that it wasn’t. Instead, it was his mother, Paulena.


“Hi, Zack, honey! How are you?”

“I’m fine, Mom. What about you?”

“I’m feeling pretty good. Where are you, hon?”

“I’m pulling up in the driveway in a minute.”

“Oh, okay, I’ll finish talking to you when you come in the house.”

“All right.”

Zack drove up to the security booth in the private gated neighborhood. The armed police officer who Zack knew as Officer Nelson, waved him through, opening the gate.

“Thank you, sir,” Zack smiled as he drove through the tiers area—heading to the higher tier section that housed all of the multi-millionaire mansions. Zack’s home was at the far end. He parked his ride in one of the multiple garages alongside his house.

The four-story, golden-white mansion had been built from scratch years ago. It was surrounded by a private gate, an extensive surveillance system, lush manicured landscapes, ten bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a jacuzzi, a servants’ room, a study room, an entertainment area, and countless other rooms that will take up an entire chapter just to list. Zack yawned and grabbed his belongings and jogged to his house.

The maid welcomed him inside. “Good evening, Mr. Summerville.”

“Good evening,” he mumbled and went to the restroom.

“Zack, is that you, honey?” Paulena called.

“Yeah, Mom, I’m in the restroom.”

“Okay, your father is on his way. It’s good that y’all won’t be late for supper this time.” Paulena glanced into the mirror.

She had her long black hair pinned up in a bun and with little makeup and lipstick on her pretty features. Paulena sat down in her usual seat at the dinner table and put a large cloth over her white, striped skirt suit.

She had changed into her fuzzy slippers after she left work at the New Black Wall Street. Paulena waited patiently for the rest of her family. Zack came out to sit across from her at the dinner table. They looked up as they heard Francis cleared her throat when she joined them.

“Oh, where’s the hubby and babies?” Paulena asked.

“Mama, John’s at his parent’s house and the kids there too,” Francis said a little too happily. She sat there in a simple, sleeveless black dress and black house shoes. Francis wore no makeup, only chapstick and her curly black hair hung past her shoulders. She strongly resembled Paulena.

Chad hurried into the kitchen, kissed Paulena and quickly sat down. “Hello, everyone!”

“Hi, Daddy.”

“Sweetheart, how was work today?”

“Darling, it was exhausting! But here I am can’t wait to eat because I’m starving!”

“The food smells good,” Zack sniffed the air.

Two of the maids brought out the dinner dishes. They were having turkey, ham, collard greens, cornbread, beef stew, fruit salad, steam vegetables, cheesecake, and lemonade.

“Everything looks so delicious! I can’t wait to eat!” Francis remarked.

“Dang, calm down. You act like a little girl.” Zack teased.

“There go Zack teasing me again! Mom, Dad, y’all better get Zack. He knows that I don’t play that.”

“Family, let’s say grace before we eat. We must thank God for blessing our food.” Paulena reminded everyone.

“Of course, darling. As a Christian servant of the Father, I always remember to say grace.”

After the prayer, the family began to fill their plates and devoured the food. A phone rang somewhere in the distance.

“Can one of you get that please?” Chad asked one of the maids.

“Yes, sir.”

The air conditioner felt just right throughout the house.

“Pass the lemonade,” Francis asked Zack.

“Get it yourself.” He slyly replied.

“Mr. Summerville, sir, your campaign manager wants to speak with you?”

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