In Your Arms

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Chapter 26- Haven

On the drive back home, Noah was filled in my mind. I met Olivia and she was just as I expected, a bitch. The fact that she had the nerve to stand there and tell me she still loves my man. My man. The man I let go. The man I told to give me space. Every feeling I was confident about this morning is now in question. I see my driveway and pull into it. Before stepping out, I take out my phone and click his messages. I reread them all. Every day for the past three months he has made it appoint to tell me how much he loves me, and I’ve punished him for all this time. I had my reasons for putting space between Noah and me, but now the ache in my heart can’t be silenced anymore.

I begin to type my message:

Me: I miss you too.

I send it. Not even a minute goes by and his name pops up on the screen. I smile and answer.

“Hello?” I say, hiding the laughter behind my smile.

“Oh, baby, I’ve missed you,” I hear him say. My heart skips a beat and I smile, even though he can’t see me. “Man, you should see the smile I have on my face right now.”

“Me too,” I say, giggling and biting my lip. I hear him sigh, happily. “When can I see you?” He’s quiet for a moment.

“Tonight, I’ll stop by and come see you. I’m working right now, but Haven?”


“I’m happy you called; I love you and I’m sorry.”

“I know, Noah. I love you too. See you tonight.” With that the call clicks and all that’s left is the sound of my heart thumping. I bring the phone down and smile so hard that my cheeks hurt. My heart is full again and now the only thing I look forward to is seeing the love of my life again. To start our relationship the right way, no ties. No Charlie. No Olivia. Just us.

I get out of the truck, with my things and I feel the air around me thicken. The happiness is in me, but around me there’s something eerie in the air. Never mind the fact that the sun is setting, and a winter mist is settling in. I scurry off to my door and look around the front lawn and squint down my driveway, but don’t see anything. I hurriedly grab my keys and go inside my house. I place my keys and purse on the small entrance table. When I turn on the lights, I feel a presence behind me and turn around to look in my living room.

There she was, my Mother.

My breath catches in my throat. Every sense of peace, happiness, and joy I built in my home has been sucked away. She sat on my black leather loveseat with her legs crossed. She wore an off the shoulder cream fur jacket with a black halter dress that went to her ankles. Her black hair is slicked back into low bun, not one hair out of place. Her face appeared wrinkle free from far, but her neck gave away her true age. She has a smirk on her face. The nerves shoot all throughout my body, making me aware of all of my senses. She stands up, clasping her hands together, her perfectly glossed lips in a smirk, looking at me up and down.

“Well, aren’t you going to say hi to your mother, Haven?” Her smirk remains on her face, just looking at me. I swallow the lump in my throat, but it remains there. I say nothing. She walks around my coffee table, her hands staying clasped together in front of her. “You look well. This place is… cute.” I can hear the disgust in her voice. I look around the house. It’s dark, only the lights of the living room are on.

“How did you find me?” I ask her finally, surprisingly in a strong voice. She brings a finger up to her lips that are still curved up into a smile.

“I have to say, well done on keeping your head down for almost a year. To answer your question, your last trip to New York, the signing. My PI followed you here,” her smirk falls from her face into a straight line. “Now, it’s time to stop playing your little games, Haven and come back to New York. To Charlie.” I scoff at her, crossing my arms over my chest.

“You’re fucking crazy,” I say in disbelief. “Charlie and I are through. The divorce papers have been signed and finalized.” She bends down grabbing her clutch from the couch and looking back to me. She walks towards me, around the couch to where I’m standing. We’re face to face.

“Legally, you’re through. But as long as he wants you, he will have you because,” She puts her pointer under my chin, so we’re eye to eye, “Charlie gets what he wants. Always.” She smiles and walks past me, opening my front door. “Isn’t that right Charlie?”

“Right,” I hear a voice to the other side of me say. I look inside my house and coming out of my kitchen, is the monster that I ran from months ago. The monster I thought I got rid of for good. I look to my front door and I see my mother laughing, closing the door behind her, without looking in my direction.

My heart sinks. I’m trapped.

Charlie digs in his suit jacket pocket, fishing for something. Taking his hand out, retrieving a cigarette box. He opens the box, takes out a cigarette, placing it between his two lips. He puts the cigarette box back in his jacket, replacing it with his lighter. He lights the cigarette, an evil grin plastered on his face. He approaches me slowly, one hand in his pocket and the other gripping the cigarette between his index and middle finger, his eyes squinting in my direction. He pulls the cigarette out of his mouth, pointing the same index and pointer finger towards me as he slowly approaches me. I’m in shock, all I can do is walk backwards.

“You’ve been a hard girl to track down and I looked. Man, did I look,” he takes a pull. Taking very small steps towards me. “You know,” he blows a puff of smoke in my direction, “I treated you good, Haven. You had a big house, money of course was no problem, everything was at your disposal and yet,” he takes a pull, “you practically spit in my face, like the ingrate you are.” Puff of smoke. He finally drops the cigarette on my floor, squishing it with his foot, letting out one final puff of smoke. He’s a foot away from me. I try backing away with every step he takes toward me, but my back stops against the door. My heart is thumping. He steps close to me, closing the space between us. His hands go on both sides of me, leaning his body into mine, trapping me. He inhales, bringing his lips to my ear, “I missed you.” He brings his hand to my face and I yank it away, but he grabs it again. His hand grazes down my thighs, against my pencil skirt. I try to look down, but he bends his face so that my eyes met his. The scent of cigarettes surrounds me, I want to gag. I bite my lip to hide my trembling. He smirks, “Still so beautiful.”

I feel stuck. I’m aware of every part of my body. My feet hurting from standing in heels all day, my palms are sweating, the body heat radiating from Charlie’s body causing me to feel hot. His brown eyes glaze over me. He brings his hand back up to my face, gently using his knuckles to caress my face. I close my eyes feeling disgusted by his touch. All of a sudden, I feel his lips crash onto mine, roughly. I clamp my mouth shut and push him off me, causing him to stumble backwards. Before I could go anywhere, he rushes up to me grabbing me by my neck and slamming me against the door. He begins choking me. My hands fly up to his hand around my neck. He begins clicking his tongue and shaking his head, stopping the airflow to my lungs, “Haven, you disappoint me.” I feel my head is about to explode, I can’t breathe. I claw and slap his hands. Finally, before I succumb to the darkness, he lets go. I go into a coughing fit, falling on the floor, to my knees, my hands flying up to my neck. I try to crawl away, but I feel his hands grab my hair, pulling me back to my feet. He throws me over my couch, and I roll over onto the floor, on my stomach. I hear his footsteps coming around to where I am. I try to crawl away again, but I feel his foot push me down. I grunt and groan in pain. My head feeling as though it’s been set on fire.

His hand finds my hair, yanking me up, so his lips are touching my ear. “You think you can fucking live your own life and leave me? That a piece of paper would make you any less mine?” He throws my head down so it bounces off the hard wood floor. I begin to let go of my tears, sobbing. My face is still facing the floor. I try to hide it behind my hair and upper arm. My protection doesn’t last long because his large hands yank me up, throwing me onto the couch. “YOU’RE FUCKING MINE, HAVEN!” With that he back slaps me. “YOU BELONG TO ME!” Another slap. He grabs my face, so I’m looking at him. His brown eyes are dark, his face is red like a tomato. He cups my face with both of his hands, brushing my hair out of mine. Tears continuously fall down my face. His thumbs sweep under my eyes, wiping my tears, “Tell me Haven, did you miss me?” I squeeze my eyes shut. He slaps me again. “You look at me when I’m fucking talking to you!” My eyes open as a small whimper escapes my mouth. My eyes meet with his, there is no warmth, no love. “Did. You. Fucking. Miss. Me?” A boldness comes over me and I spit in his face. He immediately takes his hands away from my face, backing away from me.

“Fuck. You!” I finally say to him. I watch as he scoffs, taking out a handkerchief to wipe the saliva off. I look around, looking for anything to use against him. My eyes land on the floor lamp in the far corner of the living room. My eyes quickly go back to him as he moves toward me. I roll to the side of the couch and get up. He laughs in my face as I put my hands out in front of me to make sure he keeps his distance.

“Fuck me? FUCK ME?” He screams as he lunges forward as I turn and grab the long lamp pipe. I turn around and he grabs it as well. I push him with it, but he’s much stronger than I am, causing me to stumble backwards into the wall. He rips the lamp away from me and tosses it to the side. He curls his fist and punches me in the stomach. “Haven, you forget who I am. Well, I’m going to fucking show you.” I drop to the floor, trying to cover every part of myself as best as I can. I scream, hoping anyone would hear me. He keeps punching me. Everywhere he hit me, felt sore. My body in so much pain already. When he stops he grabs my wrist, dragging me back to the living room, but I hold my weight down, dragging my butt on the ground.

“I hate you,” I scream through my sobs. He stops dragging me and gets on the floor straddling me, pushing me onto the floor, putting my arms over my head. There’s a fire in his eyes, a determination. He punches me with his free hand the other clamping my hands over my head. I sob and scream. I try to kick, but he’s sitting on my legs preventing me from being able to lift them. He punches me again. I scream again. I can feel a liquid pouring down my chin and my nose. Pain erupts around my lips and face. Charlie’s face is red, I can tell he wants to hurt me. To punish me. His hand begins to feel down my body. I try to wiggle away, but he punches me in my stomach. He begins to graze his hand my chest. His hand travels to my thigh. I whimper. “Please, please don’t do this Charlie,” I plead. His lips turn into a menacing smile. He enjoys hearing me beg and be weak. I feel his hand touch my bare thigh where my slit starts. His hand rips the slit of my skirt more to give him access. I try to move and get out from his grasp. “DON’T TOUCH ME,” I scream. I try to clamp my thighs together protecting my area, but he pinches my thighs causing them to pull apart.

“SHUT UP! ” He roughly takes hold of my underwear, tearing them off. He struggles because of my resistance but he still manages. I keep sobbing and telling him to ‘get off’ and to ‘stop touching me’, but every time I do so, he hits me or pinches me. He lets go of my arms above my head and begins to unbutton his pants. I don’t waste the opportunity to shove him off of me. He falls over, because he was on his knees. I scramble trying to get as far away as possible.

I rush to the front door and open it. As soon as I run outside, I run into a hard body. The arms hold me out and I look up expecting my mother, but instead I’m met with those gorgeous grey eyes filled with concern. They immediately widen in shock at my state. I immediately crash into his arms, breaking down. Before he can analyze the situation, I feel him stiffen underneath me. I turn my head and see Charlie, looking at us with such hatred and disgust. His hands are curled into fists at his side. He comes out of the house, as he’s about to reach for me, Noah pulls me behind him. I wrap my arms around my chest, melting into his back.

“Haven get in the truck,” I hear Noah say. His voice is stern. I stay planted in my place, not wanting him to be alone with my demon. Tears blind my vision or blood. Maybe both. He turns his head to me looking at me so kindly, “get in the truck.” His words are calm and controlled. I back away slowly, not wanting to turn my back on the events that are about to unfold. I find my way into the truck, locking the doors from the inside. I look between Noah and Charlie. Neither of them have moved or said a thing to one another.

What the hell is about to happen?

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