Trust in Love?

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When a girl who does not believe in love, meets a rich and handsome CEO with an intentional coincident, will she change her mind after spending her time with him?

Drama / Romance
Han Seon Chae
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“I-I told you there is no such thing as true love!!”

“Aera!”, as soon as I heard my name being called I knew who it was, Cho Bom, she is my childhood friend that means we’ve known each other for quite a long time. She has been there for me through every time and so have I.

She has a light golden brown long bob with side bangs, the bangs covering her medium-toned face. Her grey eyes were shining as she was running towards me. Her one hand was holding her graduation certificate and the other was holding her mortarboard.

“Hey, I was looking for you everywhere, I told you to stay beside that tree, huh?” She was having trouble breathing. Of course, she just ran towards me, starting from who knows, where. “Sorry, actually I got a call from the hospital.” “Huh-uh, it’s ok, so...umm what were they saying?” She was hesitating to ask, “like is everything ok, how’s aunt?”

“ She is ok….they called me for the bill..” I sighed “You know the date is coming up, they were giving a reminder.”

“Wow! They are lunatics, do they think everyone has a great job like them!HUH!Amazing, I wish I could just--.Argh!!”

She was screaming her lungs out. And I knew that the whole university could listen, what she was saying.

We were walking down the street after stopping by a coffee shop, to grab some coffee, talking like a chatterbox.

“Have you thought about applying for a job yet?” she was biting her coquette coloured lips. I guess she was tense about how I am going to pay the hospital bill.

“Yes, I gave my CV to many companies. Once I get a call, I will go for the interview. I hope I do get into one.”

“Me too”

“What about you. Did you apply?”

“Hmm. But first I will need to send my ideas for different projects.”

“That’s a hell of a lot of work”

“It is, but like you say ‘No work is work if it is not tough or hard to do’.”

We smirked and walked our path towards our destinations.

“Will she be alright after the surgery?”

“We already told you there is a 60% chance of surviving.”

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