Cameron in College

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Going Under

I worked it out with Jed and the Prados so that I would arrive on the evening before my surgery. My dad drove, and he was going to spend the night, be with me as much as he could the next day, and then leave in the evening so he would be home and able to rest before work the next day.

On the drive, I helped Dad review everyone’s names, which he had all forgotten except Jed’s. He asked me how I was feeling about the surgery, and I told him that I was excited, even though I knew the excitement would turn to nerves at some point.

We got to Jed’s around nine o’clock at night, and we sat around and talked with Jed, Laney, and Marco before heading off to bed. Laney even had two tamales just for me, since after midnight I couldn’t eat anything.

Because Isaiah was gone at school and he had discovered, over Christmas break, that Jed had slept on the floor the whole time he was gone, he had given Jed permission to sleep in his bed. I slept on Jed’s usual sleeping mat, which was pretty comfortable.

“You nervous?” he asked from up on the bed.

“Not yet.”

“I hope you can sleep.”

“Me too.”

In the morning when my alarm went off, I practically jumped out of bed. I had slept well until about 2 in the morning, when I woke up, suddenly very nervous about the surgery. It had taken me a while, but I had been able to fall back asleep, and I was ready to get going.

I couldn’t eat anything, but I was allowed to have a couple sips of water. I brushed my teeth and then headed downstairs.

My dad was waiting at the kitchen table, sipping coffee. “We can leave in a few minutes,” he promised.

I sat down at the table next to him. I wanted to talk to Terin, or Jed, or someone, but I kept my mouth shut, trying to take deep breaths and get the butterflies in my stomach to stop fluttering so much.

When it was time to leave, Dad and I went out to the car. I put music on and sang all the way to the hospital, which made me feel a little better. At the hospital, we checked in and went up to the room where the doctor met us. We talked until the anesthesiologist came in and told me what she was going to do for the surgery and how I might feel afterwards. She had a relaxing presence, and I started feeling kind of excited again.

My dad left the room when the doctor had me take off my shirt so that he could draw on me. The lines helped him know where to cut for surgery. Then I put a gown on, which was really breezy and weird, as well as some compression socks that would help my legs not swell up. My dad came back into the room when the doctor left. We waited and talked for a little bit while my surgery room was prepared.

The door opened, and the doctor stuck his head in. “Ready Cameron?”

“Ready,” I said, my stomach churning. I got off the bed and followed him to the room where I was going to be cut open. Dad walked with us, but he had to leave when he got there. He gave me a hug and I almost cried, because I wouldn’t really be able to hug anyone back for awhile, and hugging was going to feel very different without my boobs in the way.

“I love you,” he said, waving as he walked away.

“Love you too,” I said.

The doctor took me into the room. I had to take my gown off, and then I got on the table in only the weird underwear-type-stuff they had given me. The anesthesiologist put me under, and the world went dark.

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