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I don't know where I am ! They killed my parents ! I just know that I am abused just because I have powers to heal and give life! Those guys abuse me! When I am forced to heal them,there pain travels into mine! Today they left the door open ! I have to run! This is my only chance to get away! I don't know where but I will a run!

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"Here! Eat it fast!" Haden said shoving the food near me with his foot. I looked at the leftover gooey looking stale sandwich. I picked it up and threw it on his face. "Keep this bloody sandwich with you!" I shouted although it came as a whisper. I haven't eaten anything for the past two days and have only survived on water. "Behave yourself you immature woman!" He said while giving me a tight slap on my face. "What if I don't?! Will you kill me?!" I said with a devilish smirk. They can't kill me cause they need me for their own purpose. "You know I can do worse than that!" He spatted. I afraid to say anything further cause I know what the consequences will be. "Haden leave this poor girl! We need her or else I would have already tossed her in the dustbin!" Felix said sarcasim dripping in every word. If I wasn't chained, I would have ripped his throat! "Guys stop arguing on this piece of trash! Let's go and have a drink." Sean said accompanied by Kevin. Kevin is a new member of the so called 'Lucifer gang'. He is the younger brother of Sean and so is forced to join. Kevin is the same age as me,17, while the rest of them are 23 or 24. "I will join you guys later." Kevin said. They all shrugged then made there way out of the godown.

Kevin removed a stone from behind. What the hell is he upto?! I closed my eyes and got ready for the attack. I realised that he had broken the chains. "Go! Run away and never come back! Run away!" He said frantically. I stood up on my legs. I had many scars, cigarette burns and belt marks on my legs. "T-thankyou." I said than made a full dash for the back exit. "Wait!" Kevin called from behind. I froze where I was when I heard him. Has he changed his mind?! "Keep this with you. It will help." He said handing me 100 dollars. "Thankyou soo much! It means a lot!" I said than made my out of the door which was luckily open.

A warm breeze hit my face instantly. I brought warmth to my body and soul. Finally! I am free! Free after 3 miserable months! I decided to run away as fast as possible. In an hour I was atleast 4 km away in one hour. When something hit me and everything went dark.

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