Trust in Love?

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I wore rhino coloured crew top with cinnamon coloured boot cut pants going with a black slip-on. I tied my jet-black hair in a bun with the bangs lying on my warm ivory forehead. As it was quite cold I wore tortilla coloured trench coat and grabbed my charcoal baguette and ran to the bus station so I don't get late for work.

I entered the lobby at the same lady who I saw that day was sitting on the main desk handing out work IDs to the recruited staff and telling them their floor number.
I stepped to words her and told her my name, she gave a gaze when I told her my name.

“Here’s your work ID.”

“Thank you”

“Have a nice day.”

“Yeah, you too.”

I bowed to her with respect. I wore the ID with the string I was provided. It would help me to submit my attendance, by swiping on the device next to the clerk’s desk.

I entered the elevator and pressed for the 31 floor, as I was told to. The buttons were for like 50 flours. It is a huge building so I was not that amazed by it.

As soon as I entered the 31 floor, I was stunned by the number of desks separated by small glass walls. And each desk was filled with tons of files. This was making me feel that from today onwards I was going to be working as all of them, non-stop.

I saw a lady on the main desk. She had long back tied medium ash brown hair. Her front bangs falling on her warm beige toned face. She was wearing a yellow wrap top with a white tulip skirt.

I approached her.

“Hello, I am Aera, Go Aera…”


“I wanted to know what I should be doing like I am new here and I don’t know from where I should be starting from.”

I wasn’t looking at her while saying that, my attention was caught by the frame behind her. It was a picture of an unusual person. He was unexpectedly familiar. Like I have seen him before. He was a man in his early 30’s he had side-parted jet-black hair. He had marble grey eyes which as if looking at me.

“Can you repeat your name please”

I was distracted by the question.


“Your name?”

“Ah… Go Aera.”

“Go Aera, hmmm let me check”

She started typing something on her white pigeon colored apple desktop. After 5 minutes of struggle, she looked at me and stood up. She asked about when was I recruited and by whom?

“I was interviewed about 4 days ago and I got a text yesterday saying I could come to work by today.”

“You don’t belong to this floor”

She told me, her tone was a bit strange.

“What do you mean by don’t belong to this floor. I was told by the desk from the main floor that I should go to the 31 floor. Then was I informed wrong?”

Her hands approached the ringing seal coloured telephone beside her silver metal file divider.

“Yeah, she’s here..okay I’ll send her...hmm….alright”

It was like she did not even hear me.


She shut the phone and her Ivory colored eyes were stamped on me.

“ Go to the 49th floor. That’s where you belong.”

“HUH? But…”

I was about to add some more questions when she interrupted.

“They’ll answer the other question of yours.” She sat down again. “ And no you were not informed wrong, they just wanted it to happen that way so no one would know.”

“They, who and know what?”

“Someone, something”

She started to work again and I was led by my feet to the elevator. I pressed the 49th floor.

She has been informed
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