Brown-Eyed Heaven

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Paige sat at the dinner table with her father, Edward, her mother, Jude, and her older brother, Steven. They had just finished saying a lovely prayer to the Creator.

The family was feasting over turkey and dressing with gravy, salad, mixed vegetables, lemon pudding, and fruit juice.

“Mmm, this food is delicious, Nana! I’m loving this dressing, it’s so good that you don’t even need gravy, but the gravy makes it tastes even better!” Paige exclaimed.

Edward and Steven look up from their dinner plates at Paige.

Then Steven laughed. “What’s wrong with Paige? She’s getting wild over dinner.”

Paige rolled her eyes. Steven was always teasing her about something.

“Don’t tease your sister so much, honey,” Jude playfully scolded.

“It’s alright. That is only brotherly sisterly love,” Edward said after drinking his fruit juice.

“Yep, that’s what it is,” Steven joked.

“I know right. Mom, thank you for defending me. I had to comment Nana on her awesome dressing! Plus, Daddy defending Steven and his teasing,” Paige shot her father a look.

Edward smiled. “Get over it, sweetie! You and Steven are siblings and that’s what siblings do.”

“To give credit where it’s due, I only made the dressing and gravy. Your parents cook the rest of the dinner,” Nana reminded Paige then left out of the kitchen. Nana had always been a feisty but caring mother figure that had been with the family for years since Paige and Steven were young.

“Oh yes, thanks for reminding her, Nana, because I don’t want anyone taking credit for my hard-working cooking skills!” Edward cracked.

“The other half of the cooking job was mine,” Jude added, wiping her mouth with a napkin.

“Babe, no one is trying to take credit from you okay. So, how was school today, Paige?” Edward changed the subject.

“Uh, it-it was pretty good,” she said quickly.

“Dang, she stuttering and speaking fast!” Steven commented, sticking a forkful of salad into his mouth.

“You such an instigator.”

“Your brother telling the truth.”

Paige shuddered.

Jude smiled. “Stop it. Let Paige live and enjoy her dinner.”

“You meet any new friends, a boyfriend, today at school?” Steven continued.

“Yeah? Did you sweetheart?”

“Oh, my God! Mom, help me. They’re gaining up on me!” Paige pleaded.

“Oh stop it you two! Leave our Paige alone,” Jude touch Edward’s shoulder.

Paige said a silent prayer. “Thank you! Mom to the rescue!”

“You didn’t answer the question,” Edward looked into her eyes.

“No, Daddy, I didn’t. I was only talking to the same folks that I usually hang with.”

“Okay, then, goody,” Edward finished eating his meal.

“This is very delicious. We outdid ourselves this time, honey,” Jude commented.

“I know, Mom. It’s been a minute since I had a home-cooked meal,” Steven yawned loudly.

“It’s about time you have one,” Paige teased him.

Steven rolled his eyes playfully.

The telephone rang in the dining room. They heard Nana answer it.

“Williams’ residence.”

Paige yawned and stretched her arms above her head.

“Yes, hold on for a second, dear,” Nana continued. “Mr. Williams, your assistant wants to speak with you.”

Edward got up from his seat and placed a napkin on his plate. “Here I come, Nana, tell them to hold on.”

Paige saw that her father’s black suit still looked pressed. The light shone off his black shoes as he walked into the dining area. He rubbed his nearly shaved head.

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