A Glowstick vs. The World

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16 year old Araminta has everything she could ever need and want. But when tragedy strikes, she feels like her world is crashing around her and she can’t do anything to stop it. Her hardships and the world test her faith in God. But through deep analyzation of the world around her and her beliefs, she finds the strength to hold on and push through, one day at a time.

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Chapter 1

“The word ‘algebra’ comes from the word ‘al-jabr’. In turn, the word ‘al-jabr’ comes from the thesis written in the year 830 by the medieval Persian mathematician, Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizm......” Ms. Anye’s voice droned on and on.

We were going to be learning Algebra 1 and she was telling us about the origins of algebra. Like she’s a nice person and all, but she can at least make the class more fun? Eventually I fell asleep.

I was woken up about 10 minutes later.

“Ms. Smith you can’t fall asleep in my class while I’m teaching. You are now 16 years old in high school, this is one of your most important years.”

Ms. Anye lowered her voice then said, “Are you ok?”

“Yes I’m fine”, I said. My cheeks were burning with embarrassment.

No I’m not, I thought but of course I wasn’t going to tell my teacher that. My BFF, Amani Johnson who is in my class gave me a worried look.

I just ignored it, I didn’t feel like having people fuss over me today.

Ms. Anye goes back to her desk and continues to teach. I tune her out and try to remember if I cleaned my room earlier until I hear Laylah Rivera snicker.

“She’s always falling asleep. She probably stays up all night fucking. Such a slut!”

Her friends laugh.

My stomach gets tight and I struggle to keep tears from my eyes. She deceives people so much and everyone believes her. I'm still a virgin. Ugh she is so annoying, I just want to punch her in the face! I’m tempted to turn around and say something but I stay calm.

I think to myself, I just have to get through school. I take some deep breaths and concentrate on the teacher.


I pick up my backpack and head towards the door. As I’m passing her desk, the teacher asks me to wait.

Felicia Spencer one of Laylah’s friends - more like minions - comments, ” Oooh look who’s in trouble.”

Alissa Woodard - another friend - and Laylah smirk.

Ms. Anye says, “Felicia, mind your own business. This is none of your concern.”

Felicia rolls her eyes and leaves.

Amani passes by me looking worried. “Are you alright? You’ve been really weird today.”

“I’m fine, just wait for me outside with Niya.”

“Ok...see you.”

I nod. After everyone has cleared out, Ms. Anye turns to me.

“Are you ok, Araminta? You’ve been kind of distant for the past few days. I hate to ask but is everything ok at home?”

I hesitate for a moment but then say, “Yeah, I’m fine. But I really got to go, I have to get home.”

She’s reluctant to let me go but then nods. “Have a good rest of your day.”

Yeah right, I laugh in my head, That’s not up to me.

“Thanks you too”, I say and leave the school.

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