Trust in Love?

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“How have you been? Do they treat you well?” I have been through so much, but I still break from inside when I stand here asking these questions.

“I told you, you should focus on your studies. Stop worrying about me.” The same response again.

I have been hearing this response for the past 3 years. She never gets tired of this dialogue.

“Eomma (Mom) I came here to visit you yesterday to celebrate my graduation. Why did you not let me see you? huh?”

She did not respond to me. This silence was killing me. She has never given me a proper smile, a proper gesture showing she cares. Never.

“So, you went to visit her?”


“Ah, I could guess from that facial expression.”

We were sitting outside the store I work. I have been working night shifts here, for straight two years. We sat across from each other at the table. Both eating ramyeon.

“You should really get a job now. These small jobs are not going to get you any money. You should quit this job as soon as you find a real, great one that pays you a lot.”

“Hmmm, I have an interview tomorrow, if I do good on it then maybe I can save up for the surgery. But I will not leave this store.”


“ I remember the day I was fired from my other job, the owner of this shop, an old lady, knowing I would be of no help, still gave me this job.” I sighed “This job is the reason I was able to do other part-time jobs as well and support myself and my eomma.”

“hmmm-Wait-What You got a call for an interview?”


“ And you did not tell me?”

“ I just did.”

“WOW, You’ve got some nerve....” She was rolling her eyes out “So which Company is it?” “Is it famous?” “Is it near your dormitory?” “If not where will you live?”

Damn those questions, she was asking too many questions. I hit her head with my fist telling her to quieten down so I could say something.

“I don’t know if it is famous or not. I forgot its name. And yes it is not that near but near my dormitory.”

“Aeraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” She was screaming again. I would kill her this time.

“HEY! What is your problem, why do you keep screaming?”

“You don’t even know where your company is, What is the name of the company, like you don’t know anything except its location.” She took a deep breath “Show me your phone.”

“Hmm, Uh, here.” I passed her my phone. “What are you going to do?”

“I am going to check your mails to see which company it is.”

“Aah, that’s smart of you..”

“I Kn---. Aeraaa!”

“Whaaaat, You’ve been shouting since we’ve started this conversation. What?”

“It’s Techno Space!”

“What---Aah, Yup that was the name of that company, but why did you scream like that?”

“Are you kidding me?” She hit her hand straight on the table and stood up, “ It’s the most famous company, and they don’t JUST recruit anyone. You Dumb!”


“So what is your next step?”

“This time she will be taking the step.”

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