Annamariabellarissatrix - A High School Short Story

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Annamariabellarissatrix Erin Marshall seems like the perfect student any school could have. However, in this sequence of events, that notion is challenged.

Drama / Humor
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Harland High School, a truly beautiful place in the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas. There attended a girl of immense beauty. She had the same basic dress every day. She went to school wearing a tube top, a miniskirt, a pair of athletic gloves, ballet socks, and gladiator sandals. Her red hair had bangs, flyaways, and was braided neatly with small bows. Her skin was paper white and riddled with freckles, and she also possessed bright, blue eyes. Despite her somewhat immodest style, she is not flirty or does not want attention. She doesn’t even wear makeup to spice herself up. Instead, she has the personality and charisma of a pure saint. Her name is Annamariabellarissatrix, but she is referred to as “A” for simplicity.

One day in her freshman year in school, A noticed the new kid. This new kid, who she heard was named Nguyen, was the typical Asian kid. Glasses, jeans, a sweater, and basic shoes were what he wore. He was usually looking down at his phone when walking and was looking up constantly when the teacher was lecturing. One day in geometry class, she decided to speak to the new boy.

“Hey, was your name Nguyen? My name’s Annamariabellarissatrix, but I guess you can call me A for short, since that’s what everyone calls me, heh heh!” A said enthusiastically. Nguyen then turned to the beautiful girl.

“Hello. Yeah, you’re right about my name, and your name’s nice as well. Need anything?” Nguyen replied.

“Oh, I’m just saying hi to the new kids. Also, you seem smart. Could you possibly help me throughout the year academically and socially?”

“Sure. This never really happened to me, but okay. I’ll give you my number.”

Both students then exchanged numbers and worked together on the assignment given. They managed to finish it pretty easily. After class, the two walked in the hallways together. They also soon realized that they had the same classes together, but not all in the same periods. This excited A a lot.

When the day ended and the buses started loading, A walked up to Nguyen again and called, “Hi Nguyen! How’re you doing?”

“Oh, doing fine, A,” he replied.

“So... I wanna know about your life a bit more. How is it?”

“I don’t know. My life is mostly studying and doing chores at home and not much at school lately.”

“Think I changed that a bit?”

“Maybe. You are a very sociable and sweet person.”

“Oh, thank you! I love your comments. Do you maybe wanna like, know about my life?”

“Sure, A,” he said as he packed away his homework.

“So,” A started, “I have a great life at this school here. People like it when I walk by. I will occasionally wave and happily walk along with a smile on my face. The teachers like me, too. I am pretty smart, hard-working, I turn in all my work on time, and try to answer like, every question in class. When not in school, I am kinda outdoors, kinda indoors. Usually, I like going to my church, nice restaurants, the gym, or movies. With friends or not, it’s always fun. My parents are also good people. They always eat family meals with me and also watch TV with me. So overall, I am super grateful that God gave me this life of happiness.”

“Wow. That’s way better than mine. No one really talks to me in school or at home.”

“Again, think I changed that?”

“Technically yes, actually.”

“Also, wanna sit with my big friend group at lunch? They’re nice, I swear.”

“Let me think about that. I should get going. My bus is here. Maybe call you tonight and we can work together on this homework?”

“Surely, Nguyen! I am so happy to help! But for now, bye!” she said as he took off.

“Hey A,” a tall, blonde girl said as she walked up to A, “who was that just now?”

A replied, “Erika, that is basically my new friend. His name is Nguyen and he is new. You know I like talking to the new kids.”

“Oh, that’s nice. I am happy that you welcomed him. I think I may have heard of him some time ago, but honestly, I really don’t know.”

“That’s okay. Let’s give him the best school year of his life here at Harland!”

Then another girl suddenly walked up. She had wavy blonde hair, makeup, and dressed lavishly and pretty immodest. She said to the two others, “A, Erika, what’s up?”

“Oh hi, Ashley! I’m just talking to Erika about the new guy named Nguyen. He’s really nice and calm, you know,” A responded.

“Oh, what- uh… Nguyen… yeah, um… I think I may know him,” Ashley replied while hesitating slightly.

“What’s the matter, Ashley?” said Erika.

“Oh, I just think I am actually late to something. Oh yeah! I have cheerleader practice today this afternoon. Er, see you tomorrow!” Ashley said back as she too took off.

“You know, she’s a really nice friend as well, am I right?” Erika said to A.

“Yeah. Ever since sixth grade, we always hung out with her despite her bad grades, sassiness, and overall not-so-good reputation. We will help her become the best eventually.” A responded.

After a long wait, Erika’s bus finally arrived. A told Erika more about Nguyen and how he was so calm and academically inclined while riding. Erika seemed very interested while conversing. She listened very intently to her. After a bit on the bus, A arrived at home.

Later at around six o’clock, A at the dinner table with her family said, “Mom, Dad, I got a new friend at school.”

“Oh really? Who is that friend of yours?” the mother asked.

“His name is Nguyen. He is a very calm and smart guy, and also new to the school. I decided to help him out because, well, you know how I like people like that,” A responded.

“Oh, it looks like you finally got a boyfriend!” her father exclaimed.

“Ugh, no! He’s just another friend who’s a guy! Jeez, why do you always have to say that every time I make friends with a guy!?” A angrily replied.

“I’m just messing with you. Calm down,” her father replied back as he took another bite of food.

“So tell us about Nguyen, sweetie,” her mother said.

“Okay,” A started, “he’s like this nice, calm, and smart guy like I said. He also looks down and is sorta a loner kind of person. I mean, that makes sense since he is studious and everything. I might change him if I keep talking to him. Not that the way he goes along as a loner is wrong or anything, but he might just get more social.”

“That’s good, daughter. I hope you will get to enjoy plenty of time with him,” the mother replied.

When A and her parents finished dinner, A went up to her room to do her homework. She called up Nguyen for help. They managed to speed through the assignment in under half an hour. Nguyen also said that he made up his mind and will sit with A and her friend group for lunch. They both talked a while after their homework was completed and went to sleep at about eleven o’clock.

The next day, A and her friends, which included Erika and Ashley, found Nguyen sitting at their usual lunch table. Nguyen then enjoyed plenty of time at their table. Nguyen managed to make the girls laugh a little, revealing a slight sense of humor within him. Ashley at the table, however, was calmer than usual. She still seemed to like Nguyen, though, as she was asking him plenty of questions. When lunch was over, they all happily went back to their classes with clean, white smiles on their faces.

Nguyen sat at that table for over a week. A and the girls enjoyed his presence. However, some things started to get strange after a while. Many students were not that happy when she passed by anymore. Some even gave her mean looks while passing by her.

“Hey, girl! You’re trash!” one kid said to her in the halls.

“A, you’re not cool no more!” another kid shouted to her further down the halls.

“Why is everyone suddenly like this!?” A thought to herself. After quite a bit of insults toward her, she decided to talk to a few people she knew besides her friends.

First, she came up to a girl named Rachel. Rachel wore black, covering clothing usually. She was also a very introverted girl and only interacted rarely. This also meant that she would usually keep to herself by keeping away from populated areas of the school as much as possible. Her attitude was aggressive and almost psychotic when she sometimes talked to people.

“Rachel, do you know why I seem to be becoming less popular here?” A asked.

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Rachel asked back.

“It’s just, have you noticed some kids getting kinda rude when I walk by?”

“Ugh, yeah, a bit I guess.”

“Why do you think that is? Like, why?”

“Look, I have no clue whatcha talking about, leave me alone, and TALK TO SOMEONE ELSE!” Rachel shouted as she pulled back her fist for a punch.

“Fine, jeez!” A said as she ran away.

A then went to the Chess Club to talk to Sterling. Sterling was a nerdy kid like Nguyen. He also happened to be Nguyen’s best clubmate. He was very similar in appearance to him as well. The two boys thought that the Chess Club was the best place in school for them.

“Hey, Sterling,” A called to him as she walked up, “I have a question. Why do people here not like me too much anymore? Did you notice?”

Sterling replied, “Oh, hey. You’re that girl my buddy told me about. I have heard of you since you were very popular, but I have also heard that you are kinda being bullied.”

“So, do you know why?” A asked.

“Oh, well, I honestly think it is because you are friends with Nguyen. You see, the Chess Club kids like him and I are seen as nerdy losers. Additionally, we are real tryhards at academics, so obviously we’ll be made fun of for that. Now that you are associated with us, you’re also now a ‘loser’, I guess.” Sterling explained.

“Wha- that’s awful! There have to be rumors about you guys. I mean, I don’t think that many people back then thought of you guys as losers. Who spread these lies that harmed both you and me!?”

“I don’t know for sure. I always ask the teachers for help on something, though.”

Then, A suddenly remembered something even stranger. The teachers became nicer to her as the students became ruder to her. Even the meanest teachers, such as her geometry and world history teachers, fell to this. The girl was very perplexed by this. She knew that something very wrong was going on across Harland High.

“I shall go talk to the teachers now. Thank you so much for your help!” A said to Sterling as she walked off to the classrooms.

“You are welcome, girl!” Sterling called back to her.

A was soon talking to her teachers. They said that they also heard that she was friends with Nguyen. They liked that because they thought that Nguyen was the best student in the whole school, with the highest GPA and best behavior. It also turned out that the one who told the teachers about the friendship was one of her friends. It was none other than Ashley.

“How could I be betrayed by one of my friends!?” A thought, “You know what, I’m going to have to have a serious conversation with Ashley if this is going to end!”

A then stormed off to the back courtyard when the day ended. It was the usual hanging place of Ashley and most of her friends. However, Ashley was surrounded by many more people this time. It was then realized that Ashley boosted her social reputation by ruining A’s, as most of the students saw Ashley as a truth spreader. However, A knew that this was wrong, and stormed into the crowd. She soon found herself confronting Ashley directly. The crowd fell silent and the two girls faced each other, glaring with mean looks.

“Ashley, you know what you did!” A snapped.

“Tsk, what? You should not be friends with a stupid loser like that new kid!” Ashley snapped back at her.

“You spread rumors about him, his friends, and me as well! Just, why!?”

“Oh, just the truth I spread. Nerds like that don’t deserve friends. I’m sorry, but I am not letting my friends be close to losers. Oh wait, you’re no longer my friend. Case closed, freckle face!” Ashley smugly said as the crowd laughed.

“You know what, you are one of the worst people I’ve ever met! You are a lying, utterly disgusting, backstabbing blondie! Hmph!” A shouted, which caused the students to overreact.

Suddenly, Ashley slapped A in the face. Ashley screamed that she was now going to be beaten up and threw a punch at her, but A caught her fist. Many students backed up when they saw. A then pushed Ashley back and slapped her. This made Ashley enraged, and she started kicking and punching constantly at A. However, A’s acrobatic skills were too much for Ashley. She dodged the hurling strikes from Ashley with quick steps, cartwheels, and flips. A then got behind Ashely, knocked her down, and headlocked her. Most students started running away and staff arrived at the scene. Both girls were taken to the principal’s office.

At the office, both girls were heavily questioned. Ashley was the one who got punished. However, she was not the only one to go down, as Rachel helped her in her gossip schemes according to her. A then knew why Rachel was acting up and avoiding conversation. A also got off scot-free, as she had a far better record and reputation than the other two, and was also trying to defend herself. For Rachel and Ashley, they were hit with a long, out-of-school suspension.

The next day, A made an announcement in the cafeteria, where she said, “Fellow students of Harland High, I deeply apologize for this drama. Ashley, the main perpetrator of all this, is luckily gone. It’s obviously her fault. However, I must apologize as well. It was my mistake to be friends with such a girl. Now y’all know that I am not the perfect girl that y’all thought I was. We should all apologize to Nguyen, as most of this was kind of centered around him. Please warmly welcome him this time. We must recover and make this school peaceful again. Your joyful girl, Annamariabellarissatrix, approves this message.”

When that day was done, A came up to Nguyen looking down at a set-up chess game and sat down by him. They also started playing chess since they were both bored.

A then confessed, “Nguyen, you know… ugh… I really like you to be honest.”

“Huh?” Nguyen said nervously, “A, um… I actually like you as well!”

A suddenly came up to his face, said, “Then let us have our first kisses,” and kissed him on his lips. Nguyen happily accepted her kiss.

The two soon became a couple. They started holding hands while walking in the halls. They went on their first date in October. They won the best homecoming couple for freshmen, too. At the end of the year, they were even voted to be the cutest couple in the school. Also when the year was over, many people of the school learned a valuable lesson. Even the most popular person in school can fall in love with the most hated one. Annamariabellarissatrix and Nguyen soon lived a happy, healthy relationship together.

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