Trust in Love?

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“Hi, I am Go Aera, I came here for the interview.”

“Uh, this way..”

Wow this much formality, to be honest, I wasn’t, expecting this. The lady was wearing a light blue top and a black skirt. With that she had her gold hair tied up as a bun.

When I entered the room.Damn! It was a super huge room. According to my calculation, it was 20-30 metres long and I guess 9-10 metres in width. The table and chairs were set as if it were a royalties meeting hall. Even the interviewers were dressed quite well like I could sense the formalities. If this type of room is used for only interviews, what will the CEO’s room be like?

Anyways I went in and sat at the seat I thought I should be seated in. The interview started, everything was going well, like at least from my side, when this lady entered and everyone entered and everyone stood up for respect, I did the same. The lady was dressed in an iris coloured sundress. I could sense she might be someone from higher-ups, like come on who wouldn’t think like that after seeing this type of respect?

She was staring at me, I tried to say a formal ‘Hi’, but I was ignored as she just stood and looked at me from head to toe.

She said something unintelligible, so I had no idea what she said. After gazing at me, this ‘lady’ went away. And finally, I thought I could sit and complete my interview which was just about to finish, but unfortunately, things turned upside down.

“You can leave now, we’ll call you for your results.”

That’s what I got to listen to, seriously?

“ Cho Bom was right, I need to be careful when in this company, Damn these people.”

“What if I did something wrong?”

“Will, I do not get the job here?”

“I should’ve taken her advice, UGHHHHH!”

These insane thoughts were running in my head as I was heading towards the elevator.


The elevator opened and I stepped in without seeing if anyone was already inside or not, if yes who?

‘I can’t understand what people are sayin’

Eoneu jangdane majchwoya doelji’

My phone rang, I had BTS’ song lyrics as my ringtone, I took it out of my black jeans bag which was filled with BTS’ keychains. And this call made me forget to check if someone was in there.


“Hey, Aera, I heard you had an interview today, how did it go?”

It was Joon-woo, Kim Joon-woo, he is my most trusted friend, more like a brother. He was there for me when my mother got admitted to the hospital, as Cho Bom was not around she was out of the state with her family.

“ It was going well…. If it wasn’t for that funky dressed lady.”

“Why what happened?”

“I don’t know, the interview was going well, but then this lady came in, stared at me, went away and then out of nowhere one of the interviewer’s said that “You can leave now, we’ll call you for your results.” I told Bom that I shouldn’t have come to this type of company.”

I took a deep breath.


Damn, It was Cho Bom, She was shouting so loud that her voice was echoing all around the elevator. After this, my senses were telling me to confirm if really someone was inside. Damn, there were two well-dressed men. They looked like they were of the same age.

The first one had an ivory-coloured diamond face shape and a quiff styled jet black hair. He had satine grey, monolid eyes. His double eyelid was so prominent. He was wearing a black high neck and over it, he was wearing a white long coat, it looked quite expensive, with it he wore white trousers and black penny loafers.

The other one had warm ivory coloured, oval face shape, with fringe up brunette coloured hair. He had honey-coloured, almond eyes. He was dressed more formally than the other one. He was wearing peaked lapels, a white shirt with a designed tie, a navy blue coat, and a dress pent coloured navy blue. He was wearing a black double mix.

“ Sorry” I bowed a bit for formality. As soon as I stood straight the elevator’s door opened. I didn’t even wait for their reply and ran out.

Damn, I was so embarrassed.

“ Because of you I got so embarrassed, damn you!”

I tried to keep my voice as low as possible as I could on the phone and hunged the call.

“I heard you met her today, huh?”


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