Trust in Love?

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“Aera, what is this?”

“Huh, umm…”

Damn it I forgot to place the bill inside my bag. Urgh!


“Nothing Joon-woo, it’s just nothing. Don’t concern yourself with it.”I said it while taking that piece of paper from him so he wouldn’t read the rest of it, but I guess he already did…

“Hey, I told you I can help you with the bills, we can help you with the bills, why don’t you listen” He was seriously shouting at me “ Is your pride more important to you than your mother’s health, Huh?”

“You seriously……”

“You don’t know, how it feels to ask someone, someone close to you to do what, which is your responsibility, she is in this state because of me, I was the cause of that, you want me to back out? just like that? And ask you and Cho-Bom for money and just forget how and why she ended up like that, huh?”

Cho-Bom’s POV

I know she will never ask anyone for money, she considers herself to be guilty of what happened that day.

September 6 the day we all believe was Aera’s dad’s birthday, of course, she has never seen her dad, but every year on this day her mother changes up emotionally Aera believed that she happens to be like this because she used to miss him. On that day she was like any other day Aera thought that she forgot what was today, even still she kept quiet and went to university.

From what we know Aera and her mother’s relationship is like two strangers living in one place and doing what they believe they should do. Aera believed this was the only way they can live peacefully as she had many questions to ask her eomma but she knows those questions are like a trigger of a gun that will shoot up a wrong target. She didn’t want to pull that trigger.

She had a tough day, she used to be questioned a lot about her father from many students, but that day they were just so extreme that when she came back home, she would normally take a bath and have something to eat, but that day she went straight to her eomma’s room.


She opened the door and shouted,

“Just who the hell was this man, who the hell is he that makes you cry each year, who is never there when we need him huh, who is this so-called father, why do I have his stupid surname with my name, Huh, for God’s sake who is that bastard!”

She shouted her lungs out and spoke till she was out of breath.

She took a long deep breath and looked up at her mother her eyes were puffed. Like she has been crying for the whole day.

“Cho Ha-Neul!” She shouted, “ I won’t pity you, so please answer me, I don’t care what his occupation was or if he is alive or not, but who is he?”

That’s when things started going wrong. When she started to pull the trigger and the target was none other than her own mother.

Aera’s POV

I know what I am doing is not right but I have already taken a lot of money from other people which I still need to return. As soon as I get a real job and get my pay I can add all those money up and get her surgery done. I do not want to be in debt to my friends whom I have to meet each day. No, I can’t do that. That’s too embarrassing and I just can’t. That’s the last thing I’ll do.

I checked my floral leather wristwatch to check the time, to see whether it strikes 10 o’clock or not. I remember they told me that I’ll get a text by 10 if I do pass the interview. There were still 10 minutes left to strike 10.

I went to the supermarket and got some soju bottles with some ramen to eat. I sat on top of the stairs which would eventually lead me to my home. No, it’s not my house just a place I live in since she left me by myself.

I had a lot to think which was distracted by the buzzing of my phone, , I did not have any hopes of getting this job, so I just swiped and went to the SMS............WHAAAAAAT?!?

Did I get the job? But, how? The interview was a mess. Right, I should get prepared I can’t go to my first job drunk like this. I just forgot about all that sad things I was about to cry for and went to the place I live to decide what to wear the next day.

Which tie shall I wear for that day”

“What about this one it looks, noteworthy.”

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