Trust in Love?

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“It is not my fault, you were the one saying something which was never said.”

“What? so that means you should shout like that?”

“You know me…”

We were having an endless, irrelevant talk. Which was disturbed by Joon-woo. He brought us some coffee.

“So, who were they? huh? Do you even know them?”

It felt more like a taunt. Joon-woo’s like that. He is a rich heir of a company. So, how did we become friends, well let’s say that he got into some trouble and it was us who helped him and then kinda got along?

He has a warm beige-coloured skin tone, his face shape is oblong and has blonde coloured side fringe hair. He has honey-coloured upturned eyes. And then he dresses so nicely that anyone who sees him would know he ain’t no normal being from a normal family.

“ No I don’t, but they looked like someone from higher-ups, you know..”

“No I don’t, look here, they were just passer byers girl, and even if they weren’t, screw them. Huh?”

Woah, that was a great opinion from a great man, huh? Damn, I was already tired and then all this.

“So which company is it?” Joon-woo asked, his gaze were marked at me.

“Tecno Space..” As soon as I responded, I could see Joon-Woo’s facial expression changing, and it was not a good one.

I asked him if everything was alright, in return he gave me a slight smile and nodded as a no.

That was odd.

“Eomma, I brought the things you might need. Are you taking your medicines on time?”

I took a deep breath and sighed.

"I'll be going then, you can ask the nurse to text me if you need anything."

I stepped out of the room and ran into a nurse, and like every other day, I asked the same question.

“How is she doing?”

And got the same answer repeatedly,

“She is going well, but she needs surgery as you know, that surgery has a 60% chance that she will get better.”

And as usual, my reply was,

“Yes, as soon as I get enough money I’ll proceed with it.”

“ So, shall we send it now?”


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